Female Bodybuilder - Linda Fredette

Linda Fredette Nick-Name: Dream Weaver

Age: 37

Birth Date: Sept. 6, 1968

Birth Place: Hearst Ontario

Current Residence: Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Height & Weight: 5'-4" and 140lbs

I started in Martial Arts and after repeated injuries I decided that there had to be another way to live out that competitive edge that I have. I had dislocated my right knee five times and because of that reason and I also discovered I have a herniated disk in my lower back so my leg workouts have to be done very cautiously. Through training for bodybuilding I have found that an edge and never want to stop.

I have been training for strength for over ten years and found that it is an addiction that I will never loose. I started competing four years ago and fell in love with the sport of bodybuilding.

My co-worker suggested I compete in bodybuilding after many knee injuries in martial arts and my husband helped with my training. My husband and I are a team and we work together to achieve the results. I have one child 19 years old.

I love to dance ballroom, Latin, and modern as well as rock wall climbing.

I train at Gym Evolution in Gatineau Quebec. My last competition was in 2005 and was an exhilarating one and I hope to take home the Pro Championship.

For nutritional supplements I use Whey protein, L-Glutamine, and Branch Chain Amino Acids.

Through bodybuilding my life has changed in many ways. I have found a new confidence and because of this I started an administration program, knowing that nothing can stop me from succeeding if I put my mind to it. I hold my head up high knowing that I have been able to become the Canadian Champion and second in the Pro Show. My inner self has never lived through so much peace. It is partly because of this peace that I am able to get through the rough times. I also love to dance and placed first place in the Empire State Dance Sport Championships New York USA August 2005.

My goal is that I want to win a Pro Show and try to be as strong as possible; I am addicted to the strength I can achieve. I have been a personal certified trainer for over 10 years and now I am studying in the administration field.

I have been inspired by female bodybuilder Lynda Murray and also my husband who has also been there for me.

My contest placing are as follows:

2nd place WNSO World Championships, Pro Show, June 2005, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2nd Musclemania Worlds, California, Anaheim, 2004

1st place Empire State Dance Sport Championships New York USA 2005

1st place, WNSO Canadian Nationals 2004, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2nd place Federation de Culture Physique Amateur Quebecoise, June 2004, Montreal, Quebec

2nd place, WNSO Canadian Nationals, July 2003, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2nd place, WNSO East Canada, June 2003, Montréal Québec, (World Natural Sports Organization)

1st place, Regional, May 2003 Hull, Québec, FCPAQ (Federation de Culture de Physique Amateur Québécoise) Affiliated with the CBBF (Canadian Bodybuilding Federation)

My workout program includes:

Monday is legs starting with Leg extension and I superset dead lifts for 5 sets and repetitions of 15 then Leg press which I superset leg curls seated with 5 sets of 20 next are Standing calf raises superseded with seated calf raises of 5 sets and 25 repetitions.

Wednesday is Shoulders starting with Shoulder press machine 3 sets of 6 then Side raises with dumbbells for 3 sets of 6 repetitions moving on to Standing behind the head press with 3 sets of 6 repetitions then Upright rows for 3 sets of 6.

Friday is Chest and Triceps starting with Barbell Press of 3 sets and 6 repetitions then 45% incline dumbbell presses for 3 sets of 6 then Chest Flies incline dumbbell with 3 sets of 6. Triceps start with dips, weighted 4 sets to failure then Tricep push downs with triangle bar for 4 sets of 15.

Saturday is Back and Biceps starting with Lat pull down with wide grip for 3 sets of 6 then Lat pull down with close grip in front for 3 sets of 6 then Seated row 3 sets of 6 and T-bar row with close grip for 3 sets of 6. Biceps start with curls alternating dumbbell with 4 sets of 12 then Concentration cable curls for 4 sets of 12 and cardio every morning for 35-40 minutes.




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