Russian Fitness Model Stefan Chapovskiy

Fitness Model Stefan Chapovskiy

My name is Stefan Chapovskiy. I live in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I am personal trainer in fitness and bodybuilding (I graduated from the College named after Ben Weider; I have a diploma of international type); also I am fitness model. I take part in amateur competitions for natural athletes.

Sometimes, I act in films. All of these and many other I achieved thanks to natural bodybuilding. And I made it the style of my life. I would like to tell a bit how did it happen to me.

I came to sport rather early. In the age of eight, I visited a group in swimming; in ten I went to track and field athletics; in twelve I visited a shooting section. It had no influence to my appearance; I was very skinny teenager with thin bones and fast metabolism. At that age I was indifferent to the look of my figure. The situation changed at the age of thirteen. It was a period when the first tapes with action movies from Hollywood came to our city. First of all, there was a fashion on the movies about martial arts. And they determined my choice of the next kind of sport. I went to a section of taekwondo. Two year there didn't give me a special athletic look, but they strengthened my spirit, provided good stretching and self-defense skills. Nevertheless, it was just a prelude for the main thing. In 1992, I went to bodybuilding. It happened soon after the acquaintance with the film "Rambo" which impressed me very much. Sylvester Stallone became a cult figure for me for many years. And his movie characters Rambo and Rocky were sources of the strongest motivation for me.

Fitness Model Stefan Chapovskiy

So, I began my training. I was fifteen years old, 170 cm tall and my weight was about 50 kg. I understood that I had not particular genetic for that kind of sport. But fire was burning in my soul; or, if it was sang in a sound-track of "Rocky-3", I had "eyes of the tiger". I trained regularly and intensely (though in an unskillful way).

For the first year, I have trained myself at home, looking at the posters with Stallone which I set on the walls of my room. For the next two years, I went to a sports' hall. By the age of eighteen, I achieved the weight of 70 kg and grew up to 183 cm; my strength grew, too. But the progress became slower; then, it has stopped for three years. Nevertheless, I couldn't imagine my life without bodybuilding and I still kept trainings.

Fitness Model Stefan Chapovskiy My fellows with whom I began to train have already quit this activity or left a natural way and began to use steroids for visual progress. But I read special literature and was a staunch opponent of anabolic. From the other side, I didn't want to yield to those who used such a dishonest way.

So, I began my experiments with methods of training; I worked with my head not with muscles only. I analyzed my training and found many mistakes in it. Got rid of them, I came to the right way which provided my second birth in bodybuilding. For the following years I grew extremely fast and strengthened myself. There was a moment when my weight reached 107 kg and in some volumes I surpassed some steroid and unskillful bodybuilders training aside. Then, it was a time to consider the quality of my muscles and methods of killing fat. An impetus was my desire to take part in an amateur competition. It wasn't enough to be huge in muscles; a relief shape and good proportions were necessary. Participants trained aside, in the same hall; some of them surpassed me in genetic, others used steroids.

I had to unite all the best of my former experience: fanatic possession of my first years of training, skillful approach to the methods of training and something new. I began to study thoroughly sporting dietetics, analyzed a great amount of data ad worked out a special diet with a schedule in hours; I also used such additions as protein, amino acids, vitamins and microelements. As a result, at the competition I demonstrated the best aesthetics of muscles and the quality of relief. My self-esteem has grown radically. And next year, when I received an invitation from the U.S.A., I decided to make an attempt which was much more than my initial dreams to take part in a competition of new talents in Hollywood as a fitness model. During a year I worked hard to prepare myself for it. First of all, I got mass of my body, then, for 2.5 months, I used low carbohydrates diet and two weeks without carbohydrates at all; but I still didn't use any prohibited chemicals I didn't use even ephedrine.

When I came to California, in the night before the competition, I couldn't sleep. I went for a walk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and found there the star of Sylvester Stallone. For me, his fan from Russia, who went so far, it was a really magic place. And at the moment I understood that I would have to win. Next day it happened, I won in the category fitness model. I dedicated this achievement to Stallone (I wish I could say it to him!). And who knows what new adventures, travels and meetings are waiting for me in the future. I am sure that I won't stop at the achieved level. I don't know where I'll be in a year or two, but in 10 years and more I will profess the way of natural bodybuilding and associate new people to this wonderful kind of sport.

Fitness Model Stefan Chapovskiy Stats:

Age - 31
Height - 6.2(183 cm)
Competition weight - 85 kg
Off season weight - 95-105kg


  • 2007 SPB Natural Fitness Champion

  • 2008 California, Hollywood's best

  • New Talent Awards, winner of category

  • "Male fitness model"

Favorite exercise - crossover

Favorite body part to train - arms

Hobbies - acting in films, travelling, and fishing.

Training philosophy - It is necessary to set a high goal. Not an unrealizable one for a natural athlete as a victory in the competition "Mister Olympia", but rather serious to mobilize all the inner resources and to go all out. As a result, one can pass far on the way to this goal even if he doesn't reach it absolutely.

And one more favorite trick which is good for those who like role models of the old school". In my player there are many soundtracks from old brave action movies with Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Van Damme. I am training with these songs, I identify myself with one or another character, and my motivation is growing up to the heaven together with my results.

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Fitness Model Stefan Chapovskiy



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