Female Bodybuilder Jenny Tremblay

Female Bodybuilder Jenny Tremblay Nickname: 'JT'

Age: 40

Born: Canada

Current Residence: Florida

Height: 5' 2 1/2"

Weight: 110 lbs Competition,
122 lbs Off Season

I had attended a bodybuilding competition show as a spectator. I will always remember that after leaving that show I said to myself "You Can Do That " ...and I can tell you that my life's chosen sport in Bodybuilding was identified by me along with my fitness goals.

I then started training even more intensely with another personal view. My self confidence was so much improved and goals were now in place, and I knew then that I would be competing one day & hopefully winning!

Sure enough, after I returned from Miami, I hired my first personal trainer and began competing that same year in 2003.

Since then I have changed my dieting, training techniques and also worked with different trainers. I set a goal of continued progress in my fitness endeavors and to compete, while also continuing to learn & grasp for more self-improvement from my trainer(s), fellow competitors, and my own research over the last 3 years in Women's Bodybuilding and now Figure competitions.

I developed a taste for bodybuilding actually in the year of 2001. I heard about the book from Bill Phillips. I purchased it and followed his 12-week program and participated in his challenge. I immediately noticed a huge difference in the way I looked and my self-confidence also increased dramatically. I was working out and staying fit and healthy, but I felt it was time to take my training to another step in 2003.

This is really the year where it all truly began. I identified my choice of a personal chosen amateur sport in that of Bodybuilding, along with those goals & vision.

I decided to take my diet and training to the next level, and I hired my first personal trainer this year.

My Bodybuilding competition goals were now in place, and I knew then that I would be competing one day & hopefully winning!

So, I then began training diligently for my first competition.


Breakfast: Protein, carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates
Mid morning: Protein and simple carbohydrates
Lunch: Protein, carbohydrates and veggies
Mid afternoon: Protein and veggies
Dinner: Protein, carbohydrates and veggies
Evening: Protein drink
Proteins are: Egg whites, fish and chicken. I do not eat meat.

Carbohydrates are: White rice, brown rice, potatoes, oatmeal and sweet potatoes

Vegetables: Broccoli, squash, green bean, cauliflower, zucchini, red and green peppers and fresh salad

Simple carbohydrates: Apple, cantaloupe, banana, grapefruit and oranges

I have a total of six portioned balanced meals a day while in training. During preparation for a show there are some modifications however to my diet.

Jenny's answer for the workout routine:

Day 1- I do back and bi (pull day),

Day 2- chest and triceps (push day),

Day 3- legs (push and pull day),

Day 4- shoulders, calves (push) and abs (pull).

Female Bodybuilder Jenny Tremblay Future Competitive Aspirations:

To continue to compete and advance. My 'Bodybuilding & Figure Competitions I truly enjoy each time I compete. I'm trying to identify and see which one will showcase my physique in the best possible light.

My heart felt thanks goes out to my best friend and promoter Richard, my former trainers and all of my family, coworkers, fellow teammates, the gyms I train at and hail from, my supporters, you are all the true champions and winners in my eyes.

What advise can I Give to others and fellow Amateur Competitors?

Be determined; keep focused on your actual goals. Make the commitment, pace yourself, stick to your diet and choose a "One on One" personal trainer/coach that you can professionally bond with, has a proven track record of success, and will be responsive to your individualized training needs. Choose Him or Her very carefully.

Gaining and maintaining the support of your family, friends, loved ones or your spouses will play key roles in your goals and are helpful support mechanism(s) if you decide to compete one day!

"Remember regardless of the outcome in any competition, you are all champions the minute you walk on stage."



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