Bodybuilder Ryan Koenig

High School Senior Enters Bodybuilding Contest

Where were you at 4:30am on any given weekday these past few months?

Most people would be in bed savoring those last few hours of sleep, but senior football player and amateur bodybuilder Ryan Koenig spent these hours training at Ultimate Fitness in Shelton for his first bodybuilding competition.

Ryan Koenig His training consisted of lifting weights and doing cardiovascular workouts in preparation for the Musclemania Atlantic competition on April 2005 at The Performing Arts Center in East Haven.

Koenig entered in the junior bodybuilding category of the fitness competition. He was judged against other competitors ranging in the age from teens to early twenties.

Standing 5 feet 11 inches, 183 pounds and having only four percent body fat for the competition, he finished fourth in his weight class.

Koenig participated in a prejudging round that included striking seven mandatory poses. The final round was a night show for viewers consisting of a choreographed routine to music.

The manager of Ultimate Fitness monitored Koenig's nutrition plan and helped him with poses to prepare for the competition.

Koenig feels the older contestants had an advantage over him. "These guys can have up to four more years of training than me", he said. Though Koenig may be inexperienced in comparison to his competitors, his workouts were equally strenuous.

On top of lifting weights five days a week, Koenig did hour-long cardiovascular workouts everyday and weight lifted before or after school.

Most mornings, Koenig lifted for an hour and 15 minutes before running several miles.

Koening followed his own routine and listened to the "Rocky" soundtrack on his mp3 player during every workout. He wore a sweatshirt during his workout, no matter what the temperature to increase his heart rate and perspiration levels.

"When you lift for some time, you just know what is best for your body," said Koenig. Although he has been working out for his own pleasure the past five years, it wasn't until several months ago that his training became focused on the competition.

Koenig's diet was as important as his workout.

Even after the contest he still caries a lunch box and gallon of water with him to school during the day.

He realizes that some people think he is weird for doing this, but it doesn't stop him from doing what is necessary for his body.

He drank two gallons of water and ate six balanced meals throughout the day. While the average person consumes 2000 calories a day, Koenig consumed 4000.

Some might think his diet would cause confusion in the kitchen, but his parents buy the food and he prepares it himself. This includes the lunch he brings to school each day.

"My parents know that this is what I love to do so they don't mind", said Koenig.

He is opposed to using steroids, "You still have to work out hard and eat right and I'd rather do it all naturally."

Koenig's Daily Diet

15 Egg Whites
2 cups Oatmeal
1 Apple

Myoplex Shake with Water
Additional scoop Protein Powder
1 Apple

12oz. Chicken Breast
1 Large Sweet Potato
1 Cup Broccoli

3 Hours Later
12oz. Chicken Breast
1 Large Sweet Potato
1 cup Broccoli

16oz. Fish
2 cups Brown Rice
1 cup Broccoli

Before Bed
6 Egg Whites
2 cans Tuna
2 cups Brown Rice
1 cup Broccoli




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