Fitness Competitor Nancy Georges

Nancy Georges I started competing in Fitness in 1989 at the first Fitness America Pageant ever. I was a young vibrant kid with an ego the size of The Golden Gate Bridge. Well, I have dropped the ego, (for the most part anyway) and I have learned many things in the past 15 years that I have been competing. You would think I was 50 or something, as long as I have been competing but I am actually only 35. Imagine that! I would have never thought I would still have this hobby, but something inside keeps me motivated and keeps me going strong. Fitness has given me so much in return for my efforts. There are no words to describe my feelings of satisfaction, and I continually am searching for the best way to be an elite athlete and still maintain balance in my life.

I will keep my story short, for all I really wish to achieve is to be a motivator, for myself and for anyone interested in reading what I have to say.

I hope that I can inspire you with my fitness section first by saying that I am just like you, I struggle with my nutrition program, I fight the fat and I do the best I can to maintain balance and harmony in my life. Staying fit is not easy and it never has been. I find that my body's demands are constantly changing and what I had thought worked in the past, now needs to be modified, updated and revised. There is no magic formula for success. However, there are three key elements involved in success and they need to be modified and altered to each individuals needs. They are of course:

1. exercise
2. nutrition
3. supplementation

When these three things are in harmony, the desired results, will happen. It takes patience and a willingness to change things when your body is not approving what is going on.

I also believe there is a fourth element involved and it is perhaps the most important element. It does not have a name and there is no word to describe it, but when you have it, things will become much easier for your fitness journey. The best I can do is say this, when you are connected with your true self, the self that is separate from your ego, when you really understand the words "health and fitness" when the goal is a physical as well as mental and spiritual wholeness, then you will start to act in accord with your bodies needs and demands.

Competing in fitness or any other sport, is just an outlet to give the body a reason and hope. When we have achieved physical success we are no better than the person who has not achieved physical success. All it means is that we found the correct formula that works for the body that we have been given. Much like a successful business person, sales person, manager, mother, father, or anyone successful in one area of life. All it means is that they figured out how to make things work. They practiced until they got it right. If you focus long enough on something and put enough energy toward it, eventually things will start to happen. But that is the beauty and the beast about fitness. Fitness is not an obsessive habit that isolates you from friends, family, spirit, not to mention pocketbook, but it is just one part of our lives, that if we balance it, it will make our lives happier and more fulfilling.

My mission is to live with passion, and to enjoy each moment. I have to remind myself of that every day, especially when things aren't going so well, but that is life. Life demands so much of me, just as I demand so much of it.

Wishing you much happiness,





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