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Male Bodybuilder Lomando Trowell Bodybuilding at 40 - My Experience

Hello, in beginning this article, I for one, had never thought I would be writing about a subject such as this. I had never given it much of a thought, because I couldn't imagine anyone asking me. Anyway, to begin, I had no intentions on being a bodybuilder anyway, I was just a normal athlete who was small in stature. I played basketball and I had to put on some weight to deal with the punishment of playing with the big men so that I can give the same punishment in return. I had noticed also that I had elevated my game to another level, I was faster and stronger plus my endurance was phenomenal, so I stayed with bodybuilding not only for that purpose, but to also keep myself in physical condition for anything I wanted to do sports wise.

I never thought about health concerns when I was younger but I started to consider my family history as far as health goes. I didn't want to face any problems in my forties, that is too early as I am concerned.

When I had reached the age of 40, I just said wow, I still look like I did in my twenties, but I just shave my head and my body is more mature. I had never thought about competing on stage, but my friends that I trained with thought it would be a good idea, me on the other hand, just aid yeah, okay and went on training as usual.

It took my friends two years to break me down to compete and I was in my thirties then. When I started competing it opened my eyes to a lot more things I didn't know about myself and to the resolve that I had to succeed. I remember how my first competition had wet my appetite to go for more shows and to get better. I started with the A.N.B.C. (American Natural Bodybuilding Conference), but that faction of my bodybuilding career went on hold from the 1999 season. In 2004 I made my comeback, even though I never went into a retirement stage from training but I was dealing with common minor injuries I had never had before including muscle pulls and setbacks that happened just before competitions.

I was on vacation one summer and I was relaxing watching cable channel and information about Musclemania was showing and I always wanted the recognition from bodybuilding and I knew from that moment I would do whatever it took, besides subject by body to steroids or any illegal supplement to reach my goals.

Male Bodybuilder Lomando Trowell When I started I told myself I would never travel to do a competition but I soon realized that you could never attain your goals by limited yourself. You cannot reach your goals without a good supporting group of people, time and sacrifice and a willingness to travel. Musclemania, I felt was top shelf for all natural bodybuilders to compete and get discovered and go to other venues in my life. I made 2004 my comeback year, by doing a local show, the Philly Classic, preparing for Musclemania. My coach told me to be patient, which I didn't have as much when I was in my twenties and thirties but in my forties I have a patience and resolve that I didn't have when I was younger. My patience paid off and in 2005 I did my first Musclemania show and much to my surprise I took first place in the Masters division in New York. It was there I met Curtis Jackson at the show and later Brian Cannone, my mentors in the business, guiding me to my goals of being successful. I also met Andre St. Clair who helps me from time to time with my stage presence as a bodybuilder. They always say that no one knows everything, which is true, but I learning something new everyday at forty and I'm having a good time. I thank God for surrounding me with such a strong supporting cast in my life and my mother, God bless her for teaching me about how to live life to it's fullest.


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