Fitness Atlantic Presents Live Workout with Shaun T

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Fitness Atlantic Presents Live Workout with Shaun T

Open workout with Shaun T will kick off one of New England’s largest fitness events….

Fitness trainer Shaun T, creator of “INSANITY” will lead an open workout Sunday, April 10, 2016 at the Mohegan Sun Resort Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut.

The Fitness Atlantic is one of the largest fitness events in New England held at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut held on Saturday April 9th and 10th, 2016. This event is open to anyone to enter that wants to get in the best shape of their life and enter a physique and sports modeling contest in different categories competing for professional status and opportunities and exposure.

“This is certain to be the most personally rewarding event any aspiring fitness model can enter,” said Brian Cannone. Regular people are encouraged to get in the best shape of their lives while winning awesome prizes, and get the opportunities they have been looking for by entering. Spectators cheer for their favorite fitness models while getting inspired by seeing the results of their hard work through proper exercise and nutrition.

Come out and Meet Shaun T on Sunday April 10th, the master behind the best selling fitness program in America INSANITY. Shaun T helps people get fit all over the world by keeping them motivated in health, physique, and lifestyle.

Dates: Saturday April 9th Fitness Atlantic and Sunday April 10th Shaun T

Venue: Mohegan Sun, 1 Mohegan Sun Blvd, Uncasville, CT 06382

Tickets to Fitness Atlantic:

Tickets to Shaun T:

Since 1999, the Fitness Atlantic event provides fitness models a chance to shine! With a consistently sold-out audience, national exposure and production standards designed to make every contestant feel like a star, the Fitness Atlantic show is like no other event in the Nation!

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How Started

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The Very Beginning

In 1995, I was fighting acne while the Internet was just starting to become popular. I was a big fan of computers and was lucky enough to be able to “get online” before a lot of my friends even knew what that meant. I was already dating my future wife, Bryna, and her mom worked at Micron. Micron provided her mom with a computer and an Internet connection through the Prodigy Internet service. From the very beginning, I was in awe of what you could do and find online. I spent a lot of time at Bryna’s house surfing around, even while she was out working at TCBY.

I worked hard to become an expert on the Internet, and eventually made my first web page. I was so proud of it and showed it off to kids at school while we were in the library. I thought it was crazy that this HTML page that I made was magically viewable from any computer! This seems so basic now, but it really was amazing back then.

Soon I heard that people were making money from home on the Internet, and I wanted a piece of it. I read everything I could on business and entrepreneurship, while my friends were partying and hitting on girls. I started writing “special reports” that I could sell to others. I wrote about everything from getting in shape (I loved bodybuilding even more than computers), to how to use the Internet, how to start an Internet business, and getting your web page to come up at the top of the search engines. I couldn’t accept credit cards, so people had to send cash in the mail. I charged $5 for each report, and it only took me a few seconds to e-mail the report to each customer.

I promoted the reports using my search engine promotion techniques and soon my mom started asking me why we were getting so many random letters in the mail. I started receiving three to four cash orders per day. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but back in high school, getting $150 per week for doing almost nothing was pretty unbelievable to me. I never had money like that.

I was hooked.

Over the next few years, I would spend nearly every waking moment learning new ways to make money on the Internet. Looking back, I’m surprised that Bryna supported me so well, since that meant she spent a lot of time watching TV or reading while I was working on the computer.

Back then, not a lot of people knew how important getting to the top of the search engines was, and I focused most of my time on becoming the best I could at it. I was able to attract visitors from search engines and send them to other companies for a commission. I was making more than double what both of my parents combined were making. I had enough money to move to my own place. I was working from home, making great money, in my underwear, choosing my own hours, and I was my own boss. What else could I possibly want?

I got bored of it pretty quickly. I wanted to do more. I wanted a physical product to sell. I wanted to have a real company, with employees, customers, warehouses, offices, and more. I wanted to “go to work” and build something that would be important. I wanted something real and lasting.

This was the point when creatine started to get popular. EAS came out with their Phosphagen creatine product and it became the top selling muscle building product at places like GNC. It was safe and effective, and Bill Phillips from EAS promoted it to the world through his Body-For-Life program. The only problem was that it was extremely expensive. A 1000 gram bottle was around $120!

I joined up with a bodybuilding friend and started contacting creatine manufacturers. We realized we could buy it at wholesale and sell it for only $79, directly to the consumer. That’s when our site,, first went online.

What happened next blew my mind and I made a life decision that most people called insane…


In 1997, I had just started the web site, selling pure creatine directly to the consumer over the Internet at extremely low prices. I had created a small web site that featured a lot of information on what creatine is, how to use it, what to expect from it, and more. It had a very basic shopping cart that I created myself (it was really just a one page order form). I created a very basic affiliate program that manually tracked which web sites referred customers.

At first, customers had to send their orders to me by snail mail to my PO Box since I could not accept credit cards.

After launching the site, I spent most of my time creating pages that could get listed in the search engines. I used my search engine optimization techniques to try to get my sites listed at the top for keywords like “creatine” and “muscle building”.

For the first month? nothing happened. Not one order. I would rush to the post office to check my PO Box each day. My heart would race right before I opened the box to see how many orders were stuffed in there. Each day only an empty hole greeted me. Not one single order? It didn’t even make sense. I was very frustrated. Luckily, I still had money coming in from my other businesses. I had them running on auto-pilot at that point (I love the Internet).

I took a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with my family, and it was a nice break that lasted a full week. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t work at all. I asked Bryna to marry me on this trip. We were on the beach on a warm evening, and luckily, she said yes.

When I got back, I decided I might as well check my PO Box for any creatine orders. It’s funny how things happen when you least expect it. I inserted my small gold key into the PO Box door and swung it open. What greeted me was more exciting than finding a secret hole in the girl’s locker room shower wall.

The PO Box was stuffed with so many orders that I had to get the rest from the front desk clerk. I had at least 50 orders, each for $79 from customers all over the country. That’s $3950 in sales, and it seemed like a million to me. My cost was around $30 per bottle, so that meant a profit of $2450. That was great, but the idea that this could grow and continue for years meant I was really on to something.

At that point, I made a decision to stop working on any of my other businesses. I was making $20,000 per month from home at 20 years old with little effort and minimal hassles, and I gave it all up to start selling supplements online.

This was when the hassles really started. Now that we had orders, we had to ship them out. Now that we had customers, we had to answer the phone when they called. We had to deal with returns, inventory, order processing, purchasing, and more, all from my small garage in West Boise. I didn’t have any experience with any of this. We had to figure it out all from scratch. Now you know why my hair started turning gray when I was in my early twenties!

At this point, my brother Jeremy came over to my house each day to work with me. Each day we checked our web site for orders (we eventually were approved for accepting credit cards), entered the orders into Quickbooks, printed them out, put Higher Power labels on our generic creatine bottles, pack the orders, put them into my 1998 Chevy Blazer, and take them to the local post office.

My friends were in college, partying it up and wondering why I was so stupid to want to spend my time working and reading. But I loved every minute of it.

Selling creatine was great, but I still wanted something more. Next I would buy something more valuable than pure gold. It is a something that you can’t touch, hear, smell, or taste, but people ask me at least once a week about how I got it. Stay tuned for part three…


It was 1998 (two years before the end of the world), and business was going great. We were selling more and more creatine monohydrate through our small web site, shipping it right out of my garage. We piled the creatine bottles high in my garage, using my old jet-ski as a shelf, and Jeremy would come over each day to help me ship them out. It was a very manual process, but we handled it. Our goal from the beginning was to ship our products out extremely quickly in order to get repeat business.

Soon we added another product to our line. This definitely helped increase sales, but we still knew we couldn’t grow as big as we wanted with only two products on a couple of simple web sites.

One day while dreaming big, I noticed that the domain name was not being used. A guy in California owned it, but he was not using it. I contacted him and asked him about selling it. Immediately, he responded and said that he would not sell it because he had big plans for using it. I was disappointed, but went on with my day.

A few months later, I noticed the domain was still not being used. What a waste! I contacted the owner again and asked him to reconsider. This time he wrote back saying that he was busy with his current business and may never be able to get around to using the name. He might be interested in selling it at the right price. Great! Now we could see if we could get a deal done.

At this point, I couldn’t think about anything else! I would go to Barnes And Noble and study business books, and each day I was thinking of more and more great ways to build a business that was not just about selling supplements, but being a place where people could learn, interact, and reach their fitness goals.

I had started bodybuilding in junior high, and ever since then it was a major part of my life. I would read every magazine, idolize the pros, buy supplements and drinks from GNC, and buy books about how to get big and ripped. I loved everything to do with bodybuilding. I first started working out at home after school was out at Fairmont, then I moved to Valley Gym where I worked out before AND after school nearly every day.

When I first heard of the Internet, I searched for sites and bulletin boards about bodybuilding. I found some small sites and communities, and I joined a few mailing lists. I couldn’t believe how awesome this was! I was used to just reading the muscle magazines and talking to one or two of my friends that cared about working out, but now I could learn from thousands of people from around the world. I would spend hours online just surfing bodybuilding sites. It was a like a dream come true, even though at that point there wasn’t a lot out there compared to what was possible.

The idea of being able to use the domain name to build the site that I personally would have wanted as a visitor was very exciting. I couldn’t stop thinking of all the things we could do.

I continued to email the name owner back and forth for weeks, trying to reach a deal that was acceptable to both of us. He had told me that at the same time a business owner in Japan was trying to buy it as well. After many rounds of negotiations, I finally offered $20,000 cash for it.

A few days went by without a response. I would sit and check my e-mail every two minutes, praying for a positive response, dreading being turned down, and just wanting an answer so I could stop stressing out!

On one fateful Fall day, I clicked the “Check Email” button for the one hundredth time so far that morning. A new message was coming through! I was sitting in my small home office with my two dogs laying by my side, patiently waiting for me to get up and take them for a walk. Bryna was at the gym, so I was alone, sitting in my old Office Max chair, in my underwear like usual. The message appeared in my Juno e-mail program. My heart stopped beating and I held my breath, involuntarily, as a I read the first five words.

“DEAL. It’s yours for $20,000.”

I couldn’t believe it! I started jumping up and down, running around my house in my underwear screaming. My dogs had no idea why I was acting like a Price Is Right contestant that just heard that it was their turn to “come on down”! They were barking and jumping around, following me around as I did my best not to kick them with each spastic jump. I felt like I had won the lottery and found a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket at the same time!

It was mine.

Now it was up to me to do something with it.

I hired my cousin-in-law Travis Smith to come help me start building the first version of the site since he knew how to write HTML. After many late nights brainstorming at Shari’s diner, trying to find more products to sell than just our Higher Power line, and creating web pages, the site was ready to go live on April 13th, 1999.

On that day, we removed the “coming soon” page and put up the real site with a few clicks. I refreshed the site and there it was, 1.0, looking back at me from my CRT computer screen.

I couldn’t sleep that first night. I woke up that morning in my 1980?s style water bed, struggled to get out of bed since my dogs were practically laying on top of my head, and stumbled to the computer to see if we had any orders.

We did! But it wasn’t what I expected?


Imagine being strapped into an old wooden roller coaster with a blind fold on.

At first the ride starts out deceptively slow, climbing the first huge hill… “click, clank, click clank, click clank”… moving up, up, up for what seems like forever. Eventually, you reach the top and the clicking sounds stop and the silence is deafening.

Then it’s a free-fall into the unknown. All you can do is hold on tight to the rickety handle in front of you and hope that you don’t get thrown out like a crash test dummy in a 1979 Ford Pinto.

In my life, I had reached that exact point. I was strapped in and had no idea what was in store next, but I was ready to take it on, head first, with nostrils flaring.

April 14th, 1999 was a Wednesday, and had been open for one night. It was the next step in my journey that would eventually teach me more about the world, business, and myself than anything else. It would either bankrupt me at the age of 21 or make me a multi-millionaire. I would not accept anything in the middle.

That first morning I groggily went to my computer to check if we had any orders. We knew that domain was already getting 500 visitors per day from people typing “” into their browsers to see what was there, so we knew we had a good chance to have some orders on the first day.

I typed in the URL to get into our shopping cart admin area. The first message that greeted me was “New Orders Available”. Sweet! I clicked the message to see how many we had.

To my disappointment, we only had one. I don’t know why, but I naively hoped we would have at least 100 the first day. I know now that with our limited product selection, bare bones site, and low traffic levels, that was extremely unrealistic, but back then I had no idea what to expect. I’ve always been an optimist.

I clicked to view our first order, and immediately recognized the signs of fraud. This wasn’t a real order. It was some thief in Nigeria using a stolen credit card. So in reality, we didn’t have any orders at all.

I hid my disappointment when I broke the news to my brother Jeremy and my cousin Travis. It was okay. It was only the first day and we have a lot of work to do to build it up, one day and one web page at a time.

Over the next few days, weeks, and months we added more and more content and products to the web site. Those days were spent furiously writing articles, adding new features like message boards and chat to our site, filling orders in my garage, ordering supplies, answering customer e-mails and phone calls, and marketing our site all over the Internet using free methods like link trading, search engine optimization and more.

Slowly but surely, we started to get some orders. At first, it was just one or two a day, but would slowly and consistently grow, like a snowball rolling downhill. We would celebrate our first “10 order” day, then 20, then 30 and on and on.

Every month brought a new milestone, along with the pressure to keep up. That pressure has not stopped to this day. As I write this on February 26th, 2008, I’m happy to report that we just had a record order day yesterday with 4356 orders. I know this is just the beginning of what is possible.

To get from 10 orders per day to where we are now had many ups and downs, sleepless nights, fights with family and friends, big celebrations and big letdowns, lost friendships, lawsuits, fear of losing it all, a failed attempt to sell part of our business, and much more which I’ll detail in the coming chapters.

One moment in our history I will never forget.

I was working in one of our first real offices outside of my house a year after we started, when I saw five police cars pull up out front. Our warehouse was in the “meth lab” part of the city (hey, the rent was cheap), so I figured they were busting somebody in the trailer park next door.

Imagine my surprise when federal agents wearing bullet-proof vests busted into our office with their police dogs, demanding that we stop working and stay off the phones. Ten minutes of shock and fear went by as they secured the entire building and brought all of our employees into one area. What was going on? Was there some type of misunderstanding or did we do something illegal without knowing it? Was I going to jail?

How Started – Part 5.

Starting a business is risky.

You could lose all of your money (and more depending on how much debt you use to get started). You could lose your house. You could lose your reputation. You could lose your self-esteem. You could lose your family. Starting a business usually leads to financial strain, extreme stress, and spending more time working than being with your family.

You could even get into legal trouble and end up in jail. It might not even be due to something you personally did, but as the business owner, you are responsible for what your employees do while working for you.

I knew this was a possibility, but I didn’t really think that hard about it until the police broke into our offices with shotguns, bulletproof vests, and killer attack wolverines (well, that’s what those German Shepherds looked like at the time).

I had no idea what was going on. Did we do something wrong? Were they in the wrong building? As they secured the building and gathered all of our employees into one room, I could only hear the deafening roar of my heart beating inside my skull.

A man dressed in a business suit walked in once they felt that it was safe, and walked right out to our warehouse. They started looking at the products on our shelves. When they came across the Cytodyne Xenadrine, the stopped, and pulled a few bottles down and started inspecting them. They appeared to have found what they were looking for, and then proceeded to take the rest of the Xenadrine inventory off of the shelves and into the main office area.

It was counterfeit Xenadrine, and they thought we were the ones making it and distributing it. A company had knocked off their extremely popular product by putting similar ingredients in a bottle, and then putting a fake Xenadrine label on it.

It was immediately obvious to them after seeing our operation that we were not the ones responsible for creating the counterfeit product. We were a victim of it as well. Nobody was going to jail and nobody was going to be led away in handcuffs.

At the time, we had many product distributors contacting us each day, trying to get us to become a customer and buy products from them to sell to our customers. The company that was selling the fake Xenadrine had contacted us like any other. They called and said they had extra Xenadrine stock, and we could buy it at a discounted rate. We jumped at the chance, like any company would and we stocked up. The people at Cytodyne heard about this counterfeiter, and placed an order on our site to see if it was us. When they received one of the knock off products, they contacted the authorities and organized the raid.

After I learned what they were there for, I started to relax. “See, it wasn’t us. We can prove it by telling you who we bought it from. We are just a small company, with great values, trying to do what is right and trying to grow our business.”

They admitted that we were not at fault, but what happened next taught me a valuable lesson.

Cytodyne had obviously spent a lot of money on legal fees trying to stop the counterfeiting. They knew we were not responsible for it, but they had to recoup their costs. They still sued us. We were a small company, trying to make ends meet, with employees and families to take care of, but they didn’t care. They said we had to pay them $10,000 or the lawsuit would continue. After months of fighting (without lawyers on our side, we were too small to afford them), we finally settled and paid them. It hurt. It hurt even worse since we believed we were a victim and not at fault.

We had no choice but to pay them. We were small, and they were big. We were weak, and they were powerful. At that moment, I felt what it was like to be small, vulnerable and weak. I vowed at that moment that if we ever became big and powerful as a company, we would never treat another company or person like they were not as important as we were.

I’m proud that we have consistently applied this value over the last nine years, even as we surpassed $100 million in sales. I feel we are still that small company. I know what it is like, and when I see other small companies that want to work together with us, I’m pleased when they tell me how important we made them feel. We give them a chance. We are open, honest, and we work to make the pie bigger for all of us, instead of just taking our share at the expense of others.

We also now have the option of suing others if we find them harming us in some way. Many times we have found people stealing content from our site, or illegally using our trademarks, and our lawyers will sometimes recommend that we sue them and get them shut down. That’s not our style. Instead, I send them a nice e-mail asking them to discontinue their actions. To this day, we’ve never sued another company or individual.

Starting a business is risky, but the potential rewards outweigh the risks. Do the right thing, focus on people and values, and good things will happen.

(By the way, Cytodyne is a completely different company now with different people running it, and we love working together with them. No hard feelings.)

Ryan DeLuca

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Accomplishment Sayings and Quotations

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Accomplishment Sayings and Quotations

We don’t know who we are until we see what we can do. – Martha Grimes

Whoever wants to reach a distant goal must take many small steps. – Helmut Schmidt

It’s easier to limit yourself, but if you do, you will never reach your true potential. – Chris Witty

People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine. – Brian Tracy

I don’t wait for moods. You accomplish nothing if you do that. Your mind must know it has got to get down to work. – Pearl Buck

The best way to keep charged up is to do what’s been nagging at you. – Susan Bishop

No matter what accomplishments you achieve, somebody helps you. – Althea Gibson

People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they don’t know when to quit. Most men succeed because they are determined to. – George Herbert Allen

Behold the turtle, he makes progress only when it sticks its neck out. – James B. Conant

With confidence, you can reach truly amazing heights; without confidence, even the simplest accomplishments are beyond your grasp. – Jim Loehr

Remember that there is one thing better than making a living – making a life. – Anonymous

Sometimes it’s important to work for that pot of gold. But other times it’s essential to take time off and to make sure that your most important decision in the day simply consists of choosing which color to slide down on the rainbow. – Douglas Pagels

Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit. We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts. – Aristotle

Sweet is the cologne of accomplishment. – Heywood Hale Broun

Anything is possible. You can be told that you have a 90-percent chance or a 50-percent chance or a 1-percent chance, but you have to believe, and you have to fight. – Lance Armstrong

You can have anything you want–if you want it badly enough. You can be anything you want to be, do anything you set out to accomplish if you hold to that desire with singleness of purpose. – William Adams

Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside of them was superior to circumstance. – Bruce Barton

We are judged by what we finish, not by what we start. – Anonymous

I’m lazy. But it’s the lazy people who invented the wheel and the bicycle because they didn’t like walking or carrying things. – Lech Walesa

Some men dream of worthy accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them. – Unknown

God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind that I will never die. – Bill Watterson

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments. – Jim Rohn

Don’t tell me how hard you work. tell me how much you get done. – James Ling

The greatest things are accomplished by individual people, not by committees or companies. – Fay Weldon

Sweat is the cologne of accomplishment. – Heywood Hale Broun

Studies indicate that the one quality all successful people have is persistence. They’re willing to spend more time accomplishing a task and to persevere in the face of many difficult odds. There’s a very positive relationship between people’s ability to accomplish any task and the time they’re willing to spend on it. – Dr. Joyce

Failure is not fatal. Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. It should challenge us to new heights of accomplishments, not pull us to new depths of despair. From honest failure can come valuable experience. – William Arthur Ward

You can be anything you want to be, have anything you desire, accomplish anything you set out to accomplish – if you will hold to that desire with singleness of purpose. – Robert E Lee

Some of the world’s greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible. – More Doug Larson Quotes

There is no such thing as can’t, only won’t. If you’re qualified, all it takes is a burning desire to accomplish, to make a change. Go forward, go backward. Whatever it takes! – Jan Ashford

No one rises to low expectations. – Les Brown

Let us not cease to do the utmost, that we may incessantly go forward in the way of the Lord; and let us not despair of the smallness of our accomplishments. – John Calvin

Accomplishments have no color. – Leontyne Price

Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment. -Thomas Carlyle

Hell, there are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something. -Thomas Alva Edison

To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream. Not only plan but also believe. – Anatole France

He who never made a mistake never made a discovery. – Samuel Smiles

Organization doesn’t really accomplish anything. Plans don’t accomplish anything, either. Theories of management don’t much matter. Endeavors succeed or fail because of the people involved. Only by attracting the best people will you accomplish great deeds. – Colin Powell

The best people to listen to are those who have already been successful accomplishing exactly what you are seeking to accomplish. – Brian Koslow

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. – Lao Tzu

As for accomplishments, I just did what I had to do as things came along. – Eleanor Roosevelt

A man’s accomplishments in life are the cumulative effect of his attention to detail. – John Foster Dulles

Mistakes are the stepping stones that lead to future accomplishments. – Unknown

The greatest doer must also be a great dreamer. – Theodore Roosevelt

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2015 Fitness Atlantic Results

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No. Name Placing

32 Penelope Menacho 1 WBFF Pro Card
19 Amanda Bayliff 2
21 Kris Rider 3
36 Faina Vitebsky 4
12 Fabiola Braccio 5
25 Michelle Merenda 6
10 Jennifer Vantine 7
17 Jennifer Stacey 8
2 Kristin Tallodi 9
26 Allison Stanton 10
6 Nicole Cross 11
23 Maria Frey 12
11 Sherrie Blanding 13
15 Christine Gorski 14
28 Lisa Floyd 15
9 Lynn Priest 16
24 Kelly Loftus 17
30 Lisa Macaloney 18
4 Jacklyn Aschauer 19
31 Colette Flanagan 20
27 Janis Bianculli 21
13 Amy Gatto 22
612 Agnieszka Serafin 23
14 Amy Vessella 24
18 Merrin Accardi 25
1 Idelise Rosado 26
35 Wendi Hunt 27
22 Mary Barczak 28
5 Corinne Cabral 29
34 Joanne Pruneau 30
29 Jessica Krywosa 31
33 Jessica Phillips 32
3 Diane Jablonski 33
8 Cara Heredia 34
16 Joycelyn Mason 35

No. Name

59 Michelle DesOrmeaux 1 WBFF Pro Card
63 Kaitlynn Norwood 2 WBFF Pro Card
141 Keri Dyer 3
50 Eliza LaChance 4
60 Kristal Glaude 5
51 Kayla LaRocque 6
47 Megan Toner 7
43 Brittany Wallin 8
44 Kayla Clunan 9
64 Alicia Perrino 10
42 Darya Rahimi 11
53 Stela McManus 12
134 Anita Nolan 13
40 Cassandra DiSciullo 14
65 Sarah Starkey 15
2 Kristin Tallodi 16
55 Irene Santos 17
56 Arielle Sinesi 18
49 Sherri Kitzmiller 19
66 Courtney Victoria 20
62 Dannielle Mitchell 21
37 Vicki Renda 22
118 Carol Jaame 23
52 Kiya Marchi 24
68 Rachel Anderson 25
6 Nicole Cross 26
57 Laura Toulopoulos 27
39 Gehan DeColon 28
46 Sarah Raponi 29
38 Jennifer Smith 30
48 Carissa Williams 31
4 Jacklyn Aschauer 32
58 Hayley Brown 33
41 Jesica Quadros 34
61 Giovanna Mercurio 35
128 Jennie Olivia 36
45 Katie Hannaway 37
8 Cara Heredia 38

110 Tiffany Millar 1 WBFF Pro Card
74 Alice Lee 2 WBFF Pro Card
79 Alyson Webster 3
104 Courtney Wolinsky 4
86 Kiko Ezeonwuka 5
78 Auremy Rivera 6
81 Stepanie Barczak 7
76 Caitrin McConville 8
109 Ashley Davila 9
19 Amanda Bayliff 10
106 Chandler Karp 11
93 Kiya Hope 12
95 Megan Schmidt 13
21 Kris Rider 14
83 Cayla Charlonne 15
92 Jessica Swida 16
102 Ashlee Lecci 17
90 Sandy Maloney 18
105 Samantha Cerqueira 19
77 Kate Phillips 20
96 Lauren Tuppeny 21
103 Stacie Montanaro 22
108 Jennifer Rodrigues 23
32 Penelope Menacho 24
94 Mikaela Newell 25
100 Megan Fish 26
98 Shannon Fallon 27
69 Lily Astiphan 28
72 Elizabeth Conway 29
107 Jennifer Catuccio 30
112 Nenia Corcoran 31
71 Meagan Beauchemin 32
89 Jessica Miner 33
80 Caitlin Zito 34
67 Jessica Bemis 35
101 Kayla Koch 36
84 Melissa Deorsey 37
88 Dawn Miller 38
97 Samantha Adams 39
91 Sara Poplawski 40
82 Maggie Brice 41
70 Brittany Ault 42
85 Kayla England 43
75 Kasey Makris 44
111 Tiffany Arsenault 45
73 Victoria Grattan 46
87 Gianna Gentilucci 47

No. Name
100 Megan Fish 1
501 Rita Scofield 2
106 Chandler Karp 3
97 Samantha Adams 4

No. Name Placing

212 Robert Piscitello 1 WBFF Pro Card
203 Jake Holinda 2
209 Jeffrey Kane 3
206 Richard Gingras 4
205 Nicholas Santilli 5
208 Martin Green 6
207 Anthony Marlak 7
201 DJ Fraioli 8
200 Ildson Vasconcelos 9
204 David Iascone 10
213 David Carrier 11
211 Robert D’Amore 12
214 Joseph Bayliff 13
210 Roland Estrada 14
202 Karl Collins 15
608 Irving Garcia 16

No. Name Placing

113 Lori Rubin 1 WBFF Pro Card
10 Jennifer Vantine 2
12 Fabiola Braccio 3
116 Tiffany Sisco 4
114 Holly Clift 5
19 Amanda Bayliff 6
123 Heidi Dorsey 7
115 Dawn Gilday 8
117 Daniela Vandett 9
120 Tracy Yamin 10
35 Wendi Hunt 11
122 Robyn Caruso 12
26 Allison Stanton 13
17 Jennifer Stacey 14
119 Dawn Trizano 15
27 Janis Bianculli 16
9 Lynn Priest 17
125 Dona Salus 18
20 Dawn Bonfanti 19
124 Rachel Vincequere 20
16 Joycelyn Mason 21
121 Caroline White 22

No. Name Placing

141 Keri Dyer 1 WBFF Pro Card
129 Sara Fadziewicz 2 WBFF Pro Card
157 Amy Guerin 3
135 Vanessa Spence 4
63 Kaitlynn Norwood 5
113 Lori Rubin 6
51 Kayla LaRocque 7
60 Kristal Glaude 8
137 Tiffany Giusti 9
116 Tiffany Sisco 10
132 Olena Lohvynyuk 11
54 Amanda Nowell 12
53 Stela McManus 13
114 Holly Clift 14
134 Anita Nolan 15
40 Cassandra DiSciullo 16
130 Alycia Greaves 17
126 Amanda Purnell 18
138 Blair Canan 19
115 Dawn Gilday 20
131 Tiffany Levy 21
66 Courtney Victoria 22
62 Danielle Mitchell 23
38 Jennifer Smith 24
48 Carissa Williams 25
133 Tara McCretton 26
127 Kristen Dowdall 27

No. Name Placing

140 Christine Dobisch 1 WBFF Pro Card
143 Ashley Packard 2 WBFF Pro Card
59 Michelle DesOrmeaux 3
156 Thalita Cardoso 4
152 Kara Blake 5
154 Heidi Quigley 6
144 Alyssa Verley 7
19 Amanda Bayliff 8
155 Andriana Roberson 9
145 Kate Woodworth 10
148 Jadine Ferri 11
153 Elizabeth Calleva 12
146 Stepanie Beaudoin 13
158 Angela Emmanuel 14
142 Anna Konecka 15
139 Tamara Charron 16
88 Dawn Miller 17
151 Andrea Stanelun 18
35 Wendi Hunt 19
147 Shannone Boule 20
149 Kara Hames 21
150 Janie Soehl 22

No. Name Placing
403 Stacey Bortle 1
19 Amanda Bayliff 2
402 Gina Scuderi 3
401 Anna Gibbons 4
404 Mahdiyya Abdur-Rahem 5
400 Jennifer DiVincenzo 6
117 Daniela Vandett 7
20 Dawn Bonfanti 8
16 Joycelyn Mason 9

No. Name Placing

19 Amanda Bayliff 1 WBFF Pro Card
138 Blair Canan 2
407 Erica Gonzalez 3
400 Jennifer DiVincenzo 4
406 Kelsey O’Donnell 5
117 Daniela Vandett 6
405 Tara Taylor 7

No. Name Placing

410 Gabrielle Derrig 1 WBFF Pro Card
408 Kym Mayer 2
402 Gina Scuderi 3
401 Anna Gibbons 4
409 Lonesia Scott 5

No. Name
302 Mario Merrills 1 WBFF Pro Card
300 Nicolaus Cabral 2
207 Anthony Marlak 3
209 Jeffrey Kane 4
205 Nicholas Santilli 5
303 Gary Tetreault 6
202 Karl Collins 7
304 Robert Williams 8
301 Daniel Harrigan 9
305 Andrew Burns 10
306 Christopher Carter 11

No. Name
***See Note Below***
22 Mary Barczak
29 Jessica Krywosa
61 Giovanna Mercurio
67 Jessica Bemis
73 Victoria Grattan
89 Jessica Miner
201 DJ Fraioli *
300 Nicolaus Cabral *
405 Tara Taylor
601 Jill Boisseau
602 Lindsey Buchanan
603 Jessica Buckner
604 Kristen Colella
605 Callie Dillon
606 Kelly Gallagher
607 Linda Galvao
608 Irving Garcia
609 Janet Ho
610 Claribel Rodriguez *
611 Ashley Sanz
612 Agnieszka Serafin
613 Richie Waddell *
614 Amanda Waterman *
615 Kim Xavier

*All Transformation contestants received
medallions, and 5 were recognized
for their overall transformation.
These 5 are eligible to participate
at the WBFF Worlds in Las Vegas.

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VIP Tickets in First 10 Rows to Fitness Atlantic at Mohegan Sun

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Hope You Are Doing Awesome,

We are getting closer to the big event – are you excited?

Have you ever been to Mohegan Sun? You are going to LOVE it.

VIP Tickets (First Ten Rows From The Stage) Are Now on Sale to Watch Fitness Models & Bikini Divas, as they compete for the richest title WBFF Pro Card!

Get the best seats in the house.

The World’s Most Glamorous Fitness & Model Spectacular Goes to New Levels with Incredible Staging and Lighting. Amazing Restaurants, Shopping and Clubs. It’s a whole day event.

Get The Best Tickets Now for Fitness Atlantic!

Looking forward to seeing you at Mohegan Sun in April for Fitness Atlantic!

It’s such an amazing destination resort.

We have set up a room block for those wishing to stay at the venue.

Not many rooms are left so book today.

The discount link is below.

Rooms are very limited so reserve now.
Go here

Read the rest of VIP Tickets in First 10 Rows to Fitness Atlantic at Mohegan Sun

Fitness Atlantic at Mohegan Sun

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Fitness Atlantic is moving to Mohegan Sun on Saturday April 11, 2015. One of the world’s most amazing destinations!

Fitness Atlantic offers the best of the best athletes in Diva Fitness Model, Male Fitness Model, Women’s Figure, Muscle Model, Diva Bikini, and the NEW Commercial Model Division as they compete for the richest title in our sport earning “WBFF Pro Status”.

The Fitness Atlantic is one of the largest fitness events in New England, held at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.

This event is open to anyone to enter that wants to get in the best shape of their life and enter a physique and sports modeling contest in different categories competing for professional status and opportunities and exposure.

Participants come from all over the world to compete for the prestigious titles and prizes offered and the opportunity to shoot with some of the most published fitness photographers in the country.

Since 1999, the Fitness Atlantic event provides fitness models a chance to shine!

With a consistently sold-out audience, national exposure and production standards designed to make every contestant feel like a star, the Fitness Atlantic show is like no other event in the Nation! “This is certain to be the most personally rewarding event any aspiring fitness model can enter,” said Brian Cannone.

Regular people are encouraged to get in the best shape of their lives while winning awesome prizes, and get the opportunities they have been looking for by entering. Spectators cheer for their favorite fitness models while getting inspired by seeing the results of their hard work through proper exercise and nutrition.

Read the rest of Fitness Atlantic at Mohegan Sun

Greg Plitt Motivation

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George Gregory Plitt Jr. (November 3, 1977 – January 17, 2015)

A TV fitness instructor, actor and former Calvin Klein model has been struck and killed by a train in LA.

Greg Plitt, 37, died yesterday afternoon when he was hit by a Metrolink train after witnesses saw him nearby the tracks with a video camera in his hand.

One friend says he was filming an advert for a protein shake at the time.

Pitt was a renowned fitness instructor who had recently appeared in a reality show on Bravo called “Work Out”, and is due to feature in a new reality series called “Friends to Lovers” later this month.

He had also acted in a number of Hollywood films, with roles alongside Robert DeNiro and Matt Damon in The Good Shepherd, and he was cast in Terminator 4 alongside Christian Bale.

He was also a body double in superhero movie Watchmen.

Fitness model Jamie Eason was one of the first to pay tribute, saying: “I am in disbelief and heart broken to hear of Greg Plitt’s passing today.

“He was always someone who would go the extra mile for his friends and he loved the fitness industry like no other!

“Greg had so many great things going on in his life right now, so to have his life end so quickly, hit by a train as he was filming a spot for his protein shake, is just gut wrenching!

“We are praying for everyone you have left behind. There will be a void in the fitness industry and the whole world without you.”

Plitt modeled for Under Armour, Old Navy Jeans, Calvin Klein, Modell’s and Skimpies, among others, and appeared on covers and/or in editorials for Maxim, AXL, American Health & Fitness, Flaunt, Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Health, FitnessRx for Men, Instinct Magazine, and Men’s Exercise, among others.

He was a certified personal trainer and trains clients out of Los Angeles where he lived. He was a member of the official MET-Rx athlete and was awarded the MET-Rx athlete of the year award for 2012. He was the author of the workout program MFT28 as featured by

Plitt was a global spokesperson/model for Thierry Mugler’s Angel Men and ICE*Men men’s fragrances. He had done TV commercials for Old Spice Body Wash, ESPN’s Great Outdoor Games, Under Armour, MTV, Zoli Sinks, Gold’s Gym Power Flex, Bowflex and has lately taken acting roles. Images of his body were used to create Dr. Manhattan’s muscular physique in the 2009 film Watchmen.

He has also appeared in several movies and television shows.

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Fitness Atlantic Event Presents Live Workout with Shaun T

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Fitness Atlantic Event Presents Live Workout with Shaun T

Tickets to Shaun T: Tickets Here

Open workout with Shaun T will kick off one of New England’s largest fitness events.…

Fitness trainer Shaun T, creator of “INSANITY® Training System,” will lead an open workout Sunday, April 12, 2015 at the Fitness Atlantic Event held at the Mohegan Sun Resort Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut.

The Fitness Atlantic is one of the largest fitness events in New England held at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut held on Saturday April 11th, 2015. This event is open to anyone to enter that wants to get in the best shape of their life and enter a physique and sports modeling contest in different categories competing for professional status and opportunities and exposure. Participants come from all over the world to compete for the prestigious titles and prizes offered and the opportunity to shoot with some of the most published fitness photographers in the country.

Since 1999, the Fitness Atlantic event provides fitness models a chance to shine! With a consistently sold-out audience, national exposure and production standards designed to make every contestant feel like a star, the Fitness Atlantic show is like no other event in the Nation! “This is certain to be the most personally rewarding event any aspiring fitness model can enter,” said Brian Cannone. Regular people are encouraged to get in the best shape of their lives while winning awesome prizes, and get the opportunities they have been looking for by entering. Spectators cheer for their favorite fitness models while getting inspired by seeing the results of their hard work through proper exercise and nutrition.

Come out and Meet Shaun T on Sunday April 12th, the master behind the best selling fitness program in America INSANITY®. Shaun T helps people get fit all over the world by keeping them motivated in health, physique, and lifestyle.

Shaun T is looking forward to working out, followed by a meet-and-greet photo session while helping participants incorporate more fitness and motivation into their lives.

For media questions/interviews in relation to Shaun T and for questions about the Fitness Atlantic event contact Brian Cannone at or

Dates: Saturday April 11th Fitness Atlantic and Sunday April 12th Shaun T
Venue: Mohegan Sun, 1 Mohegan Sun Blvd, Uncasville, CT 06382

Tickets: Fitness Atlantic

Tickets to Shaun T:


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Anabolic Blueberry Oatmeal

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Dave Ruel’s Anabolic Blueberry Oatmeal

Makes 1 Serving


- 3/4 cup oatmeal
- 8 Egg Whites
- 1/2 scoop (15g) of Chocolate Protein Powder
- 2 teaspoons of Pure Cocoa Powder
- 1 teaspoon of Splenda
- 1 tbsp of Flax Oil
- 1 cup of frozen Blueberries
- 1/4 cup of water


1. In a big bowl, mix All the ingredients (except for the frozen blueberries)
2. Cook in a microwave for about 3-4 minutes (cooking time vary from one microwave to the other) – stir the mix 2 minutes after cooking has started (so the mix doesn’t stick or create chunks)
3. Once the mix is cooked, add the frozen blueberries, mix everything and enjoy :)

Nutritional Facts

(Per Serving)

Calories: 580
Protein: 52g
Carbohydrates: 57g
Fat: 16g

Cookbook For Bodybuilding
Muscle Building Recipes
#1 Bodybuilding Cookbook!

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Why these 3 UNBELIEVABLE problems in 90% of fitness programs keep people fat

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Today, I want to share with you the exact reasons this is. I’m going to lay out the TOP THREE things most fitness programs get wrong. I’m going to share the top 3 Unbelievable Truths about programs-and how even some the “best” ones are guilty of committing these crimes.

Of course, I’m going to show you how to spot these things and how to avoid them.

Most important, I’m going to show you the exact reasons why, when a program that takes these Truths into account-like Lean & Lovely does-it will make progress faster, easier, and permanent.

When you read these truths, it will change the way you look at EVERYTHING.

So let’s get into all the things that make a great program truly different from the others, you may have seen…and how that will FIX the problem others have caused.

Unbelievable TRUTH# 1:
Over 68% of Women Use Workouts That Are NOT Designed for Women

That is a crazy statistic, but it’s true. Well above half of the women who are trying to get in shape and build their best bodies are using programs NOT designed for them.

Now, I don’t want to turns this into a whole debate about whether women should train differently from men. Because the facts are: 1) any exercise is better than no exercise, and 2) just about anyone can get SOME benefit from a good program.

But do you really want SOME benefit? Or do you want to radically change your body and your life? I’m better it’s the latter.

While “gender neutral” fitness programs are fine, and even workouts designed for men CAN work, the fact is, they are missing out on some crucial key components that women need to address if they really want to get maximal benefit in the minimum time.

Any woman can tell you that we have special considerations. I’m not just talking about that time of the month. I’m talking about actual hormonal differences between men and women.

To start: men naturally have higher testosterone. Women have higher estrogen and progesterone. That part, you know.

What you might not know is that these simple hormonal differences HUGELY affect where you gain fat, and how you lose it!

It’s pretty obvious if you look at where men and women store their body fat: men tend to store it in the belly and love handles; women store it in the hips and thighs. There reason for this is hormones.

Because of the higher estrogen and progesterone, women have a MUCH higher concentration of Alpha-1 fat receptors in the lower body.

This makes it VERY easy to gain fat there, and very HARD to lose fat from there.

And let me tell you, fixing it isn’t as simple as doing more exercise. In fact, that’s not the way to go about it at all. Instead, you want to do DIFFERENT TYPES of exercise, as well as eat differently.

Certain training methodologies can help shift your hormonal environment very slightly. And that’s really all it takes.

An increase of just 1% in the right direction can have an IMMEDIATE effect on your Alpha-1 fat receptors, making losing fat in your trouble areas something that happens automatically…instead of something you have to struggle with for years.

Remember, Lean & Lovely was specifically designed for women, by a woman. It purposefully addresses these hormonally influenced fat storage patterns through both training AND nutrition.

Not only are Lean & Lovely workouts going to help you drop fat you’re your most stubborn areas, the strategies in the Nutrition Handbook are going to make sure that you’ll be eating to support that-and that means keeping it off for good.

Unbelievable TRUTH# 2:
The VAST Majority of Fitness Plans ARE NOT Designed for Permanent Results

I’m sure you’ve experienced this before: you start a fitness plan or some diet. Maybe you’ve heard great things about it. Maybe you’re hoping it’ll be the one that FINALLY works.

And it does, for a while. Then it STOPS. Dead. You hit a plateau.

You keep going, and nothing happens. So you do the logical thing and try out a different plan. And the UNTHINKABLE happens: you don’t lose any more weight, you start to GAIN it.

The reaction is pretty easy to predict: more workouts, crash dieting, water depletion. But as it turns out, more is NOT better. In fact…it makes it worse.

Oh…and when you finally go back to your “normal” habits, you gain all of the weight back. If you haven’t already that is. Sometimes, you gain even more.

If you’re really lucky, and are willing to diet forever, you’ll be a few pounds lighter.

This is the classic two-steps-forward-one-step back dance that nearly ALL of my clients have had to go through at some point or another. Lose the weight, gain the weight back, lose the weight, gain the weight back AGAIN-wash, rinse, repeat.

And just like you, they wanted off the merry-go-round.

Lean & Lovely helped them stop the cycle.

Here’s why: most fitness plans are very one-dimensional. They focus on something specific, like “low carb.” Or maybe they are all about “gluten-free.” If they focus on exercise, they only use ONE style of training.

All of which means this: they fail to stay ahead of your body’s Adaptation Curve.

You may know this, but your body is a really intelligent organism. And whatever you do for your fitness, your body will very quickly adapt to it. That is, it’ll “get used” to the stimulus, and stop responding.

This is great from the evolutionary perspective of survival…but it makes losing fat A LOT harder.

And so if you really want to avoid going two steps forward and step back, you need to stay as far ahead of your body’s Adaptation Curve as possible.

If you don’t…if you keep doing the same thing, just MORE or harder, you won’t make progress. In fact, that’s what often causes people to gain the weight back. As the graph above shows, once your body is too acclimated to the stimulus, it will do the opposite of what you want.

Which is why you need to stay ahead of the adaptation curve, if you want to lose weight, and KEEP it off.

Put another way, you have to “trick” your body by changing thing every so often. But you can’t do it haphazardly – that would makes things worse. You need to do it STRATEGICALLY.

That way, you keep progressing, and NEVER hit a plateau.

So, how do you do it?

Simple. It’s called Progressive ProgrammingTM. This is one of my little secrets, and it is only of the ONLY ways to design fitness plans that will allow you to develop the Lean & Lovely body you’re after.

Here’s how it works: with Progressive ProgrammingTM, you’re actually splitting up your plan into specific blocks of time. Each one of these block will focus on a different aspect of you overall fitness.

Now, you can see how that is AUTOMATICALLY superior to most fitness plans that focus on just ONE thing. With Lean & Lovely, you’re focusing on several, just one at a time.

But that’s not all. You see, to go even further and make your results even better, Lean & Lovely in a way which allows the qualities you develop to build upon one another, creating a system where each period is more effective because of the ones that came before!

Lean & Lovely is as complete 12-week program, divided into 3 phases, each lasting 4 weeks long.

And THAT makes Lean & Lovely stand out: every phase builds on the phase that came before it, allowing you to make progress each and every week.

No more plateaus. No more back-and-forth. No more two-steps-forward-one-step-back. No more losing weight just to re-gain it.

Instead, just a direct path to your permanent Lean & Lovely body.

Unbelievable TRUTH# 3:
Many of the “Best” Fitness Plans ARE NOT Realistic

I would never try to tell you that there aren’t good programs out there. Of course they are. But, one of the BIG problems I’ve found is that they are IMPOSSIBLE to follow in the real world.

Even if a program follows all the “rules” -it has smart training, fast and effective workouts, and may even offer some keep progressing. EVEN if that’s the case…seemingly NONE of the programs are actually feasible for most women. And trust me, I have looked at A LOT of them.

Sure, they look good on paper, but the don’t really work in the reality.

Firstly, most of the require you to join a gym. Sure, they might say they don’t, but often they do. Unless you happen to have two barbells with full sets of Olympic plates, a squat rack, some benches, and a full line of dumbbells laying around your house.

You don’t? Well, then you should join a gym if you want to do one of those programs. And that’s fine!

I have nothing against gyms. I’m just well aware of what you find in gyms: people! I also have nothing against people, but they DO tend to mess up your workouts.

Tell me if this is a familiar scenario…

You’re trying to do a fat loss workout you read about. It looks awesome: there are workouts made up of fast-paced circuits, interesting exercises, and even a few new moves that you want to try.

In a perfect world, you would go to the gym and have an amazing workout. But we don’t live in a perfect world. We live in the real one.

And when you go to a real gym filled with real people, they’re also trying to have a great workout. If you’re using a typical fat loss program, that’s a huge problem.

Like I said, most of those programs require a gym. And they have workouts that are great on paper. But they’re not written for YOUR gym. Or any gym. They’re just workouts that look good on paper.

So what happens? Well, this awesome workout of yours requires you to move from exercise to exercise, station to station. Four or five stations in a row.

Perfect world, no problem. Real world, doesn’t work.

Invariably, you’re going to wind up needing two pieces of equipment that are NOWHERE near each other. That is just the beginning of the issue.

You finish your set, put down your dumbbells, and rush over to the other area where your next exercise is. But when you get there, someone is using it. So you wait for them to finish. (Hopefully they’re not texting between sets.) You manage to get your set done, maybe finish the other few exercises.

When you finally get back to your first station…you find that someone else is not only using your bench and dumbbells, they’re glaring at you for “not cleaning up your mess.”

That’s what trying to do a typical fat loss program is like in a commercial gym, or even a smaller facility. So much for those fast paced circuits and short rest periods that burn all that fat!

Good luck trying to save your equipment…

Instead, you wind up making up the workouts on your own, because you’re replacing things anytime something isn’t free. Or, you’re standing around waiting half the night, and your “30 minute fat blasting workout” turns into a 90-minute marathon that crawls.

The fact is, a lot of those training programs ARE good…as long as you train in an empty gym in the middle of the day. Or the middle of the night.

If you’re like the rest of us and have one of those pesky jobs, you have to go to the gym the same time as everyone else. And that can render those programs useless.

Instead of following this “amazing” program as it’s written, every single time you set foot in the gym you’re changing things and switching things and just plain making things up, trying your best to do a SORT OF version of the workout.

Not exactly a dream scenario. And NOT one that’s going to help you burn fat, and get the results you want.

I know what it’s like, because I’ve been there. It’s frustrating, and it is NOT effective. So I’ve made sure that Lean & Lovely solves that program.

Here’s how…

· Firstly, Lean & Lovely DOES NOT require a gym. In fact, 90% of my Lean & Lovely ladies train in their own homes.

· This is possible because of the equipment! L&L focuses on KETTLEBELL TRAINING.

· In addition to being superior for fat loss than just about any tool out there, KBs are convenient, and versatile…

· IN FACT, it’s very, very easy to complete an entire Lean & Lovely workout using just ONE kettlebell. Just ONE.

Think about that: you can do an entire fat burning workout with just one single piece of equipment. This solves everything.

Now, you can certainly train at home. Or in the park, or on the beach, or anywhere else you want. But if you DO train in a gym, you can get in and out in 20-30 minutes because you don’t have to run around. Just stay in ONE place with your ONE kettlebell and get the best workout ever.

THAT is the Lean & Lovely difference.

But there’s so much more: remember, Lean & Lovely Is NOT just a book…
It’s a COMPLETE fitness & lifestyle transformation kit …

Remember, the purpose for which L&L was created is actually much bigger than just looking better: it’s intended to help women completely transform their bodies, mindset, and lifestyle.

Over the years, Neghar has helped thousands of women do so, and with Lean & Lovely, she’s hoping to help thousands more.

Which is why, to celebrate the release, Neghar is offering the entire Lean & Lovely system for over 50% OFF.

Here’s what I want you to understand L&L is a great fitness program: it’s got a dedicated 3-phase program, consisting of 12 weeks of awesome fat-burning workouts; it’s also got over 2 dozen “bonus” workouts you can do anytime; not to mention a slew of instructional videos to teach you proper form.

As mentioned, Lean & Lovely focuses on kettlebell training; which, in addition to being great for everything we’ve talked about, is simply one of THE BEST ways to burn fat, period.

But Neghar doesn’t want to stop with kettlebells. She knows that if you combine metabolic fat burning training with something else…it becomes even better.

…which is why Neghar is also offering Lean & Lovely YOGA, which will ensure that you move better, recover faster, and make better progress in less time.

L&L Yoga is a complete series of VIDEOS, so Neghar is right there with you, walking you through her exclusive, fat-burning, injury healing, body-shaping yoga flows.

Whether you want to follow along on your laptop, tablet, or even your phone, you can literally do these yoga flows ANYWAY.

And, to make SURE everyone can use this, Neghar has included various flows for all levels of skill: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. So whether you’re a long time yogi or someone getting on the mat for the first time, you’ll absolutely have something to help you on your way.

Sale Ends Tonight ==>> This Lean & Lovely Yoga bonus is more than worth the price of the entire L&L system by itself. In fact, it will be released as a standalone series at some point in the next year.

But when you grab Lean & Lovely during the launch this week (which ends tonight at MIDNIGHT), L&L Yoga is Neghar’s gift to you.

And keep in mind, that’s ON TOP of the fact that Lean & Lovely is already on sale for more than 50% off.

Without question, this is an amazing deal-on not one, but TWO amazing programs-from one of the top trainers in the industry.

All of which is to say this: whether you want to lose fat, or are training to gain strength, or are looking for way to transform your mindset, Neghar can help you. Lean & Lovely can help you

Because it SOLVES the three major problems that SO many programs have.

It’s one of the best programs I’ve seen in a long, long time, and I absolutely can’t wait to hear about your success with it. It is absolutely going to change minds and bodies.

(L&L Yoga) is only around till TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT. After that, the Yoga bonus goes away, and the price doubles.

DO NOT miss out.

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