Female Bodybuilder Liza Larence

liza larence Always a natural competitor, Liza has a 20 year history in the sport of competitive bodybuilding culminating in her overall win at last year's Musclemania World show in Anaheim.

Liza is in her 40's, and is a single mom with a six year old boy...Conan. (Yes, he WAS named after the "Governator"!) She practices medicine as a physician assistant for a practice devoted to controlling pain in a variety of unfortunate patients...in a variety of ways, both procedural and medical.

She also does sports modeling, and has a popular web site devoted to her passion natural bodybuilding and fitness. In her spare time, she enjoys scuba diving, white water rafting, and kick boxing. Currently Liza is preparing for her professional debut in natural bodybuilding in May.

She is a naturalized American...having been born in Montreal, Quebec (see, there is an "Atlantic" tie!)...and looks forward to possibly repeating her Musclemania World win in November...check out her web site at LizaLarence.com, you wont be disappointed !


I train each body part once a week in this order:

Monday: Chest - 16-20 sets/30 minute cardio
Tuesday: Shoulders - 12-16 sets/30 minute cardio
Wednesday: Legs - 25-30 sets/no cardio
Thursday: Cardio (boxing or kickboxing - 1 hour)
Friday :Back - 16-20 sets/ 30 minute cardio
Sat./Sunday: Arms - 12 sets each/30 minute cardio

I work out 5-6 days a week, and do cardio every workout except legs. Cardio at the gym is usually an elliptical machine with arm rowing (Life fitness cross trainer) on mod-high level (10-15) for 30 minutes. Occasionally, I will use a recumbent bike or treadmill (walk/run) x 30 minutes. Kickboxing classes are an hour, and are very intense!

Note: My lifting workouts last 30-45 minutes, and I don't really rest between sets. Most exercises are super or giant sets. And, I always do cardio first. My training is unusual, but well suited for the natural athlete with a busy life outside the gym.

On diet:

I stay within 10 pounds of my contest weight now year-round by following a few simple rules:

1) No slow carbs after 4 pm
2) No more than 1-2 grams fat/serving, except fish.


Liza  Liza

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Liza Larence Bodybuilder


Liza Larence Bodybuilder


Liza Larence Bodybuilder


Liza Larence Bodybuilder


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