Fitness Competitor Olivia Chamberland

Olivia Chamberland I was a competitive cheerleader and track and field athlete in high school. I commuted to Suffolk University majoring in psychology and realized the importance of exercise in my life since I was no longer involved in group sports. I began attending the South Shore YMCA on a family membership participating in strength training research and was amazed by my body changes. A good friend of mine introduced me to sprint triathlons that really took me to the next level but I could not let go of the music, dance and creativity involved with cheerleading. Three very special people encouraged me to become a fitness competitor, which I would have never done if it were not for their support. Fitness was the answer to my desires.

I never will forget the day I first met Cathy Savage. I was going through some personal obstacles but was very passionate about taking on a new endeavor. Let's put it this way, I have never been a gymnast but would try almost anything no matter how difficult it looked. Cathy describes me as "crazy" yet a very balanced competitor. I am not sure that makes sense but, it seems to work. I must say having balance in my life is key!

My first show was the Fitness Atlantic in 2002 in Connecticut I finished top 5. The feeling was indescribable. That year I competed in the Fitness Universe pageant in Miami and the Fitness America Pageant National Championships and the Fitness America Pageant ESPN series in Redondo Beach, California - what an amazing experience!

I have my Masters in Mental Health Counseling and am a Licenced Mental Health Counselor. I have worked with adults in inpatient locked facilities, residential programs and with the Department of Social Services helping children and families. I am also a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer. I have worked in many well-known fitness facilities including Reebok, Fit Corp, and South Shore YMCA with Dr. Wayne Westcott, a leading authority on fitness. I have trained the U.S. Navy with Dr. Westcott in San Diego and Virginia Beach. I was also featured in three of Dr. Westcott's books. My history and present involvement in the mental health and fitness fields has helped me to gain an appreciation for the concrete ways in which the mind and body work together.

Olivia Chamberland

I am the President of Focusing On Abilities Fitness Inc., a personal training company. This career has been extremely fulfilling for me. I have met so many inspiring clients and supportive people. FOA Fitness Inc., focuses on the individuals as a means for mental and physical well-being.

Competing in fitness is my hobby. Expressing myself on stage through movement, music, makeup, and costume is just one of the wonderful things that I am passionate about. Because we live in a world full of anxiety, stress, and depression, rather than viewing fitness as a competitive sport or a goal-oriented task I have changed my thinking to using fitness as a means of inspiration, empowerment, self-expression, fun, excitement and healthy lifestyle.

Life offers so many opportunities so be in present. Savor every experience, use challenges to better yourself, let your body and mind work together and love yourself and others unconditionally. I never planned for my life to follow this particular track yet I feel so fortunate to be traveling on this unexpected journey.

All is Well,

Olivia Chamberland Interview


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