Bikini & Fitness Competitor Kelly Schreck

Kelly Schreck Fitness competitor

I was born on November 8, 1980 and grew up in Old Bridge, NJ with my large family. I competed in gymnastics, swimming, and cheerleading my entire life.

During my high school years I was on an All-Star cheerleading team and traveled around the country. I was blessed to win 2 national titles.

After high school I didn't compete anymore, I missed training for a sport and the push it gave me. I have always been competitive and I missed the adrenaline you get when performing in front of a crowd. I started to focus on lifting and having a healthy lifestyle. I was amazed when I saw such a changed in my body. I was hooked from that point on. A friend of mine at the time was a trainer and told me about fitness and bodybuilding. I started to research it and found a whole new world that changed my life. That's how I found Cathy Savage. So I decided to drive up to Mass. with my mom to get some one-on-one training with her. I decided to just get my feet wet and compete in bikini to see if I enjoyed it. Well I guess we can all say that I fell in love with it. This will be my 3rd year competing in bikini and 2nd in fitness and I'm having more fun than ever. I have made so many friends all of the country even the world and the memories are priceless.

That first day I walked into Cathy's gym I never imagined that I would become one of her ambassadors and to pass on the savage knowledge. It's an honor to be chosen and its and even bigger honor to have the savage team apart of my life.

I also have my mom that is always there for me, and my boyfriend who also travels with me and gives me that extra push that I sometimes need. It's a great feeling to have them support me 100%. I can't wait to see what is in store for the 2008 season.




    Fitness Competitor Kelly Schreck
  • 10th in bikini fitness Atlantic
  • 4th in bikini Fitness America NY


  • 4th in Fitness Atlantic bikini

  • 5th in Fitness Atlantic Fitness

  • 8th in Fitness Universe bikini

  • 12th in Fitness Universe fitness

  • 1st in Fitness America NY bikini

  • 4th in Fitness America Hollywood Bikini

  • 10th in Fitness America Hollywood fitness


  • 1st Fitness Atlantic Fitness

  • 1st Fitness Atlantic Bikini Overall

  • 1st Fitness Universe Bikini Overall

  • 7th Fitness Universe Fitness





Fitness Competitor Kelly Schreck

Fitness Competitor Kelly Schreck



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