Fitness Competitor Katie Uter

Katie Uter As a child I grew up in a big family, (mom and dad plus 5 kids!) in the small town of Ponchatoula, Louisiana. I enjoyed all sports growing up and was quite the tomboy as a young girl. Our family loved weekends at the camp on the water. We stayed very active with water sports, and I often explored the swamplands of south Louisiana at night with my brothers hunting alligators and bullfrogs. But my athletic background is mostly in track, gymnastics, and dance, which has been quite beneficial to my fitness career today. My love for the stage, along with some encouragement from my sister/choreographer, led me to fitness competition. I fell in love with the sport immediately and the rest is history.

I am now living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana- Go LSU Tigers! I stay very busy being a mom as I continue to persue my career in the fitness industry. My eleven-year-old daughter Brooke just started 5th grade and she is doing amazing. I get much of my strength and motivation from her (Thank You, Bebe!) I presently work as a personal trainer, fitness model, fitness coach, and as vice-president of a corporate wellness company SB Wellness Group, Inc.. I have a love for sports, adventure, and traveling, and I am very fortunate to get to do what I love everyday. In 2001 I won the Ms. Fitness Universe Pageant and my career in fitness has taken off since then. I have been very busy with appearances, photo shoots, and television hosting. With great thanks to my sponsor Muscletech Research and Development , I have been traveling nationally and internationally with various appearances and advertisement shoots. After a two-year hiatus from the stage, I entered back into fitness competition last year and I have had a blast. In 2003, I placed 1st overall in the Bikini America and 3rd overall in the Fitness America Pageant. Earlier this year I competed in the Fitness Universe Pageant and took 2nd overall. It was an honor to place so highly amongst such talented and fit women.

I stay busy coaching a team of women for fitness competition. These girls are from all over Louisiana and have been gracing the fitness stages all over the nation. I must say, I am quite proud of each and every one of them. I stay busy personal training clients, doing public speaking, and choreographing for dance and fitness routines. I have also been contributing to articles and writing columns for Oxygen Magazine.

A special thanks to my family, boyfriend, sponsors, friends, and fans for all your support along the way. For without you, none of this would have been possible!

My latest competition was the 2004 Ms. Fitness Universe Pageant in Miami, Florida. The competition took place in June. With a new routine (Hey Big Spender) since last year, I was up for a big challenge. The competition was incredible! I placed first in the physique round and second in the routine. I took second overall after the interview round and was very excited about my placing. Congratulations to my good friend and fellow competitor, Wendi West, on her win! She definitely deserved it, with her amazing physique and outstanding routine. It was just so much fun to be one of the competitors.




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