Female Bodybuilder Victoria Christina Thomas

Victoria Christina Thomas Female Bodybuilder

Age: 21

Birthday: 11-22-86

Birth Place: Chester, England

Residence: Morganton, NC

Height and weight: 5'5'' and 128lbs

Bodybuilder Victoria Christina Thomas I started weight training about a year ago because I felt I was too skinny.

I have always been an athlete, primarily endurance sports and this was so different. I competed in the Carolina Supernatural held in Spartanburg, SC and walked away with four trophies, including Overall Winner. I do plan on competing again this summer.

I train with a great trainer at my local gym.

I workout at Biltmore Fitness, Asheville, NC and BodyTech Gym in Morganton, NC.

I use Multivitamin (One-A-Day Brand) and GNC Sports Omega Complex

I have gained about 20 pounds!

I'm hooked, I love the feeling of a kick-ass workout and being exhausted when I leave the gym. I plan on having a career in the fitness/health field and to continue to maintain my fitness level.

I eat constantly. I make sure my protein intake is high. I'm not careful with what I eat, I just make sure I do. I have a raging metabolism.

My workout:
Monday - Chest & Bi's
Tues -Quads/Calves
Wed - Off
Thurs - Back/Abs
Fri - Shoulders/Tri's
Saturday - Hamstrings

I work at a law firm in Asheville, NC, because I'm a Pre-Law student, but that is going to be changing. I'm going to follow my passion and help others achieve their best body and fitness level.

My goal is to be self sufficient and successful. If I do what makes me happy then the rest will fall into place. You only attract what you desire and think.

My hobbies are soccer, swimming, gymnastics, dance, running/track.

My immediate family is here with me in the States. I also have two great younger sisters, I am thankful for everything they do.

I like shopping, people, dancing, trying new foods, traveling, and the beach!

I'm a perfectionist, but I only do what I like. I just make sure I'm good at it :)

I really enjoyed snorkeling in the Bahamas. I really love to travel and I want to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef!

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