Bikini Competitor Lindsay Messina

2006 Ms Bikini Atlantic Overall Champion

Lindsay Messina It all began in High school running and competing in track, starting at the 7th grade when I was on the Varsity team for six years. I competed in the States and Nationals. Competing throughout high school I loved the feeling of the adrenalin rush. I've always liked being in shape for the obvious reasons looking good, but now I'm finding out there is so much more. I now appreciate being healthier, having more energy and passing on my knowledge to clients.

I teach on daily basis, six days a week my classes consist of high impact cardio, weight training and a variety of Dance and power pump classes. My diet while I'm working out is strict. Even when I'm not competing I really don't binge. I always try to eat 5 small meals a day and once a week I cheat weather its Pizza or Ice cream. When I'm in competition mode, I don't cheat at all and take in much more protein, (Muscle Milk) is my favorite. I also up my cardio and do more reps with lighter weights when I weight train. Through out my weeks of working out I always take Naturlite organic vitamins to keep me healthy and energized.

I started competing in April 2006; Fitness Atlantic was my first experience on stage there were about 70 girls in just the Bikini section alone. It was an amazing experience. The adrenalin going through my legs, shaking from nerves, as well as the entire crowd cheering was incredible. Overwhelmingly I took 1st place in my short division and then placed 1st over all for Ms Bikini Atlantic. I competed in my second competition for FAME in NYC May 20,2006 and placed 3rd over all in fitness modeling. I plan on competing for the rest of the summer going into fall and eventually I would love to do fitness. I have video taped my contests and seen where some of my body needs work, that's going to be one of my goals to improve during this season. I enjoy fitness competitions, but I also enjoy helping people build their confidence and strength. It's a great feeling to see someone so happy when they have lost 20 lbs and 10 inches from all the hard work and dedication that I have pushed them to achieve.

I would like to take the time out to thank my family and friends for their support. Also my boyfriend that told me over one year ago the I should get into Bikini and Fitness competitions if it wasn't for him giving me the confidence and the boost I wouldn't of have this great opportunity. You guys are the best!!!

In the future I would like to be sponsored by a big Company or endorsed by a clothing line. Being a role model in Health and fitness and eventually down the road I want to open my own Gym.




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