Are You Training or just Working Out

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by John Barban Adonis Method

If you’ve been paying attention to the diet and fitness industry you’ll notice that different workout styles come in and out of vogue. Most recently cross fit has become popular, but it will fade in time just like many other styles like athletic training, Olympic lifting, power lifting, and ‘functional training’.

Each of these styles of workout had it’s benefits, but they key to maximizing that benefit is to take it 100% seriously and follow it with dedication.

I was recently talking with fitness author John Barban, and he described it as the difference between training with a purpose, or just merely ‘working out’.

The following story is what he told me when he realized what is was like to finally start ‘training’.

“I started powerlifting in my late 20’s. I thought of myself as a pretty strong guy at the time, and I also thought that I knew how to train. Well I quickly found out I wasn’t that strong, and until I started powerlifting I wasn’t ‘training’, I was just ‘working out’.

You see most guys go to the gym without a structured plan, without knowing the exact sets, reps and rest times they will be faced with each day, and without understanding how each individual training sessions builds towards the next one.

My first powerlifting session left me in pain for over a week! We did an hour of squatting, then an hour of bench pressing, then another hour of squatting!!! And that was just Monday!

I had no idea what my body was capable of, and after that workout I realized I had just been going through the motions at the gym.

I started looking around the gym and realized most other guys were just working out. Sure they were building up a sweat and moving some weight, but they had no structure to their workouts, no plan, and they certainly weren’t pushing as hard as we were. And the most glaring of all, they weren’t making any progress, they looked the same week in and week out, and they lifted the same amount of weight in the same pattern week in and week out…looking back it’s no wonder that they never changed, they had no idea how to train or to progress.

Our powerlifting workouts were structured and regimented right down to the number of seconds of rest between sets. We had to complete every rep before we could move on to the next set. We had to complete ever set before moving on to the next exercise…no questions asked. If you missed a rep at the end of your set, you were not allowed to move on to the next set until you completed that rep, even if you had to do it as a single set of one rep.

This is when I truly understood what it meant to be ‘training’ vs ‘working out’.

Most guys go to the gym and just put in a ‘workout’. They go by feel, and ‘listen to their bodies’. I can tell you that this will not produce the results you’re hoping for.

If I had ‘listened to my body’ I would have quit powerlifting half way through the first workout when I found out we were going back to the squat rack for our second hour of squatting!”

The point is that true growth and gains come when you’re outside of your comfort zone, and when you’re pushing past what you did the last time.

This is the most basic and fundamental concept in weight training, it’s called progressive resistance, the key word being ‘progressive’. That means it must get more challenging over time.

Without a structured program how will you ever know if you’re progressing, how will you know what the next step really is to get to your goals?

The short answer is, you won’t.

This is why a well designed structured program that is targeted towards your specific goals is a must.

I’m not suggesting you do powerlifting, in fact John doesn’t do powerlifting any more either. He realized that getting stronger at all costs was never really what he wanted.

What he really wanted was a symmetrical and proportioned physique with the classic V-taper, wide shoulders and a ripped narrow waist. This meant he had to come up with an entirely new training system to get there, and undo some of the changes that his previous powerlifting did to his body. Namely getting too big throughout his waist and allowing himself to gain far too much bulk and fat.

Using his experiences from past training programs he designed a system that progressed towards the goal of the V-taper proportions.

I’ve seen the program is it’s not like any other system I’ve come across. You’ll recognize principles of powerlifting, functional training, bodybuilding, and even Olympic lifting in it for sure, but never in this pattern or in this style.

The most interesting thing about this program is that it’s designed with the single goal of a perfectly proportioned physique in mind.

If you’re ready and willing to get outside of your comfort zone and start progressing towards your ideal physique then this program is what you’re looking for.

>>Learn more about the program here<<

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Fitness Atlantic Trainers

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The Better Cardio Alternative

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Can you build some respectable muscle mass
by “heavy training”?

Of course you can…

However — everyone eventually hits “The Ceiling”.

And when you hit that ceiling — heavy weights just

don’t give you any results any more.

Plus — the wear and tear on joints is brual.

So many legends of the sports can barely move

now because of they just trained heavy and never

did anything else.

Dorian Yates ripped 3 muscle groups and was forced to retire.

Is there a better way?

Is there actually a NEW way to train where you can build muscle

(and get lean, cut and ripped) by stressing the muscles in a



There’s a totally new training system that’s really creating “shock waves”

in the industry right now. Check it out because it’s exactly what the doctor


You can expect a REALLY quick burst of muscle growth while dropping

3% to 5% bodyfat simultaneously. That’s what normally happens.

P.S. This new system uses the same principles that creates the most muscular ripped athletes on the planet. I think you’re going to do dig it: Learn more here

P.P.S. Check out the funny “Musclehedz” cartoon on the letter – go here and see.

It really captures what I’m saying here.

Get M.E.T. Training

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Nick Nilsson (aka the Mad Scientist of Muscle) did something crazy

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In honor of “Cyber Monday,” Nick Nilsson (aka the Mad Scientist of Muscle) has decided,
spur on the moment, to do something crazy that he hasn’t done in a LONG time and will likely
NEVER do again.

…and that’s put a package of ALL twelve of his books on sale for an INSANELY low price.

REGULAR PRICE TOTAL for all twelve of his books: $351.45

Yours right now for just $97…(click here to buy now)

He has told me that this price WILL go away Tuesday, Nov 27th at midnight CST…no extensions.

Here’s the list (and it includes ALL the bonuses and add-on, extra cost program options –
he’s included EVERYTHING from EVERY book, so the true value is actually a LOT greater).

I’ve listed the books and their regular prices below…

You can also learn more about each of the books by clicking here

Mad Scientist Muscle – Reg $47.00
Metabolic Surge – Rapid Fat Loss – Reg. $69.95
Muscle Explosion – 28 Days to Maximum Mass – Reg. $39.95
Gluteus to the Maximus – Build a Bigger Butt Now! – Reg. $39.95
Hybrid Training – Reg. $24.95
Specialization Training – Reg. $9.95
The Best Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of – Reg. $19.95
The Best Abdominal Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of – Reg. $19.95
The Best Arm Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of – Reg. $19.95
The Best Chest Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of – Reg. $19.95
The Best Back Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of – Reg. $19.95
(New!) The Best Shoulder Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of – Reg. $19.95

Nothing more to say…even if you have one or more of his books already, this is a
RIDICULOUSLY good deal and you’ll be getting your money’s worth for sure.

Click here to buy Nick’s twelve book package now for just $97…

And remember, this price will TRIPLE at midnight tomorrow (Central Standard Time).

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Best Metabolic Workout Plan

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By Craig Ballantyne

The latest Men’s Health magazine contained a shocking research
study stat.

According to the article, you can boost your sleeping metabolic
rate by 8 percent more than normal IF you workout with heavier

That adds up to over 5 pounds per year…and it’s why I’m a big fan
of creating intense Turbulence Training workouts for BOTH men and
women for rapid fat loss.

If you don’t challenge yourself with exercises in the 6-8 rep range
then you’re leaving your metabolic burn boost benefit on the table.

Don’t make that mistake.

To get maximum results, you need to use a fat loss workout system
like this:

Step #1 – Bodyweight Warm-up

Step #2 – Metabolic Resistance Training (sets of 8 reps)

Step #3 – Metabolic Conditioning Training (higher reps) or Intervals

Let’s say you only had 20 minutes to workout.

You could do this 20-minute metabolic boosting TT workout:

MRT: Metabolic Resistance Training
- 8 reps per exercise (per side, if applicable)
- No rest between exercises
- 60 second rest at the end of the circuit
- Repeat for 3 rounds

1A) Goblet Squat or Narrow-Stance Barbell Squat
1B) DB Row or TRX Rows
1C) DB Incline Press or Decline Spiderman Pushups (try with TRX)
1D) Goblet Bulgarian Split Squat

Take a 2 minute break and then move on to MCT.

MCT: Metabolic Conditioning Training
- 40 seconds per exercise (per side, if applicable)
- Rest 20 seconds between exercises
- Repeat for 6 minutes straight

2A) Kettlebell Swings
2B) DB Lunge or Prisoner Lunge
2C) Elevated Pushups (switch sides after 20 seconds) or TRX Rows

That’s it, short and metabolically-boosting-calorie-burning sweet.

If you liked that, you’ll love the complete Metabolic Workouts
package and Bodyweight Bonuses that you’ll get in the
Turbulence Training Black Friday Sale.

This is the best Black Friday sale that you’re going to get
anywhere at anytime, and you don’t have to camp out all night
at Wal-Mart to do so.

Grab all 13 classic TT Workouts for 93% off the regular price.

There’s never been a deal like this before, AND you get access
to all the TT Metabolic Resistance Training fat burning workouts.

The complete package includes:

1) The Bodyweight Cardio Pack
2) TT MRT 1.0 and TT MRT 2.0 (2 of the most popular TT workouts)
3) TT for Beginners and Total Torso Training
4) TT Thermogenic-30 (The 2012 Workout of the Year)

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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2 Workouts that Saved Guru Personal Trainer from Embarrassment

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By Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Creator, Turbulence Training

In 1996 I was embarrassingly skinny. I remember sitting with
my friends and being ashamed of my formerly athletic body.

And all of this happened for an embarrassing reason.

You see, in 1994 I was a 180 pound 19 year old kid heading off
to my first year of college to study exercise science.

My bench press was 225 pounds. I was in my prime.

But then I made a huge mistake.

I listened to my Exercise Physiology professor talk about
long slow cardio workouts, and I made the mistake of switching
my lifting for cardio.

Two years later, at my most pathetic strength and physique
levels, I was 142 pounds. YIKES.

People thought there was something wrong with me.

Fortunately, I got my head switched on right, thanks to a
more advanced Exercise Physiology class in my final year of
my Undergraduate program.

And then in the summer before starting my Master’s Degree,
everything finally clicked.

I started using the Turbulence Training style workouts that
would come to dominate my life.

It was a combination of non-competing supersets, intense
training, basic-but-brilliant exercises, intervals instead of
cardio, and fewer, shorter workouts than ever before that…

FINALLY gave me the fitness cover model body that you’ve seen
in my pictures on the net, the Toronto Star, and in GQ magazine.

Now to be honest, I’ve never written about this before because
I always felt it was too embarrassing to share with you.

But lately on the Turbulence Training Facebook page so many
readers have been asking, “What workouts did you use to get
your body?” that I realized I needed to tell YOU the full story.

The exact workout style that I used to get ripped abs, chisel
my chest, and build my biceps are found in the main Turbulence
Training manual and are called:

TT 2K3 and TT 2K4

Each workout lasts 4 weeks, and I guarantee that if you use
these programs – just like I did – that you’ll get ripped and
build a lean sexy body by the time January rolls around.

Listen, I was once like you and I know what’s it’s like to not
get results. But it’s not your fault.

Perhaps you were led down the wrong path by a teacher, a
trainer, or more likely, a poorly designed program in a magazine.

It’s time for all that to end.

It’s time for you to build the body you’ve always wanted.

Just like I did, using the same workouts.

And because I know your frustration, you’re receiving a special
offer this week.

You’ll get the complete Turbulence Training system I used to
build my body – including the legendary TT 2K3 and TT 2K4
workouts – all while saving 50% off the regular price (and
getting inside-access to our private member’s area).

Save 50% on Turbulence Training and change your body today

I know what’s it’s like to not get what you want.

But I also know what it’s like to have found the solution.

Get started today and make the same body transformation that
I’ve been able to make.

You can do it,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – You’ll also get 5 bonus workouts…

…that I’ve created for men AND women over the years to help
them get continuous results and an even sexier body.

My gift to you when you start Turbulence Training today.

Get 50% off Turbulence Training and 5 FREE workouts

Plus, you’ll get to ask me all of your training and diet
questions on our private TT Forum.

See you on the inside.

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The #1 Exercise To INSTANTLY Get Stronger

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I’ve been working in the gym business for over 20 years now. I’ve seen people come in that need to learn basic exercises and circuit training but I have to say this…

I have never seen a world-champion powerlifter and strength coach teach people how to deadlift, squat and bench properly.

The people I see usually just start off doing things incorrectly from day one and eventually end up with injuries down the road. I am happy to have read a copy of Deadlift Dynamite and wish I had the chance to learn from these experts from my start.

There sure are many people that think they know how to lift big and heavy weights but will never reach their potential unless they take it seriously enough to do it the right way. I encourage ALL serious lifters to read this program by Andy Bolton and Pavel!

Seriously – this book is jam-packed with incredible tips, tricks, techniques and programs to help you get STRONGER, build explosive power, add muscle mass and bullet-proof yourself against injury.

One really cool exercise Pavel and Andy share in the book is the RKC Plank.

I tried it yesterday and after just one set I immediately felt STRONGER on my heavy barbell lifts…

Here’s how it works…


How To Do The RKC Plank…


- Assume a regular Plank position

- Now, instead of just passively holding that position for a minute or more (like most people do), get as TIGHT as you possibly can

- Brace your abs, tighten your butt, flex your quads,Squeeze your fists, flex your biceps and cramp up your lats

- Now hold that position for just 10 seconds

- Stay tight and breathe shallow throughout

Do it right and you’ll shake like crazy…

Now try to replicate that total body TENSION when you do your barbell lifts and you’ll be STRONGER and SAFER -instantly.

The reason why you’ll be safer is because when your abs, glutes and lats are tight – you can keep your lower back in a neutral position.

Most don’t know how to get tight, so their lower backs become vulnerable and well – ya know how many lifters have back pain!

Andy and Pavel also explain that TENSION is the key to STRENGTH.

The RKC Plank is just one of many techniques they teach you in Deadlift Dynamite for building incredible tension and strength.

I’m going to make The RKC Plank a regular part of my training programs…

More strength, better abs and a safer lower back – what’s not to like?!

To find out more about The RKC Plank and to discover ALL of Andy Bolton and Pavel’s strength training secrets, click here to grab your copy of Deadlift Dynamite with $197 of FREE Bonuses.

This is one of the best strength and muscle building books written in the past 10 years. Period.

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Avoid Holiday Fat Gain

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I’ve been hooking you up with powerful fatburning workout and diet tips from my buddy Adam Steer all week. And now I’m going to tell you why his new Bodyweight Burn plan is the PERFECT solution for getting LEAN over the holidays.

Yeah, you read that right…

You don’t have to gain weight over the holidays. You can actually keep losing fat — even while enjoying your favorite foods!

Don’t wait until January 1st. And don’t let yourself get fatter over the next few weeks. Start tackling the your fatloss now.

Here’s why Bodyweight Burn is your best choice to get started today:

1. These workouts are short but they pack a serious fat burning punch. Let’s face it, the holidays have a way of getting out of control. And unless you’ve got a plan, you’re going to skip your workouts. Well, you would on any other program. But every session in the Bodyweight Burn BW3 Workout System is exactly 21 minutes long. And the workouts are all equipment-free. That means you WILL stay on track over the holidays.

2. The $50 Off Sale ends at midnight. After that the price MORE than doubles.

3. As an extra bonus, Adam is giving you his proprietary 10-in-12 Diet. It’s designed to strip at least 10 lbs from your body in LESS than two weeks. But this rapid fatloss bonus also disappears tonight — and you can’t buy it anywhere else!

4. The Bodyweight Burn Carb-Synch™ Diet system gives you the flexibility to enjoy the holidays. Adam doesn’t believe in diet deprivation. Follow his strategic plan and you won’t have to give up ANY of your favorite holiday foods.

5. You’ll actually ENJOY working out again. There’s no drudgery or boredom with the BW3 Workout System. The exercises are fun.

6. Strategically synching your diet and workouts will turn you into a 24 / 7 fatburning machine. That means you can afford a little more leeway during the holidays and STILL start 2013 with your best body ever!

7. You’re going to lose a LOT of fat without turning your life upside down. Short 21-minute workouts and easy to stick to diet guidelines mean you’ll finally get EXCITED about your fatloss plan.

The way I see it, that leaves you with two choices…

A. Wait until after the holidays, get a bit fatter, feel terrible, and face a tough climb out of a deep hole at the start of 2013. Yeah, the “New Year’s Resolution” model.


B. Start Bodyweight Burn today and take advantage of the PERFECT plan for holiday fatloss.

That looks like a pretty easy choice to me. Get your copy here at $50 OFF and thank me later:

==> Bodyweight Burn $50 OFF link expires tonight <--- LAST chance

Most people are wasting 67% or MORE of their fat burning potential every time they work out.

Yeah, you read that right. SIXTY-SEVEN PERCENT.

Shocking but true.

Take the “world’s most popular weight loss exercise,” for example.

Every year, 36 million people turn to jogging because they think it’ll give them a lean physique.

Think that’s true? It’s what we’ve all been told, right?

Well you’d better think again…

In 2006, researchers from Berkeley and Stanford Universities revealed the results of their study on habitual runners. To the shock of the entire fitness industry, ALL the runners — including those who ran as much as 8 miles per DAY — got fatter with every passing year!

Those folks are wasting 100% of their exercise time! And that’s obviously not what I want for you. Especially with the busy holiday season almost upon us!!!

So how do we solve this?

There are three key workout strategies that must be included in any effective fat loss plan. You can NOT hit 100% of your fat burning potential without all three.

But the sad truth is, most conventional programs only hit one of the three essential methods, like jogging. And that means you’re only working with 33% of your fat burning potential — at best.

My buddy Adam explains it really well on the page below. And when you head to that page you’ll also see it’s the LAST DAY to take advantage of the huge $50 off sale for his new Bodyweight Burn program.

Now let me tell you straight. If you want a program that does it right, that hits all the key fatloss workout strategies, and that includes a diet perfectly tailored to your daily workouts, then you should get Bodyweight Burn right now.

==> Bodyweight Burn: $50 off and 7 extra bonuses EXPIRE TODAY…

This program gets my full endorsement. I love it because Adam packs the full fat burning power of longer workouts into short 21 minute blocks. This is the PERFECT solution for the next few weeks.

Don’t give yourself an excuse for not working out over the holidays. Pick up Bodyweight Burn right now and get started. If you start today, you’ll actually begin 2013 in BETTER SHAPE than you’re in right now.

Go now, it won’t be on sale for very much longer…

==> Short fatburning workouts for the holidays (LAST DAY for $50 off + bonuses)

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Get Ripped with Hardcore Workouts (tough circuit inside)

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By Craig Ballantyne


When it comes to losing your last 10 pounds, then you need
hard-to-your-core workouts.

Designed with advanced fat loss and muscle gains in mind,
the TT Hardcore workout system uses intense training techniques
designed to get you rapid fat burning results.

In fact, you’re going get ripped with these classics.

But beware…these Hardcore workouts are for ADVANCED users only.

Heck, just look at a sample of this workout…and this is
just the third round of exercises from Workout B of TT
Hardcore 2K10. It’s a workout on it’s own.

3A) DB Incline Chest Press – 5 reps (3-0-1)
-No rest.
3B) DB Split Squat – 5 reps per side (3-1-1) – pause 1 second at bottom
-No rest.
3C) Stability Ball Pike – 5 reps (1-0-1)
-Rest 1 minute before repeating 4 more times for a total
of 5 circuits.

With challenging barbell complexes, difficult bodyweight
exercises, awesome 5×5 trisets, and my plateau-busting
adrenaline-style intervals, you’ll recruit maximum muscle
to burn mega-calories during and after training.

Needless to say, ONLY use these programs IF you’re advanced
and ready for hyper-fat burning results.

Stubborn fat simply doesn’t stand a chance against these
Hardcore workout routines.

Plus, you’re going to get a bonus workout, one of my
Trademarked Metabolic Resistance Training programs – TT MRT 2K12.

It includes what I call Muscle-Metabolic Resistance Training,
or M-MRT for short.

By borrowing some squeezing techniques bodybuilding (yes,
bodybuilding!), your workouts will be even better, more
intense, and more effective for building muscle and burning
fat at the SAME time.

You’ll use NEW exercise tempos, which force your body to
train with MORE intensity for greater muscles exhaustion.

PLUS, we’ll use the 90% rep technique combined with the
squeezing techniques to dramatically increase the amount of
fat-burning, muscle building tension.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been training for over 20 years and I
can’t ever remember my legs feeling exactly like they did
after workout A in this program. Enjoy.

Add it all up and that’s where the M-MRT kicks into your program
and completely changes the dynamics of the workout. Basically,
you’ll burn way more fat with this program, while building lean,
sexy muscle at the same time.

It’s the end of your belly fat as we know it.


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How to Get Better Results from Your Program

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By Mike Whitfield, CTT
Author, Workout Finishers

Last night I played one of the most epic games of “Chase” with my black lab, Charlotte. I get her all riled up and knowing she’s not allowed to be on the bed, I purposely flip over on the bed to the other side so she can’t get me. She gets frustrated and it’s hilarious. She’ll start whining and growling, and when she finally gets to me, she just jumps on me.

Where is this going Mike?, you might be asking. I don’t know to be honest with you. I was hoping it would just come to me of how I can relate it to how you can get better results from your program, but nothing is coming to me. Weird. You should probably start

Here => You may think that if you’re not getting results from your workout and nutrition program, you should start a whole new approach. But you can actually make small tweaks to your current program and it could work magic for your results. I’ve done it myself as well as my clients and bootcampers.

Tweak # 1 – Switch to Single Limb Exercises

I learned this trick from John Romaniello. What this means is to switch from the squat to the Bulgarian squat or split squat. It’s more “taxing” on the system, taking more calories to recover from. Another good example is switching from the cable row or seated row to a 1-arm DB row.

Tweak # 2 – Switch One Starch to a Non-Starchy Vegetable

Let’s say your typical day looks like this:

Breakfast – 2 slices of wheat toast with peanut butter
Lunch – Grilled chicken and rice
Snack – Apple, protein shake
Dinner – Salmon and a salad

What you could do is then take out the rice at lunch and eat some non-starchy vegetables instead (like green beans, squash, etc., etc.). By making that switch alone, you will cut out around 150-300 calories (depending on how much rice you eat).

Tweak # 3 – Log Your Food and Take Notes

You can log your food intake in a journal or use It can be tedious, but if you do this for a couple of days during the week and on the weekend, you will find out your “trigger” spots. For example, in the mornings through mid-day, I don’t get too hungry. An apple and a protein shake hold me off for a while. For some reason, I would get really hungry at dinner time, so I would go bezerk (that’s a real word – look it up) and eat too much. By logging what I ate, I found out that simply “plugging in” a handful of pistachios or cashews along with a protein shake in almond milk a couple of hours before dinner helped reduce my dinner intake (as well as my cravings).

Another fine example is on Sundays during football season (love me some NFL), as soon as the games came on, I would reach for ANYTHING to eat. It was almost like a reflex. As soon as I looked at my notes and realized I was eating “just because” and was bringing in extra calories, I made the necessary adjustments. By the way, that adjustment was Wasabi Peas. They are freakin’ hot dude, and you can only eat 1-2 at a time. Don’t call me a wuss.

Tweak # 4 – Incorporate Metabolic Workout Finishers to Your Program

Metabolic finishers can jump start any fat loss program or help you break a plateau. The intensity required and short rest periods can accelerate fat loss and will force your body to burn substantially more calories than your current workout program alone. That’s the idea of finishers. Don’t think you have to spend an extra 30 minutes to complete a finisher, either. They are relatively short (some of them take only 2 minutes), but the afterburn lasts for hours. It’s time well invested.

Finishers combine the conditioning effects of interval training and the metabolic effects of strength training into one intense “mini-workout”. An example is the following:

Do the following superset, resting as little as possible. In the first superset, you will peform 10 reps of each exercise. In the next superset, you will perform 9 reps. Continue in this fashion until you complete 1 rep of each exercise.

1A) Lunge Jumps (10 ea leg, 9 ea leg, etc., etc. down to 1 ea)
1B) Pushups (10, 9, etc., etc. down to 1)

This workout finisher only takes minutes, but the results are increased calorie burning due to the heart pumping as well as hitting the upper and lower body muscles, creating a disturbance which takes calories being burned to recover from. Because of the little to no rest periods, your body has to work hard, burning more calories, to return to a normal state.

Making small changes in your current program like this can bust you through your plateau or even give you a strong start to your fat loss efforts. There’s no reason to bail your program entirely. Small steps can go a long way.

Mike Whitfield, CTT
Author, Workout Finishers

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