Natural Bodybuilder Jerry Tescione

Age - 36

Birth Date - 5-26-1970

Current Residence - New Haven, CT

Height - 5'-10"

Weight - 190lbs

Jerry Tescione has competed in 36 bodybuilding events so far and his greatest victory was winning the 1999 Musclemania Atlantic Overall Championship.

Jerry Tescione

In 1993 Jerry joined Gold's Gym in New Haven, Connecticut and was a member for 2 years before owner Jerry Montanari noticed Tescione's determination in his training that he told him he should consider competing. With the help of the gym owner Jerry entered his first bodybuilding show the A.A.U. Milford County and Jerry found himself on a roll and doing every show that was available. Jerry competed in the A.A.U Milford County and Mr. Connecticut., N.P.C. Connecticut State and Atlantic States, I.N.B.F Constitution State and Connecticut State, N.B.I. Tarrytown in New York, A.N.B.C. Connecticut, Musclemania Atlantic and Musclemania World Championships in Redondo Beach, California.

Jerry is a very determined individual and is extremely focused once he has a goal. At 15 years old he quit school to become a roofer with FJ Dahil Company and at 17 he opened his own commercial roofing business while still employed with FJ Dahil. He went on to grow his business to a very successful company.

While the roofing business was profitable it was also very straining and physical labor so for a brief time Jerry went back to school at Yale University in their Tree and Forestry Program. Jerry's father was a fireman in New Haven and he also tried to follow that career but found out it wasn't for him and went back into roofing full-time.

While at Yale Jerry joined the Yale Baseball Team in which he played two seasons and his position was center field and he also played on the Yale Softball Team.

Between the roofing company and going to the gym Jerry also had married and has a daughter named Christina who is now 10 years old. As life went on Jerry went through a set-back with a divorce and had closed his roofing company and now he is going through a rebuilding of his life and starting over.

Now back and refocused Jerry can has gotten back to the gym. After a break from bodybuilding and competing Jerry plans to make his comeback full swing this year as he enters the Musclemania Atlantic were the highlight of his bodybuilding career was temporarily put on hold.

Jerry has gained a good amount of muscle since his last show when he competed at 168lbs and went up to a solid weight of 207lbs. Currently Jerry is at 198lbs and his goal is to compete at 188lbs.

His diet is in the average of 3800 calories and high in fats. He tries to eat every hour and a half and wakes up every morning at 5:00am to get ready for the gym.

Jerry Tescione His diet consists of:

Half a cup Grits
48 Grams of Whey Protein
(Morning Cardio Session - 20 minutes)


Rice Cake
Peanut Butter

6oz. Chicken
5oz. Potato

Rice Cake
Peanut Butter

6oz. Chicken
5oz. Sweet Potato

48 Grams Protein Shake
(Weight Training)

48 Gram Protein Shake

4oz. Flank Steak
5oz. Sweet Potato
Cup Grits

Rice Cake
Peanut Butter

48 Grams Protein Shake

For supplements Jerry uses Branch Chain Amino Acids, Creatine, Whey Protein, and a good Multi-Vitamin.

Jerry said that working out and bodybuilding has made a huge difference in his life and made every aspect feel much better. When he isn't working out he feels the difference so he is glad to be able to make the time for exercise.

Besides his daughter, working, and working out Jerry finds little time for other hobbies but does enjoy going to clubs on occasion and listening to his favorite house music. He has a motorcycle license and enjoys riding regardless if it is a Harley Davidson Fat Boy or GSXR 1000 Pro Street it has to have a Nitrous Oxide System!



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