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Writer Jesse Cannone Jesse Cannone is recognized as one of the top fitness professionals in the Washington D.C. Metro area and has been helping others reach their goals since 1996. He promotes a straightforward style and approach to fitness and has helped thousands of people weed through the marketing hype and learn what truly works.

Jesse’s main area of expertise is in pre and post rehabilitation and he specializes in lower back pain. He is the cofounder of “The Healthy Back Institute” and has helped devise a never-before-seen system for treating and preventing lower back problems. This revolutionary program is called Lose The Back Pain and focuses on the very foundation of almost all lower back problems: muscle imbalances. Jesse teaches his members how to fix these imbalances so that both the cause and symptoms of the problem disappear.

Jesse is also a national fitness presenter and author of numerous fitness books such as “Burn Fat Fast” and the Apex strength training system. He spent several years working in gyms and health clubs as a personal trainer and is now the owner of “Achieve Fitness”, one of the fastest growing fitness companies in the mid-atlantic region.

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Free Back Pain Advisory & Audio From Jesse Cannone

back pain advisory Don't Let Back Pain or Sciatica Control Your Life Any Longer... Learn the secrets to getting long term, lasting pain relief when you read and listen to the latest Back Pain Advisory...

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Jesse Cannone's Web site & eBooks

Lose The Back Pain System
Lose the Back PainIf you suffer from back pain or sciatica, The Lose The Back Pain System is without a doubt the most effective, comprehensive and result-producing program you'll ever come across. Jesse Cannone's best-selling system addresses the "hidden cause" of back pain. Rather than simply relieving the symptoms as almost all other forms of treatment do (chiropractors, doctors, anti-inflammatory pills), this program addresses the root cause of virtually all lower back problems: muscle imbalances.

When your muscles are out of balance they pull your bones and joints out of their normal position and this places your muscles, bones and joints under constant stress and uneven pressure. By following the proper sequence of exercises and stretches based on your particular problem, you can cure these imbalances and eliminate your back pain for good.



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Burn Fat FASTBurn Fat FAST! E-book
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APEX: The Ultimate Guide to Maximum Size + StrengthAPEX: The Ultimate Guide to Maximum Size + Strength
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