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Bodybuilder Isaac Moore Isaac Moore has been training for well over 15 years. But looking at him today, it is hard to believe this 6 foot frame only carried 143 lbs his freshman year of high school. "I knew I first wanted to lift weights when I started watching the Incredible Hulk and wrestling on TV", Isaac says, "I wanted to be big just like them." Soon after, he stumbled upon his first bodybuilding magazine and was hooked to the sport ever since. A few of his idols are Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates and Robby Robinson.

When Isaac was 19, he placed 3rd in his first bodybuilding competition in the Teen Division. Unfortunately, he did not have the guidance and knowledge that he does now about competing. "Even though I loved bodybuilding and weight training, I had never been to an actual competition. I didn't even know I had to tan!" But that didn't stop Isaac from giving his all in the gym.

Isaac currently trains at Fitness 4000 in Bridgeport, CT; anyone there can attest to this intensity and hard-core style of training. He incorporates power lifting moves and techniques into his training as he has come to learn this is an ideal combination to gain dense muscle mass, while still keep the physique of a bodybuilder. Isaac trains a different body part each day, but he trains his back and legs twice a week. "My legs used to be my least favorite body part to train, until I learned how to train them correctly. Now I love training them so hard, most people don't even want to train with me on my legs days."

Over the past few years, Isaac has attended several bodybuilding shows, including the Fitness Atlantic. This is where he met Hugh Ross, someone who has been a great motivation for Isaac to compete again. "I really admire Hugh's dedication to the sport. Not only does he have an intense training style and an unbelievable physique, he is always very willing to help others that want to be their best." Isaac recently competed in his first bodybuilding competition in over 13 years at the INBF Fulton Show in New Haven, CT. He placed 5th in the Open Heavyweight Division, weighing in at 213 lbs. Isaac plans on continuing to compete in the future. He says "Now that I have a lot more knowledge and support from the people around me, I can honestly say that I have appreciated this journey much, much more than I did when I was a teenager."

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