Fitness Model Tyler Sarry

Tyler Sarry

Birthday: April, 1985
Height: 5 10"
Weight: 180-190
Chest: 43
Arms: 16 1/2
Waist: 31
Quads: 23 1/2
Calves: 17

Fitness/Model Competitions

WNSO FAME Halloween Mayhem 2005 - 4th Place
WNSO FAME Halloween Mayhem 2006 - 1st Place
WNSO FAME Miami North American Championships
Pro Division Muscle Mania - Hollywood Model America Championships (Top 20)
Paul Dillet WBFF (Top 10) & Hot Body Winner
Sean Everingham's UFE Halloween Mayhem - 3rd Place
Manhunt Canada - 2nd Place
Cover Guy Finalist
CHIN Radio (Mr. Chin Sporting Competition)
Sean Everingham's UFE Spring Bash - 2nd Place
2nd place in Fitness Atlantic Competition

Currently preparing for FAME World Championships (in my hometown of Toronto) & Model Universe in Miami

I was born and raised in a small city 45 min East of Ottawa, Ontario called Brockville. As a child I was always very active and played almost every sport imaginable through various leagues and school sports teams. When high school came around I was more involved with the love of skateboarding and other extreme sports that were less team-based and looked down upon as not to be a "real" sport. A few years into high school though after messing around at the local YMCA with a few friends in the gym area demonstrating improper form of how exercises should be done. A big guy named "Fred" approached us and asked if we would like to set up an appointment to learn how to lift the right way. We agreed, and the next week me and one other guy showed up for what would be the start of my fitness obsession. From that point on I was obsessed with fitness and turning my body into one of the many posters of sculpted physiques that were plastered all over my wall. While most students played on the high-school football or college basketball team, I idolized men with chiseled pecks and abs of steel, hoping one day to possess that picture perfect physique. At the same time I myself was in the gym everyday trying to work my way towards that perfect body.

All through college you could either find me in the gym, outside for a run (or of course through the day in whatever class I had). My obsession with fitness led me to do my first competition (fitness model) during my second year of school in 2005 (I placed 4th). Then the next year I did the same competition and won! A local photographer I had set up a shoot with after the competition was the next stepping stone which led to the career path I have been heading down for the past 2 years (fitness modeling and acting).

male muscle model Tyler Sarry

I have competed with almost all of the organizations that offer the fitness model category to-date in the short span that I have been competing. I originally wanted to get into the bodybuilding, but after realizing the downfalls not to mention "up's" & "down's" (and im not only referring to weight lol) I decided to stay with what I love doing! Staying in photo-shape year round and competing, networking, traveling and knowing that there is nothing else I would rather be doing.

In the summer of 2007 I moved to Toronto, Ontario (Yup that's in Canada eh') where I quickly started working as a personal trainer/nutrition consultant and am currently building up my clientele. Since I've been here I have competed in many competitions and have appeared in many Canadian publications as well as well known magazines. When I am not traveling, pursuing acting or in the gym myself, you can usually catch me training one of my clients.



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