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Writer Doberman Dan Are You Sick And Tired Of Working Your Butt Off In The Gym With No Results?

Are You Ready To Learn The Training, Diet And Supplementation Secrets That Can Help You Build Your Body As Quickly As Genetically Possible?

That's why Dan started, an information and product resource for genetically average bodybuilders who want to maximize their bodybuilding potential without the use of anabolic steroids. This site contains some of the most up-to-date and valuable training, nutrition, and supplementation information via e-mail. This is hard-core "tried & true" stuff that works like crazy for drug free bodybuilders.

The articles range from:

*The most effective tips for burning away stubborn body fat, while maintaining or even gaining muscle mass!

*The absolute best techniques for building rock-hard muscle mass.

*Little known nutrition secrets for attaining the body you've always wanted.

Dan also recently launched his NEW Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training System!

The following articles are taken from Doberman Dan's Weekly Bodybuilding Tips and new articles are added weekly, so check back often!


Doberman Dan Articles

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Ultimate Anabolic Shake I'd like to give you a free report called, "The Ultimate Anabolic Shake" that can help you gain 23 lbs in 90-days.

According to a study revealed in the British Journal of Cancer, 20 patients with pancreatic cancer (who were losing weight fast) were put on this special energy dense shake.

Drinking these shakes 2 times a day for 7 weeks, the patients gained an average of 6.6 pounds... which body fat analysis confirmed was almost ALL MUSCLE!

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Rare Rheo Blair Nutrition Report

A Genetically Average Joe's Journey To Building Muscle While Losing Fat featuring a very very rare report from the late great Rheo Blair called "The Protein Way of Life".

For those of you who haven't heard of him....

Rheo Blair was a famous nutritionist. Health faddists, movie stars, celebrities and professional bodybuilders from around the country flocked to him for his expertise and his high quailty protein products.

All the great bodybuilders of the 50's, 60's and 70's ( Arnold, Frank Zane, Larry Scott, etc.) followed this guy's advice and got in the biggest and best shape of ther lives. He had the secret of achieving steroid-like results without dru*gs.

Rare Rheo Blair Nutrition Report

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