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As a young child, I can always remember the exhilaration and enjoyment of being active. Whether it was indoors or outdoors, I would be running about somewhere.

Throughout school it was athletics, long distance running gymnastics and ballet. Through high school I rode horses, entering in shows and riding through bush and forests in Victoria Australia. Wonderful memories but not without some hair raising experiences.

I gained a green belt in Shukokai karate and enjoyed the intensity of sparring and the dedication to training. As my studies increased and a move to inner city Melbourne, I needed a new challenge and at 17 i stepped into the gym.

I enjoyed training, the gym environment and the challenge of pushing myself further every session and being a procrastinating student with not a lot of spare cash, that was where you could find me. I found I gained muscle and definition easily and although I was always very lean, did not know the importance of protein and was at this time vegetarian and took in very little dairy. I was very thin, lean and tired most of the time.

Life and career took over for the next few years but I always trained recreationally and enjoyed running regularly to tone down when i felt too muscular. I remember this was how I kept my body in balance and was always very conscious of my muscular legs. How that attitude has changed!

female bodybuilder Lisa Carrodus After a lengthy Christmas / summer break in Australia, I headed back to London where I'd been living the past few years and on a visit to my gym, met my training buddies Brian and Michele Hodous. Originally from the U.S. Brian and Michelle showed me how to train with dedication and good form. Having both competed in the past themselves, their enthusiasm and motivation encouraged me to try compete and on the 30th July I placed 1st in my first show the BNBF Central - women's physique and then again a week later at a WABBA show - women's trained physique. I ended my year at the Muscle Mania Hollywood show placing 3rd.

As it was my first time competing, I had no clue as to what to do with my food. Thankfully I was put on to Cain Leathem from GB Fitness who advised me on my protein / calorie intake, vitamins and minerals, water etc. I followed his advice, cheating very little and was amazed how i came up on the day.

Having learnt a great deal in the first year, I feel now its up to me to perfect my preparation, improve in my presentation and as long as I'm enjoying, I will carry on competing.

So far, I have had quite the adventure. I love the shows, being on stage and have made some great friends. Bodybuilding can be a solitary pass time in comparison to team sports, but I feel I wouldn't have had the success I've had so far with out the positive influence from friends and people I've met along the way. Good people around you are essential when the diet down gets tiring.

I enjoyed reading Lisa Watson's bio and admire all women who train and compete especially those who juggle family life, career, children and husbands.

I train 5-6 days a week; taking the second day off only if I feel I need it.

My training is split to:

Chest and triceps
Back and lower back
Shoulders and biceps

I hit ab's and calves nearly every workout.

I love food, but keep a balance and try to stay reasonably lean throughout the year. I now understand the importance of essential fats and clean calories!

Thank you for reading my bio, I plan to be on stage again soon. I have competition photo's at www.myspace.com/lisacarrodus and my website lisacarrodus.com will be up shortly.

Keep training! Go hard! Have fun!



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