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L-Theanine Supplement Guide:
Promotes Relaxation Without Drowsiness

L-Theanine Facts and Information Theanine is believed to be the primary component of green tea that provides a relaxing effect. Theanine is an amino acid derivative of glutamine. Oral doses of 50 and 200 mg of theanine given to healthy volunteers promoted alpha brain wave production. Alpha waves are associated with a calm mental state. Theanine helps to induce a state of calm relaxation. Learn more about the benefits of L-Theanine on Clayton South's Health Facts.

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Top 5 Selling L-Theanine Products

1. Cytodyne Xenadrine NRG
2. German American
Technologies Jetfuel

3. WRH CortiSlim
4. ErgoPharm Psychotropin
5. NOW L-Theanine







L-Theanine Facts and Information




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