Natural Bodybuilder Louis Santiago

Louis Santiago As a kid coming up I was chubby. Even into and through my teen years. It remained the case, course it got a bit worse before it got better. Being of Puerto Rican descent everything I ate was fried, sodium saturated, and loaded with carbs. My parents were very old school and knew very little English and about proper basic nutrition so there were very little food restrictions. Depressed and insecure, by senior year I had ballooned to 215 lbs.

My first experience with weights was at the age of 14, with no concept on proper nutrition. It quickly became a passion. My older brother had lost a lot of weight along with body fat. And the same program my older brother used, I used. I can't thank him enough. I now live in an entirely different world, a world I love. I decided I'd start eating clean and incorporate some running into my new program. Gradually, I worked my way up to four miles a day four to five days a week.

In one year I lost 70 lbs. and started training with my cousin at a local gym. I only thought I was eating a nutritional diet. Now I really grasp the concept of eating healthier, wholesome foods in there purest form, the way revolutionary eating goes back to first man. They didn't add salt, pepper, and other seasoning to the wild caught meat; they cooked and ate it in their organic form.

After about seven years of intense, rigorous, consistent training, I started to show muscle along with good symmetry, I was on my way and didn't even know it yet. Now it's been about 10 years, and a friend encouraged me to do my first show, "2004 ANBC Yankee Classic" held in Newbury Port, MA. He said I had a great physique and would do well, and well I did, I took the show. My first show was a grand slam, an unbelievable feeling of accomplishment after tackling obesity. Since then I have competed in the 2005 Musclemania Atlantic, placed first bantam. 2005 NPC New England, where I placed 1st in the lightweight division. 2005 Northeast Classics where I placed 2nd in the lightweight division. 2005 OCB North Eastern States where I placed 2nd in class 1 division. 2005 INBF Natural Mania where I placed 2nd in the lightweight division. Lastly and most recently 2005 INBF Natural New York State, where I placed 1st in lightweight division and overall. Proudly receiving a ProCard and The title of "Mr. New York State".

I'm just one example of many, that no matter the case, if you strive towards your goals and stay focused and persistent you can achieve the very possible or what we believe to be at the time, the impossible.

I've worked as a Nutrition Aid, CNC Computer Lathe Tech., and also I possess a commercial drivers' license. Currently I'm a personal trainer and enjoy working with a wide variety of clients. When I'm not at the playground (gym), my time is spent with my wonderful fiancée Angela, and our 2 beautiful girls, Geavonia 15, and Naviah 2. They are the reason why I stay focused and ambitious in everyday living. They are the biggest blessing to me and give me the true meaning of life.




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