Birth Date

Birth Place
Rhode Island

Current Residence

Height & Weight
5’3″ 124lbs

I am co-owner of Body Rock Inc. Where my partner and WBFF Diva Bikini Pro Nicole Costa Trains and Coaches several competitors. I wanted to be able to relate to our clients as they were going through this process and better understand everything that goes into being a fitness competitor. I placed 6th in my first show and love the sacrifice and dedication it takes to compete with the WBFF

I’m inspired by Nicole Costa & the Team Body Rock competitors

I’ve competed in April 2012 WBFF Fitness Atlantic 6th place

I use CLA, Herbalife multivitamin, Ginko Biloba, Green Tea, Biotin, buy all supplements at Xtreme fitness

I have totally transformed by body. Initially lost 60 lbs with herbalife products after having my son. Now down another 12 lbs and gained muscle tone and definition.

Fitness has helped me strengthen both my body and my mind. It is now my career and it is great to be in an industry that I love. I love that I am always just a workout away from a good mood. I have now learned to turn to fitness when I need a boost.

My goal is to become a WBFF Diva Bikini Pro!

My diet consists of lots of grilled chicken, lean ground turkey, eggwhites and oats, asparagus, green beans, broccoli, avocado, brown rice, Herbalife meal replacement shakes, sweet potato. Favorite cheat meal: Fajitas or sushi, wedding cake frozen yogurt with caramel, fruit and bobas.

I currently 7 days of cardio. 4 days at 60 minutes, 2 days at 90 minutes. Total body “beast mode” workouts by Nicole Costa. 2 days heavy focus on legs with lots of squats!

I am Co-Owner and Personal Trainer at Body Rock Inc. and Herbalife Independent distributor

I want to bring Body Rock studios world wide, inspire others with my weight loss and fitness accomplishments, hopefully someday have more children and a family.

I have participated in Cheerleading and Dance. I enjoy Horse back riding, going to see comedy shows, writing, poetry, and photography.

Id like to give a Huge thank you to my son aka my mini coach. He is the most understanding 5 year old around. He knows what I am allowed to eat and stops me if I even look at something that not in my diet! Nicole Costa- Thank You! You are the best business partner & coach anyone could ever ask for. I could have never done this without you. My family for being my constant support system. TEAM BODY ROCK!!! You guys are so caring, encouraging, and loving. My 2nd family I love you all like sisters. Training would not be this enjoyable without you by my side. xo

It is very hard to balance training, owning a business, and being a single mom. There is lots of multi tasking going on in my life! I also have a terrible sweet tooth and love for chocolate frosted brownies which is usually my sunday cheat and extremely hard to part from towards the end of my training!

I have had a hard time getting my body back after my son. Especially my abs! But after training for the WBFF I look better than I did before I ever got pregnant.

Favorite Athlete: Tom Brady
Team: Red Sox & Patriots
Music: Beyonce
Tv Show: Greys Anatomy