Nadine Beshere - "Set Your Mind to Your Physical Challenge Within!"

Nadine Beshere Nadine Beshere is a new comer to Fitness competitions and placed 8th in her first Figure show October 11, 2003 in Boston at the Fitness America Pageant. "I have always tried to live a healthy lifestyle, and my workouts were always geared toward maintaining good health and wellness" Like many of the competitors, she was at home one day watching ESPN and saw the Fitness America Pageant, and set a goal to try to get in good enough condition to compete. "At first I never actually thought I would get on stage, I just wanted to prove to myself I could achieve that kind of flexibility, strength and endurance. It wasn't until I met the well known Cathy Savage from Savage choreography in Walpole, MA that I decided that I could have what it takes to actually get on stage and compete."

Nadine grew up in Canton, Massachusetts where her parents still live, but she herself has been living in Connecticut for the past 6 years and recently moved back home to Randolph, Massachusetts. "I remember when I first told my father I was going to compete in a Fitness Pageant" He said "you the little girl who never could do a cartwheel?" It wasn't until he came to the Boston show and saw the actual fitness routines that he realized what his little girl was setting out to do. He said to me, in amazement, at the end of the show after watching me walk in my high heels in a two piece bikini: "You're not going to do one of those fitness routines are you??" The look on his face was priceless when I told him YES……

Nadine is a licensed Physical Therapist with 12 years of experience and has been in the Fitness Industry for fifteen years as an AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer. Over the past 2 years, Nadine has become an Educational Presenter for her fitness peers, teaching the Advanced Personal Training Certification for The Aerobic Fitness Association of America (AFAA), and a variety of continuing education seminars for Fitness Resource Associates (FRA).

She is a graduate of Simmons College in Boston, MA where she received an Entry-level Masters Degree in Physical Therapy in May of 1992 and a Bachelor of Health Science for Physical Therapy in May of 1990.

"So, I have all this knowledge, but in reality I have never pushed myself physically outside my comfort zone, until now."


She started training April of 2003 at 34 years of age with no dance, gymnastics nor cheerleading experience. "Well, unless you count Pop Warner and high school cheerleading where we chanted out encouraging words and did an occasional high kick or two."

By training and competing, she hopes to be able to set a positive and motivating example to her patients, clients and students. Personally, she wants to prove to herself that she can achieve the skills required to execute a routine and be worthy enough to compete along side so many of the Fitness Veterans she has grown to admire.

"I have learned so much about myself and have grown from this experience both personally and professionally in ways that I never could have expected." I can empathize with my patients in a way I never could before. For me, I have had to learn to self-motivate and discipline myself to go to the gym, stretch everyday, eat consistently, and not give up in gymnastics when my spine won't bend the way the coach wants it to, or I can't get over the fear of landing on my head as I am learning to tumble for the first time…" Each day in my training presents a new challenge that at times I may get frustrated and feel like giving up, but I dig deep and keep trying. I recall on those feelings when my patients are frustrated and discouraged because they can't find the strength to climb the stairs or simply walk down the hallway that extra 50 ft. I try to motivate them and help them find that self-discipline that they need to reach their mobility goals."

"The other part of this past year that I will cherish, is the great women I have met through Savage choreography. The New England women are truly a team. We may all be competing on the same stage, but we are all routing for each other just the same. If you could have been a fly on the wall backstage and seen how much everyone helped each other and encouraged one another at the Fitness show in Boston last fall, you would be amazed. Thanks to Fitness America and to Savage choreography and all the women on "Our Team", you are all true champions".




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