Fitness Competitor Vanda Hadarean

2006 Fitness Atlantic Winner

Birth Place: Romania

Current Residence: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Height: 5-'3"

Weight: 112lbs

A friend of mine convinced me to compete in fitness. It took her a while but, she was persistent. I also missed competing in gymnastics, so it is nice to be back doing that.


The sport of fitness itself inspired me. I think it is a beautiful sport that combines grace, strength, flexibility, stamina, and of course creativity.

I have competed in fitness 5 times now. I have done 2 WNSO/FAME shows, 1 Neutron show, 1 Ms. Fitness World show, and of course the 2006 Fitness Atlantic show. I plan on going to the WNSO/FAME world championship in June, the Neutron (Ms. Fitness Canada show in August, the Ms. Fitness World show in September, and the Fitness Hollywood show in November.

My friend Yvette told me about the shows. She lent me one of her old routine outfits for my very first show. She helped me with my hair for Fitness Atlantic. If it wasn't for her I would not be writing this today.

My main help is my boyfriend who is a huge support for me. We are a good team.

I work out at Florida Fitness in Ottawa, Ontario. I work out and practice my routine their sometimes.

I do like to take multi vitamins, fish oil, and protein. I know I could use more, so if there is any sport nutrition companies out their looking for an athlete to sponsor (hint, hint).

Believe it or not, after quitting competitive gymnastics, I did gain quite a bit of weight. I have since been working hard to stay in good shape all year long. I keep up with conditioning for stamina, strength and flexibility on a regular basis.

Well, fitness has been most of my life. I started competing at a young age, and now I compete again after quite a few years of a lay off. I can't imagine not striving for a healthy mind, body and spirit. Why not attempt to feel your best in all areas. This would be a good time to thank my Chiropractor Dr. Mark Hunter. I barely made this Fitness Atlantic contest. I wouldn't have without his help.

My goals are to compete for the top spot in all the contests I enter, and to have fun doing it. I take pride in being a 100% natural athlete and hope to be an inspiration for other aspiring athletes. I love to help people, so I will pass on all I learn to raise up other athletes to come with me. I would like to do a lot more fitness modeling. That is real fun for me.

I eat sensibly all year long. I cheat all the time....but, with controlled amounts. I get more serious when contests approach, but that is not too hard for me because I don't get crazy out of control throughout the year.

I coach gymnastics. Hello to all the great people and of course my girls at Tumblers Gymnastics Centre.

My goal is to grow spiritually, mentally and physically.

Thanks to all the people that are important to me and who are a support for me. I hope I can be a support back to others as well.

The biggest challenge for me is the way my body feels waking up every morning. Years of competitive gymnastics can do that to you. I believe that I will get better daily now with the help of my new chiropractor Dr.Hunter. And of course God wants me healed and healthy, so I will stand on that also.





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