Bikini Competitor Heather Green

Heather Green Hi! First, I would like to say my real name is Nadine Heather Green, and I go by Heather, although my family still calls me Nadine! It's a little confusing, so I just like to clarify this from the very beginning. I was born in Rochester, New York on March 22, 1972. I was raised in a small Northern town called Watertown, New York where winters are unbearable and summer is gone before you can blink! I have four beautiful, amazing sisters who are my best friends and motivators. I currently reside in Palm Harbor, Florida, which is on the West coast of Florida near Tampa. I am happily married to an amazing man, and we have two beautiful children.

Being a mom has been the greatest role I have ever taken in life, a job I love and cherish. They are my number one reason to stay in shape, live a healthy lifestyle, and keep my energy levels high! I feel that I am here today to show women and men everywhere that great parents deserve to look and feel great too! Just last year, I was able to train for five consecutive competitions while still caring for a three year old. It was tough, but I set goals for myself, and I went for it. I figured, heck, I absolutely live for my children, constantly making sacrifices as we all do, and you know what? Now it's my turn! Setting aside an hour a day to exercise is a gift anyone can give themselves, even if it means setting an alarm to get up an hour earlier! What a fabulous way to reward yourself, and your happiness will shine through right toward the kids! I know I am doing something right, when I see my son and daughter flexing their muscles in a way that is both comical and refreshing! I've even glanced out the window to find my seven year old doing walking lunges across the yard! Fitness is a way of life in my family!

2005 was a great year for me. I took most of the year off from competition, and concentrated on my family, my training, and trying to adjust to our new home in Florida. I competed in the Ms. Bikini Universe in Miami in June, where I placed fifth. After that show, I made the decision to live, eat, sleep and dream the Ms. Bikini America, to be held in Hollywood, California in November. My goal was to step onto that stage in the best shape of my life, without compromising my health in any way. Rather than extreme dieting, dehydrating, or any kind of extreme training, I focused on eating healthfully with all natural, organic, unprocessed foods, as well as running long distances, yoga, and moderate weight training. The weeks leading up to the show were surprisingly stress-free, and I actually enjoyed contest preparation for the first time. By show day, I felt the best I had ever felt in my life. I had it in my mind that, no matter what the outcome of the competition, I was there representing what health and fitness truly meant to me. Being called out for top five was a thrill in itself, as there were over 100 beautiful women in this competition. At the end of the night, I was almost in tears as it was down to just myself and one other girl. Finally, being announced as the new Ms. Bikini America was a dream come true! This year I plan to carry out my responsibilities as Ms. Bikini America 2005, while trying my best to prove to women everywhere that dreams do come true. I am a wife, a mother, and a woman with a passion for health and fitness! Wish me luck!





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