Dave Lyford: 142 Pounds of Muscle

Dave Lyford Dave Lyford has been training for more than 8 years and has been competing in bodybuilding contests for 7 years. During this time he has competed in 12 bodybuilding events across the country. Dave is 32 years old from Bridgewater, Massachusetts and at 5'-4" tall weighs 170lbs until he gets ready for a contest in which he gets down to a weight of 142lbs.

Dave has top placements in many federations including the ANBC (American Bodybuilding Conference), NGA (National Gym Association), and Musclemania. His first contest was the 1997 ANBC contest in which he placed 3rd in the short division. He then went on to compete in many different shows and some titles in which he is most proud of are:

1998 - 3rd Bantamweight - Musclemania World
2000 - 3rd Lightweight - NGA
2001 - 4th Bantamweight - Musclemania Atlantic
2004 - 1st Bantamweight - Musclemania Atlantic

Dave competes as either a Bantamweight or a Lightweight depending on the qualifications for the federation. He enjoys competing because of the complete dedication the sport requires and has been known to prepare for a single event for up to six months in advance. Dave's dedication paid off this year as he captured his first victory as he placed first out of a very competitive bantamweight class in the 2004 Musclemania Atlantic event. Dave came into the show in the best shape of his life and was full and hard weighing in at 142lbs.

Dave always follows the approach that is to overload his muscles and force them to grow. He does this by staying with basic compound exercises and he does not change his workout approach whether he is twenty weeks out from a contest or a week away. He feels as if this is what enabled him to build the muscle and is what is going to keep his muscle on through his rigorous six months of strict dieting, by heavy basic weight lifting and intense cardiovascular workouts.

Dave handles his cardiovascular training similar to his weight training as he has brief intense sessions at least five days per week even in his off-season and leading up to ten sessions per week in his contest mode. He uses the approach as brief and intense and goes hard as he can for sixteen minutes, this is his beliefs on cardiovascular exercise even though most people do long sessions.

Dave manages an independently owned full-scale health and wellness center called "Bright Morning Star". He enjoys helping clients lead healthy lifestyles. He has a degree in Clinical Nutrition and helps clients with their dietary needs.





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