Vincent Garceau


My name is , but my friends call me Vinny or Big Vin which I find kind of funny! I am 5'8'' and weigh 170lbs. I am 33 years old and I am creeping up on 34 on February 27th, another year and I compete in the Masters!!! I am an Account Executive for Sprint PCS, basically I handle national chains of stores for the company, keeping up relationships, trainings, and seeing that the stores hit there sales goals every month. It's a great job, it can be very stressful, right now I am handling 40 stores in New England, it gets crazy, but that's what I love about it, the challenge makes me push harder to make my numbers and I give my best to do that. I have been with the company for 5 years and I have made a name for myself.

I come from a pretty large family and I have lived in Rhode Island my whole life. My family is part Italian and part French, interesting combination! I grew up in a very small town and went to a very small High School. I played Baseball and Volleyball in High School, before going off to College at Johnson & Wales University where I also played Volleyball in Division Three. I received my Degree in Pre-law. I intended to go back for Law, but then I landed the job at Sprint and I have been very satisfied there. At the moment I am single and no children, but I hope to have a family someday. That is very important to me. I recently moved to Cranston, RI.

I started weight training a few years ago to put on some size; I became really serious about it when I met my trainer Paul Dexter of Dexter Training Concepts. I was not getting any gains so I went to Paul to find out what I was doing wrong. We quickly became workout Partners and Paul put me on a Specific Diet and Workout routine. The Gains started coming fast. I was inspired to compete by Paul; he is a very accomplished Natural Bodybuilder. At the time I had allot of personal things going on and not to mention I also am missing some fingers on my left hand which makes things a little difficult to do. I wanted to challenge myself and I also wanted to get something in my life that I enjoyed and that would keep me focused. Bodybuilding and competing was just the thing. It's a very hard and disciplined sport, but the hard is what makes it great, if it was easy everyone would do it.

Right now in the off season I usually weigh 170lbs and this year I competed at 156lbs at the Fitness Atlantic show. I competed in my first show in 2003 which was the ANBC Rhode Island Championships where I placed 5th in the men's short division and also received the best poser award. I was happy with the results of that show being my first show, but I did not want to give up there I wanted to get bigger and do better. I was approached by a good friend Grant Johnson who is in the Pro division of Muscle mania. Grant challenged me to step it up and compete on the great stage of Muscle Mania. So, that's what I did. I put my entire life on hold for a year. I also still had some bad personal issues going on so this really gave me the opportunity to focus them out. I trained as hard as ever, I ate constantly and locked myself in the house for a year. All I thought about was the Fitness Atlantic show. So needless to say the time came where I entered the 2004 fitness Atlantic Championships. I placed 1st in the novice lightweight and 3rd in the open lightweight. I was so thrilled with the size I put on that year and my placement in the show after all the hard work I broke down after the show. My goals are to keep training as hard as ever and come back next year and give myself a chance at winning the open. Depending on my weight I don't know what class I will compete in but I will be back with a renewed drive. I know I will always compete, but I like to keep my goals one year at a time.

My contest day diet this year was pretty strict; Paul wanted me to come in Shredded!! I started dieting 10 weeks out my meals were the same every day two bowls of oatmeal in the morning mixed with a scoop of VP2 protein, two hours later a Trioplex bar, lunch was a small turkey pocket, mid-afternoon meal was half a bagel, with a VP2 protein shake, dinner was 4oz of chicken and a half cup of rice. That was it for 10 weeks. I ran cardio for a half hour a day. For the show morning, I had a couple squirts of honey, and believe it or not a cup of captain crunch. Low carbs, no water that entire day, I had dried out that prior week. After pre judging I had a couple of rice cakes with very little jelly and it was back for the night show. My weight training stays the same up until 2 days before the show. I still go heavy until the end, and then 2 days out do a light upper body work out. I rest the day before I compete. I am blessed with the ability to stay lean and still put size on. Some supplements I use are V12 and Bolt from San, I also use NO2, as well as allot of Glutamine.

Some of my Hobbies are Golf, what a great sport. I enjoy football, baseball. I love to travel; I have been around when it comes to traveling. Spending time with friends and family is very important to me. I enjoy skiing in the winter. I enjoy the going to the movies or sitting home watching a movie. I just picked up a new hobby, I enjoy going to the shooting range and popping off couple of rounds, it's allot of fun.

Some of my Role Models are first of my parents; they are wonderful, understanding and supportive people who have helped me so much in my life. Paul Dexter for his drive and for showing me the things I can accomplish and his knowledge. My older brother who is a self made man, there's no task he cannot complete. There is one very special person in my life who I don't want to name, but they showed me the beauty of life again and made me want to be a better all around person every day. I thank that person for that and I hope we can meet again another day.

Thanks for stopping by and checking this out. I wish you all the success in the world. It's your life you only get one; make your dreams come true!! If you would like to contact me, you can reach me at . Take care and god bless.








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