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Nicole Pavick As a doctor of physical therapy and certified strength and conditioning specialist, Nicole Pavick has obtained the highest credentials in rehabilitation and fitness. Her services include orthopedic/sports rehabilitation, fitness training, fitness and nutrition consultation, fitness program design, and educational workshops. She combines "Eastern" philosophy with "Western" sports science, to emphasize a balanced and natural approach to her career and to her own life.

Nicole graduated from New York University in 2002 and has completed clinical affiliations at some of the most prestigious facilities, including the Hospital for Special Surgery, Lennox Hill Hospital, New York Hospital and private sports medicine practices, in Manhattan. Her clinical interests include functional training, core stability, body mechanics, women's health, injury prevention and sports performance enhancement.

Before living in New York, Nicole graduated from Boston College in the pre-medical program. She subsequently spent a year at the National Institutes of Health as a pre-doctoral research fellow, investigating innovative treatments for people diagnosed with cancer. Following the intensity of this experience, Nicole took some time to travel and perform throughout the United States as a professional dancer.

She now lives in Manhattan, and cherishes frequent visits with her family in the Hudson Valley, NY and on Cape Cod, MA. In her free time, Nicole enjoys reading books on natural philosophy, mathematics, mysticism, and nutrition. Her goal is to share her knowledge and passion with others, to empower them in their quest for optimal health, fitness and beauty.

Nicole leads by example as a nationally recognized fitness and physique competitor in the Fitness America Pageant circuit. She began competing in April of 2003, at the Fitness Atlantic competition. Later in 2003, she debuted her first fitness routine at the Fitness New England. After catching the competition "bug", she competed in the 2004 Fitness Atlantic, Fitness New York, and Fitness America Pageant. She placed 10th at her first national event in November 2004.

Nicole is excited to debut her new routine at the 2005 Fitness Atlantic, her favorite venue of the year. She enjoys the creative process of preparing for competitions. She creates her own costume, music and choreography, and feels that the end product is a true expression of her self. This year's routine, entitled "Evolution of the Wild Woman Archetype," a metaphoric portrait of feminine identity (from the "raw" tribal image to the "seductive" femme fatale). She intends to compete at the Fitness Atlantic, Fitness New York, Fitness Universe, Fitness America, FAME New York, and FAME Toronto.

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