Male Bodybuilder - Jeff Beckham - 2007 Atlantic Champion

Bodybuilder Jeff Beckham

Hometown: Queens, New York

Date of Birth: Jan 19, 1982

Height: 6'-1"

Weight: Off-season 240lbs / Contest 215lbs

Started exercising and playing sports in Astoria Junior High School with wrestling (160-180 weight division) and playing basketball. Played center position in basketball and the season was undefeated.

Came from a tough childhood and hasn't seen his father since age 6 and at age 15 moved out of his family's home and from 15 through 19 lived with friends. His mother and family moved to South Carolina and Jeff stayed in New York and at age 20 he got his own apartment.

Bodybuilder Jeff Beckham He channeled his emotions into weight lifting and at age 21 started to consider bodybuilding. Inspired by professional bodybuilders like Arnold, Aaron Baker and Dexter Jackson he joined Diamond Gym and they had a small gym contest, which Jeff won. When Diamond Gym closed he joined Richie's Gym in Queens and was helped by friends to start competing.

He had always loved to work out and stay fit since he was 14 years old. Working out has always been in his nature. Since he turned 21 he had become fascinated with the sport of natural bodybuilding.

At that time he was working at Platinum Gym as an Ab Trainer. He competed in his first show that was hosted by Platinum Gym located in Queens New York. Winning that show opened a lot of doors and "Our Times" a local paper did a story about him and the sport of natural bodybuilding. After his first win under my belt the desire in him to be one of the best grew and he set a goal for himself; he wanted to get his pro card before he turned 25.

On April 4, 2005 he had entered a show INBF sponsored by Fulton Fitness. He took the train to the show and went unshaven, a pair of underwear and no posing practice at all. A natural bodybuilder named Isaac Achu who saw that Jeff needed some guidance and had potential in the sport of bodybuilding approached him. Isaac's brother Jude Achu won the show that day and became INBF Connecticut Champion.

Jeff placed second in men's heavyweight novice. He was determined that was going to be the last time he placed second in a show and was determined to place first in my next show. Two months later with the help of Isaac and Jude Achu he entered another show in Manhattan the New York City NBF Ian Mercer and on that day July 23, 2005 he won the show and received his World Natural Bodybuilding Federation Pro Card.

In July 2005 Jeff became a father with the birth of his daughter Mya Beckham.

In 2006 he decided to try some NPC shows in New York even though these shows were not drug tested. Jeff wanted be compete against the best area athletes and was told the NPC was the way to gain the exposure. He took 3rd in the novice class of the Bev Francis Atlantic States, 3rd Novice in the Eastern USA and 1st Novice in the NPC East Coast.

A friend convinced Jeff to give Musclemania shows a try and was told the Fitness Atlantic Championships was were he could have the opportunity to compete in a league of natural bodybuilders and gain the most media exposure.

In 2007 Jeff went into Connecticut by train and in the best shape of his life won the overall at Fitness Atlantic Championships and turned Musclemania Professional.

Jeff Beckham 2007 Bodybuilding Posing Routine

As a Musclemania Pro Jeff was flown out to Miami to compete in the Musclemania Superbody Professional World Championships in which he also won the overall.

After his win at Musclemania Superbody Jeff was flown to Hollywood to compete in the Musclemania Professional World Championships and due to a diet mishap Jeff took 5th place. Jeff was told that carbing up with a runners gel would work well and fill him out when he pumped up but when he tried it all it did was wash him out and made him look smooth for prejudging.

Jeff is a personal trainer at Bally's in New York City and is certified with ACE, ISPA, and CPR. He works ten hour days starting very early in the morning with 17 clients training two times each week. Thirty-four paid client hours plus new member trail sessions and a building business. Clients are trained for different goals while most look for weight loss, toning, and conditioning. Clients are trained for resistance and strength training with many activities. Most workouts include active rest with running in place, jumping jacks, mountain climbing, and jumping rope in between sets.

Bodybuilder Jeff Beckham

Jeff's diet includes anything and everything during the off-season with a typical day being:

5 whole eggs
4 slices whites bread with butter
2 bananas
8oz juice

2 cheeseburgers
Large fries
Large soda

…Something extra greasy
Steak and cheese
Fries and chicken nuggets

Stack Attack - .99 cent value meal
2 double cheeseburgers
the grease just drips off the wrapper

Bucket of fried chicken
Mac and Cheese
And biscuits

Three weeks out from a contest and it is:

6 egg whites
Black coffee

8oz chicken breast
Baked potato

8oz chicken breast
½ quart rice

8 oz chicken breast
½ quart rice

Fresh water fish
Broccoli or asparagus

Fresh fish
Broccoli or asparagus

Workouts are always HEAVY and INTENSE

No punk stuff!

A lot of noise and moving furniture!

Cardio is only right before a show

For supplements it is glutamine, Animal Pak, Taurine and L-Carnitine

Before a show it is Nature's Best Isopure Protein and after a show Muscle Milk

Future goal is to get an endorsement deal and magazine exposure and also to become a singer and songwriter.

As far as music goes he likes smooth R&B and is a singer himself currently in the studio cutting a demo.

Favorite music Includes:

Case, Jagged Edge, Tryese, KC and JoJo, Keith Sweat, Luther, Teddy Pentagrass, Gerald Levert, 112, Tank - Other music includes, Amy Winehouse, Cypress Hill, Fergie and Linkin Park

Beckham 215 pounds Competition Weight!

Favorite Movies include:

8 Mile, Get Rich or Die Trying, Paycheck, Pumping Iron, American Ganster, Blood Sport, Casino, Devils Advocate, Rush Hour, Bourne Identity, and Shallow Hal

Favorite Actors include:

Matt Damon, Steven Seagal, and Jean-Claude Van Damme

Each week he tries to go on one casting call in the city for a modeling or acting role.

A book he is currently reading is Hell's Kitchen about a boxer overcoming a broken hand.

Jeff is currently training for a guest appearance at the 2008 Fitness Atlantic Championships and Musclemania Universe (formerly Superbody) in Miami.



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