Bodybuilder Matthew Tsinkorang

Matthew Tskinorang Nick-Name: No Limitz

Age: 23

Birth Date: 05/03/1982

Birth Place: Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Current Residence: Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Height & Weight: 5'-6" and 200lbs

People at the gym told me I would do well in a bodybuilding show. So back on Oct 1st 2005 I finally competed in my first bodybuilding contest, the Musclemania Canadian Nationals in Toronto Canada, where I placed 2nd.

I was inspired by Arnold, which I think most bodybuilders are inspired by him and what he has done for the sport. After I watch the movie "Pumping Iron" I was hooked!

I've done two shows thus far the Musclemania Canadian Nationals Oct 1st 2005 and the Musclemania World Championships Nov 19th 20005. The next shows I plan on doing are the Superbody Universe in Miami June 23rd 2006 and the Musclemania Canadian Nationals again in Toronto, July 8th 2006.

I pretty much got into weight lifting on my own. As I kept training I gained new friends in the bodybuilding industry in my town. And they helped me out as well with my training and diet.

I now have a trainer who helps me now mainly just with my diet to get ready for shows. He's been a great asset, and I don't think I could do it without his help and knowledge.

I train at Mawson's Health & Fitness, check out there site @

For my supplements I use whey protein, multi vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, calcium magnesium, Flax oil, Lecithin, Tribulus, Ginseng, and Vandal Sulfate.

The results I achieve when I diet down for a contest. Is the satisfaction, knowing that I have improved on my physique from the year prior.

I'm known to be kind of a shy person, but being on stage in front of a lot of people and now evening being filmed for TV shows for Musclemania. My confidence has gotten better. And I do feel better about the way I look, as when I was very young I was somewhat of an over weight kid.

My present goals are first and for most to be healthy and stay healthy, that's one of the main reasons I do what I do. And that is competing in bodybuilding contests, as its good motivation to keep myself in shape, and to stay fit and healthy.

My diet is pretty straight forward. My meals consist of, chicken, rice, oatmeal, rice cakes, salad, egg whites, steak, and sometimes salmon. That's pretty much it, and I make sure to take in about 8 Liters of water a day.

My Current contest training is: Monday: Biceps & Triceps + 1 hour cardio Tue: Quads & Calves AM - Hamstrings PM Wed: 1 hour cardio + abs Thur: Back & Rear Delts + 1 hour cardio Fri: Chest, Shoulders, & Traps + 1 hour cardio Sat: OFF Sun: 1 Hour Cardio + Abs.

I'm working as an online agro commodities broker. As well this summer I will be starting my courses for Century 21, to become a real estate agent.

I am working towards becoming a well established realtor. I'm going to own my own real estate firm and of course have my own gym.

I have been a part of various teams and sports from Football, Baseball, Basketball, Martial Arts, and Soccer.

I have four brothers, Jon, Frankie, Nicholas, and Ransford. I'd like to give a shot out to my trainer Rob for all his help and support in my bodybuilding career thus far.

As far as hobbies I like to shoot pool, just hang out with my friends when I have a chance. Other then that all I do pretty much is just eat, sleep, train, and work!

I broke my ankle in high school during football practice. That's what got me into to bodybuilding. As after my cast came off I needed to get back into the gym. And as I was training my results were so good and I was hooked. I also have overcome a hamstring tear. Happened back in the beginning of 2003 I was actually getting ready to do my first contest, but then tore my hamstring 10 weeks before the show. I had photos taken of myself in April of 2003 even though I could not do cardio or even train legs I still ended up in pretty good condition.


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