Natural Bodybuilder Greg Condos

Age: 29

Greg CondosBirth Date: Port Jefferson, NY

Birth Place: St. Charles hospital

Current Residence: Selden, NY

Height & Weight: 5'5 164lbs

I was 19yrs old when my brother said there is an upcoming bodybuilding event, and I should compete and use my body for something....I was hesitant at 1st , but once I competed in it, and won, I fell in love with bodybuilding and had an extreme passion for bodybuilding.

It was my brother Steve who was into bodybuilding, got me into, at a very early age, and I was obsessed with it since I was like 9yrs old... especially, when I 1st seen a picture of Arnold, another person who had a great impact of who I am and what I accomplished in the gym...and after that it was uphill from there..

I've done ANBC Natural Northern States in 1996, NPC Natural Eastern Classic in 1998, NPC Team Universe in 2000 and the Fitness Atlantic 2006 Musclemania, which I plan do again next year as well as a few more contest this year.

My brother showed me the ropes , the ins and outs of working out, how to perform each exercise the right way in perfect form, but also I learned from trial and error, and picked up on it quick

I work out at Fitness Plus in Port Jeff Station... One of the best gyms around town

On occasions I use supplements in my diet I use creatine, just getting into protein powder shakes again, which I love, and take my multi - vitamins... that's really it... food is my biggest supplement.

Bodybuilding has made me very secure about my body, the way I look..pretty much just feel better about myself, more self confident....I really don't know what I would do with myself if I could not work out its such a stress reliever and gets your endorphins going when you train.

Now that I'm back competing I will persevere towards winning big shows and getting my name out there... I would like to make workout videos and one day write a book... I'm also looking into some type of reality show for natural Bodybuilding, but life time drug free only people.

I eat lots of egg whites, oatmeal; of course I flavor it with splenda and cinnamon... I eat plenty of Tuna with low fat mayo.. I eat chicken and usually lightly bread it for some taste....Broccoli with some soy sauce and garlic, and then I have plenty of protein shakes with bananas and peanut butter... Raisins for snack...that is off season though, I can cheat whenever I want and guess what I do... I love my pizza and chicken parm.

I usually workout M-W {Thurs off} Fri and Sat {Sun off} I train one body part a day with a smaller body part like calves or abs. For example: Chest / calves on a Monday....then Tues would be Back and abs, so on and so 4th... I don't really do Cardio, don't have to, but I do a 10 minute warm up with a light walk.

I work in a school district as a maintenance technician...... I own a small business and plan on opening up a wine store, lol,, that's goes well with Bodybuilding right?

I want to own my own home one day, and own my own business......I think that will say that I am successful so I won't quit until I succeed, keep on persevering.

I played soccer my whole life, but I'm not into that anymore..

My mother if she was still around is and was a big part of my life,, she helped me out thru so much, and was always there for me.. and my brother Steve who intrigued me to start competing and workout..

I like watching Ultimate fighting Championships, if I had the time would love to study Jiu jit su, my brother Anthony is involved in that.

I always, no matter what I been through, was able to focus on working out, even if I had it rough and had to drag myself to the gym, with 1 hrs sleep. I would do it...Adapt and overcome! Slow and steady wins the race baby!

I had some unusual distress to overcome, after my Mom passed away it got worse, so it took a very long time to get over that...that's why I had to put competing on hold, try to get my life together.... because I wont be defeated by out sources

Joel Osteen ' your best life now" is a great book, and it helped me thru rough times....I like pretty much everything in music, except rap....Sopranos is my favorite show... and Napoleon Dynamite, Be cool, King Kong, lots of good movies out there, but I haven't been to the movies much... Tito Ortiz the Ultimate Fighting is probably my favorite athlete... he's got it all.


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