Natural Bodybuilder Tom Wright

Tom Wright Nick-Name: Tommy

Age: 26

Birth Date: October 20, 1979

Birth Place: Bridgeport, CT

Current Residence: Bridgeport, CT

Height & Weight: 6' 0', 200lbs

Working out and fitness has always been a huge part of my life and a bodybuilding competition was something that I always wanted to be part of.

I've always had the inspiration and determination to compete; it was just a matter of finding time in my busy schedule to dedicate to the demands of training and dieting for a competition. But I've always believed that if there's a will there's a way.

I competed in my first show this year (2006) @ Musclemania Fitness Atlantic in East Haven, CT. It was a great experience and plan on competing in the future.

When it came to preparing for the competition, my brother Grant also competed and we trained together the entire time. Also a good friend of ours helped us out as well who was experienced in competing, Ray Boyd ( Their presence kept the intensity and drive to a maximum.

I work out at Fitness 4000 in Bridgeport, CT.

I use Creatine, BSN (NO-xplode), Glutamine, Multi-vitamins (Animal Pak), and Whey protein

I've always kept in relatively good shape due to my very active lifestyle, but when I decided to compete for a bodybuilding show, I gave myself a solid 10 weeks of strict training and diet. I'm 6' 0'' and always had trouble putting on muscle mass due to my body type, but it never stopped me from trying. 10 weeks out from competition I weighed 200lbs with a body fat percentage of approx: 11%. I ended up competing at 178lbs and a body fat of 3%.

Fitness is a lifestyle! It has been the basis for just about everything I do. It's given me the focus, drive, confidence, discipline and determination I need to accomplish just about anything goal I desire. Fitness doesn't just affect your physical status, but your mental status as well.

For the most part, my diet is fairly healthy year round. It usually consists of egg whites, oatmeal, tuna, chicken, steak, sushi, vegetables. But when it comes to cheat meals, I can never go wrong with Chinese food, pizza, chocolate, as long as it's in moderation.

A safe training split for me is usually 5-6 days a week if my schedule permits. Monday: Chest/Biceps/Abs. Tuesday: Legs: Wednesday: Shoulders/Triceps/Abs. Thursday: Rest. Friday: Back/Abs. Saturday: what ever body part needs a little extra work. Sunday: Rest. I try to do cardio 3 times a week, but I like to rely on my diet to keep my body fat reasonable.

I graduated from Marist College (Poughkeepsie, NY) with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science in 2001. After a couple years, I decided to make a career change and go back to school for another degree. I am now a current full-time student at Quinnipiac University for a degree in Health Sciences. I work part-time at a Radiology group in Fairfield, CT (Advanced Radiology Consultants). I am studying to become an MRI tech... and have also been giving some thought to applying to med-school. So needless-to-say, my time has been occupied. "Work hard, Play hard!!"

I was an All-Conference quarterback in high-school (Notre Dame in Fairfield). I also played 4 years of football as a quarterback/special teams in college (Marist College).

My family is always the first priority. Between having incredible parents and two great brothers (Grant, 28 and Sean, 31), I am very fortunate!!

My hobbies include many extreme sports: I'm very passionate about Skydiving, Skiing, Mountain Biking, Working Out, Camping, and soon to come, B.A.S.E jumping!! "If you don't risk anything, you risk even more!"

With full-time school, full time work, Living up my hobbies on the weekends, and training.. I'd say my time is utilized to the fullest and I would not want it any other way. I have great family and surround myself with great friends.....So I guess the real challenge is to keep working hard and being an honest person, not only to myself, but to those who saturate my everyday life. "Tis better to be alone then to be in bad company!"

I've had my share of injuries, but one in particular has made the biggest impact to my life. In 2003, while doing some extreme skiing, I ended up fracturing my vertebrae and herniating two of my discs in my lower back. This affected a lot of things I did from that point on, but I never let it stop me from giving 100%. I never used it as an excuse for anything I did, rather, as a stepping stone for facing reality and realizing I'm not invincible. Although it makes me more aware and question some activities I do now, it doesn't stop me from doing them. Just means I have to work a bit harder and keep my focus and discipline tight. To me, that's not burden.... It's a way of life!! "Falling isn't failing, unless you fail to get up!!"

Where you can find me on vacations or down time: Skiing or Skydiving all over the Northeast... also, Colorado, Utah, Whistler B.C. and Relaxing' in Arizona, Nevada, Florida, etc. Adrenaline is the greatest drug and it's free!




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