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Writer Jim Labadie Like many other personal trainers my career has taken some strange turns. I graduated from the University of Delaware in 1994 with a degree in Fitness Management. While there I was a Dean’s List student and volunteered at the Varsity weight-room. If you've never taught a 6'8" offensive lineman how to do a hang clean you don't know what you're missing. I sat for and passed the CSCS exam while still in school. Of course they didn’t tell me I had passed until after I had graduated.

Unfortunately, by that time I had already decided I didn't want to start my career as an assistant strength coach earning $16,000 a year. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that whatsoever. I just knew it wasn't for me.


Simple. When it comes to your life's work I'm a big believer in two things:

1- Do what you love

2- If you love what you do you're living your life's purpose

I knew that being a strength and conditioning coach was not what I was born to do. So like many others I got out of the fitness industry and somehow landed in a tech support job in Northern New Jersey where I was born and raised. To say I absolutely hated working in that field would be the understatement of the century. However, I learned a great deal and it was a part of the journey that lead me here.

After three years of misery I moved to South Jersey, near Philly, and got back to my roots working as a personal trainer in a private studio. It was there that I learned the life of the average personal trainer. I learned what it was like to live on the average personal training salary. I know from first hand experience, and it wasn’t too long ago, what it’s like to get up at 4:45AM to shovel snow off my car to train a client at 5:30 in the morning. I know all about getting home at 9PM to shovel down some food down my throat and get to bed so I could get up the next day and repeat the process.

It's a tough way to go through life. Yes, you're doing what you love and you're helping people get fit, but it's tough. As you probably already know, this is an easy business to get in and a tough one to stay in.

After too many cold, dreary winters in NJ I moved to Tampa, FL and started my own in-home fitness coaching firm. I began by training the clients myself and pretty soon I had several trainers working for me doing the actual training while I built the business. Helping me along the way we're some of the best business coaches an entrepreneur could ever hope to come across.

Then in April 2003 I met my good friend Ryan Lee and my life was forever changed. My life's purpose was revealed to me. The reason God put me on this earth was to help the very best fitness professionals break the chains that hold so many of us back and help them grow incredibly profitable businesses. I was born to help people just like you Train and Grow Rich.

I’m here to tell you there is a reason you were put on this earth. I’m here to tell you that you can live your purpose and create a fitness empire that provides the financial freedom you’ve been searching for. I’ve helped others do it and I can help you, too.

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