Bikini Competitor Sherry Carature

Sherry Carature Birth Date: August 9th 1975

Current Residence: Ansonia, CT

Height & Weight: 5"4' - 117 lbs. (average) 110 lbs. (competition)

In the spring of 2006 I was approached by a trainer at my gym named Curtis Jackson of "Curtis Jackson Fitness Studios". He suggested that I compete in a Fitness Atlantic show. Naturally, my response was "are you serious? That is not my thing". Once Curtis took some time explaining to me what Fitness Atlantic shows where all about, I decided to at least consider the idea. Since a major life change would allow me the time I would need to put into this challenge, I decided to push forward and make it a new hobby of mine. I soon met up with Donna Poggio along with other competitors new to the sport. Donna was a tremendous help with preparing for the show. As I was new to this world, and only seen one body building show prior to the show I entered, my first competition was quite an experience.

At first, I decided to compete to achieve personal goals, but I soon realized how much fun I had doing it. I have competed in Fitness Atlantic 2006, Fitness America New York 2006 and Fitness Atlantic 2007. After a little break, I hope to enter Fitness America New York 2007 and the Fitness America championships 2007 in Hollywood.

The first thing I was told was I needed to build muscle. I was introduced to Rob Migliore at Ultimate Fitness in Shelton, CT. Rob trained me hard and incorporated more cardio and core oriented exercises into my workouts. He helped to get me started and has a big influence with the workouts that I presently do. Rob has introduced a whole new world of fitness training to my life and is always there for me when I need reassurance. Working with him for almost a year gave me the confidence and knowledge to train on my own. Now I would like to give back and train others to help them experience a sense of accomplishment like I have.

I use the basic supplements, many products by SAN, TIGHT being one of my favorites. TIGHT is a fat burner which gives me energy for my workouts. Occasionally I hit the health food store for my Multi-Vitamins, Whey Protein and many more nutritional items.

I am amazed at the results and transformation of my body, which is a result of my new healthy lifestyle. It keeps me disciplined and focused. I see a huge difference in my health and attitude and I can't remember the last time I was sick. I am stronger and leaner than ever and ANYONE can do it if they set their mind to it and have support along the way.

During pre-contest training, I have 5 balanced meals which consist of protein, carbohydrates and fats. I consume lots of veggies and drink gallons of water. I keep it very clean during pre-contest. No shakes, no bars and no cheating. Along the way, I will adjust my diet to how I am feeling and how my body is reacting. I find that the more shows I do, the easier it has become. When not competing, I maintain a high protein diet but will enjoy a nice Italian dinner and a glass of wine. I love sushi and enjoy my chocolate peanut butter shakes or bars. Chocolate and sweets are definitely my weaknesses. Diabetes runs in my family, so I am blessed that I can splurge with sugar and carbs. My loved ones have to battle everyday of their lives and now I can understand the constant fight. I have changed the way I eat on a regular basis. Now I feel guilty for making wrong choices & I try to keep it as healthy as possible. I take pride in what I accomplish in those several weeks of dieting and training, because of this it is a constant challenge of my willpower.

Bikini Fitness Figure Sherry Carature I loved to do classes such as: Power & Brikham Yoga, Pilates and kickboxing, which are some of my favorites. I enjoy working with the bosu ball and intense resistant strength training. This past year my focus has been on weight training to build more muscle. I work out 5 times a week with weights and cardio. I train each body part once per week and do 45 minutes to an hour of cardio. Before I compete I add another day of cardio and abs.

As a little girl I was always active and carried that on through my life. I was involved with gymnastics and cheerleading, and I always enjoyed outdoor activities. I joined my first gym at age 20 and eased my way into this lifestyle that I lead today.

I am a make-up artist, technician and creative director and educator for a day spa in Fairfield County, Connecticut. I work exhausting hours and at times it has been difficult balancing my career, training and social life. This is the lifestyle that I have chosen and I do my best to keep it all under control. When I am not consumed with training and working I enjoy my friends, family, the finer things in life and also the simplest pleasures. I try not to miss anything.

My goal is to be a certified personal trainer so that I can encourage others and educated them about physical health and exercise. Another goal of mine is to one day own and operate my own salon and spa.

Bikini Fitness Figure Sherry Carature

This journey into the fitness world has changed my life, mind, body and spirit. I have put a lot of hard work and dedication into it. This journey has been very rewarding for me and allows me to accomplish many of the goals that I have set my mind to. Along the way I have met the most talented, beautifully fit athletes who give me positive energy and inspire me to be the best I can be.

I would like to thank my family and friends for all their support…. All the trainers at Ultimate Fitness, they are the best. Rob Migliori, Curtis Jackson, Brian Cannone, Donna Poggio, Pete Saccone, Ron Rich, James, Dino, Tony and all the members at Ultimate for helping me get started, answering all my questions, teaching me knew tricks and motivating me to the end. They are the best support team, thank you all and thank you Fitness Atlantic!!!





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