Figure Competitor Kori Loreen Propst

fitness competitor Kori Loreen Propst Age: 28

Birth Date: 8-8-78

Birth Place: Pasadena, CA

Current Residence: Fort Collins, CO

Height & Weight: 5'2.5" 110lbs

My ex (husband at the time) left for California to complete a yearlong internship. I finally felt free, and able to accomplish the goals I had given so much thought to before but couldn't put into action due to a significant lack of support from him, constant criticism, and horrible self-confidence. I developed a more comprehensive and intense fitness plan with the goal of losing body fat and increasing my lean mass. I wanted to feel healthy, fit, and sexy again, and I knew I had to do it while he was away. I posted a picture of myself at my highest weight on the refrigerator and began tracking my progress: food intake, calories expended, weekly body fat measurements, etc. My BS degree is in exercise physiology and nutrition, so at this point I felt I had found my roots again. I was disciplined and motivated. I joined a weight loss challenge at my gym and went from 121 lbs and 21% body fat to 117 lbs and 14% body fat in 12 weeks. At the end of the challenge, I continued with my goal, determined to become leaner and stronger. My failing marriage was both the last thing on my mind and at the forefront.

I wanted nothing to do with this person any longer, and as my body became stronger, so did my will to get out of an emotionally abusive marriage. I now had two plans that I had devised, one for my emotional self, and the other for my physical self. At this point, when I had once carried myself with my head down, gaze shifting, and lips tightly sealed, I suddenly had my charisma back, my sense of humor. Laughter came easily, and my excitement for life resurfaced. A woman bodybuilder from my gym approached me one day and inquired of whether I had thought about competing. "No, I said. What do you mean?" I had no idea what she meant or what it involved. She explained that she had been watching me and thought I had a physique worthy of competitions. Always a competitor at heart, I began doing a bit of research into bodybuilding, more specifically figure competitions. I found out what competitions were coming up, what you would need to compete, and I enrolled in a class not far from where I lived. With much anticipation, I sent in my entry fee for my first show, the Carla Sanches Fitness Fiesta. And it's there that my journey began!

Since the Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta in May of 2005, in which I placed second in my class, I have competed in the Mile High BB, Fitness, and Figure Championship in June of 2005; the Carol Semple Rocky Mountain BB, Fitness, and Figure Championship, the 2006 Mile High, the 2006 Figure Junior Nationals, and the 2006 Colorado State BB, Fitness, and Figure Championships. (See my resume for placings). THe highlight of my competitions has been at the 2006 Mile High when I won the Overall for Figure, Open BB, and Drug Free for Life BB. This summer I will be competing at the Figure Nationals in NY and the USA Figure in Las Vegas.

fitness competitor Kori Loreen PropstGreg, the owner of the gym at which I train, who is also a trainer, has been instrumental in guiding me through this process. When I feel like I can't wait one more month to start dieting, when I feel like I can't push out one more rep on my heaviest leg days, he is there telling me to keep going, to be patient, and to focus on the goal. I train myself every day except for Saturdays when he trains me on legs, he tans me, he takes my body fat measurements every week, and he encourages me. For nothing in return. Shannon, a girl whom I had seen in the gym since the beginning, became a friend quickly when I asked her is she'd be willing to tan me for my first show. I didn't even know her, but I knew she had painted her ex for BB competitions before. So I asked. We are amazing friends now.

Currently, I have the amazing support of my boyfriend, who has been involved since the Rocky Mountain show in 2005. At that time he had never been to a competition, so he was thrown in quickly, not knowing what he was getting into. This past summer when I did 3 shows in a month's time, we went through some incredibly low periods. My dieting took its toll on our relationship, we almost broke up a few times. This was the first time I had ever dieted so hard and gotten my body fat so low (6.9%), and my hormones were definitely "out of whack." We made it through though, and now that we know what to watch for this next time, we're that much more prepared! Greg continues to support me every step of the way as well. And Shannon, well, she moved after my last show this past summer, but we contact each other regularly so I can update her on my progress. She will be accompanying me to Vegas this summer!

I work out at the Zone Health and Fitness in Fort Collins, CO. It's small and I love it! I've been going there since I moved to Fort Collins in the summer of 2003.

Currently I'm taking CreaLean and I take a protein shake Labrada Lean Body daily. I take a multivitamin, Vit. C, Vit E, B Complex, Folic Acid, and Calcium. I take 4 grams glutamine daily as well.

I have been the leanest I've ever been (6.9%). I have gained 6 pounds of lean mass in the last 5 months (all naturally). I have proved to myself that I can endure ANYTHING if I can endure the pain, the mentally and physically taxing workouts, and the dieting that being a competitor requires.

I quit my job as a family therapist after my last competition this summer and went back to my roots. I am now a mobile personal trainer. I love my work. I have never been so happy. While my marriage ended, there were so many beginnings that grew out of that experience.

My long term goals include turning Pro in Figure, becoming a fitness model and spokesperson, and a fitness and health writer. My short term goals at the current time is to increase my lean mass by at least 5 pounds from where it was at my last competition and come in at the same body fat.

My diet is clean the majority of the time. I eat at least 8x per day, every 1.5-2 hours. My favorite foods include Ezekiel bread and English muffins; oatmeal with protein powder, apples, walnuts, and cinnamon; gulosh salad with grilled chicken (this is just bunches and bunches of chopped and grilled veggies all mixed together); fat free cottage cheese and cheddar rice cakes; peanut butter on a grilled chicken breast and loads of steamed broccoli. Salmon, tilapia, sushi. I love sea food. I do not eat any added oil or butter. I tend to keep my carbs low all the time (average about 150-175 grams even when I'm not dieting for a show).I just feel better, and I am less bloated.

fitness competitor Kori Loreen PropstI work out 6 days a week on the off-season: Monday: Back and Triceps; Tuesday: Quads, Calves, and Abs; Wed: Shoulders and Chest; Thurs: Hamstrings and Biceps; Fri: Shoulders and Back; Sat: Legs I do cardio 6x week (M, W, F Spinning for 45 minutes; T, TH, Sa Elliptical for 30-45 minutes) When I'm dieting for a competition, I increase my cardio to an hour every day and during the last 4-6 weeks will do cardio 2x per day for an hour each session.

I am a in-home and worksite personal trainer and nutrition consultant, as well as lifestyle and weight management consultant.

To get married again, to travel to exotic destinations and promote a fit and healthy lifestyle. To audition for the Biggest Loser trainer spot!

Hobbies include Horse Back Riding (from age 8 to 18 I was in 4-H and showed and rodeod with my horse). I was in gymnastics, jazz dance, and tap when I was younger as well.

My sister is 2 years younger than me and has been incredibly supportive of my fitness goals. My mom, whom I wish lived closer, has been involved from afar, but has never attended a competition. The plan is for her to go to Vegas this summer. She's going to be blown away!

I love to hike and backpack, bike ride, and travel. My other passion is singing. I would say that another long term goal is still to become a singer, but I have transferred my determination into fitness.

My occupation used to be a huge barrier to competing, dieting, and working out as much as I would have liked to. Not anymore. I am very lucky in that I have a very supportive partner, who has changed his lifestyle to match mine and a job that allows me the freedom to do what I need to to reach my goals. But it took a lot of hard work at the forefront to get these things. They certainly did not just fall into my lap. It took a lot of planning.

There's more than just fitness?! I love Sarah Mclachlan, Snow Patrol, and Rascal Flatts. I tune into Grey's Anatomy. I have never been to Hawaii and would love to vacation there. Anyone want to book a photo shoot while I'm there?






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