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Dina As a fitness pageant competitor, I'm motivated to work out hard and eat healthy. I want to help others do the same. Let me tell you more about my passion. Competing in fitness pageants is very rewarding. It motivates me to stay fit and gives me the opportunity to meet other women who share the same goals. I have been named a first place winner in three fitness pageants. I strive to do my personal best at every contest and by doing this I feel like a winner even if I don't win every time. When I don't place in the top it only motivates me to work harder next time.

I was inspired to enter a pageant after watching a 1998 Fitness America Pageant on TV. I taped it and watched it a few times and decided that I wanted to try it. My first competition was in 2001 and since then I have competed in 11 pageants. I enter several pageants annually and between 10 and 30 women have competed in the fitness division of each of the pageants. Contestants ranged from ages 21 to 40 years old. In national pageants more than 60 women compete. I enjoy being on stage and performing. I feel I represent a sport I enjoy and have fun with it. I often create my own wardrobes and for one of my costumes I designed and sewed a boxing robe.

When I'm not preparing for a competition I work out at least three times a week for one hour. My workout includes weight lifting, abdominal exercises, stretching and cardiovascular activities. Twelve weeks before a competition I'll step up my workouts to five times each week and do more cardio exercises. The same applies to my diet at twelve weeks before a competition I'll drop from 120 to 110 pounds by cutting back on carbohydrates, eating foods such as chicken, fish, brown rice, and vegetables, limiting salt and drinking lots of water.

I currently work as a systems analyst for Lockheed Martin. I love my job and in the future I hope to obtain a certification as a personal trainer and help others achieve their fitness goals. I believe I would excel at this because I'm good at motivating others.

I'm driven when I want to accomplish something. For example, after immigrating to the United States from Belarus at the age of 14 I graduated from the SUNY Institute of Technology in Utica, New York with a B.S. in computer science. This was extremely difficult particularly because I wasn't fluent in English.

I'm currently expanding my role in fitness by joining a New York City modeling agency.

Fitness pageants are a good way to challenge yourself and it feels awesome to be in great shape. My friends and family are surprised and impressed that I can easily pass on the cheesecake!

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