Fitness Model Cheyenne Nicol Prawdzik

Fitness Model Cheyenne Nicol PrawdzikNick-Name: Nikie
Age: 31
Birth Date: August 2nd
Birth Place: New Jersey
Current Residence: Cherry Hill, NJ
Height & Weight: 5'2, 106 lbs

The initial reason I started competing was simply was to lose the 62 lbs. I gained after the birth of my son 1 year ago. I needed a goal, something to look forward to, to really tackle the weight gain and figured why not at least inquire and tell people about competing so that I could not change my mind and/or give up. I am proud to say that I did indeed reach my goal and I am extremely proud of my accomplishments.

My inspiration definitely came from both my husband and my son. There is a motto that I have always lived my life by: "Don't complain about anything, just do what you can to better the situation." This simple sentence is what got me started. Instead of complaining to my husband about how out of shape and unattractive I had become, I decided to take a stand to better my health for myself and my family, especially my son. It is important for me, as a mother, to instill in my son the importance of a healthy lifestyle. After all, what kind of role model would I be if my son saw his mother sitting on the sofa eating chips all day being nonproductive.

I had the honor of participating in my first Fitness America Pageant held in NY on August 6, 2006, placing 6th in bikini and 8th in model. I had the opportunity to compete against some very strong and beautiful women. I learned a ton and can not wait to compete again in April of 2007 at Fitness Atlantic.

There were two women who actually got me started and motivated me to get me where I am today. Jennifer Nicole Lee was the reason I initially found out about the whole fitness organization. I read an article about her while being pregnant and wanted to learn more about getting in shape and possibly entering a fitness competition myself. The second person was Tisha Rodrigues. I met Tisha via email explaining what my goals and dreams where. She talked me into attending my first Fitness Atlantic show this past May to see if this was something I would be interested in. Well needless to say I was hooked! I had the opportunity to meet her face to face, at which time she told me to participate in FAP in NY.

At this time I am my own motivation. I know how I feel when I work out and on a strict diet, just as I know how I feel when I let myself go some. I have posted on my wall, in my home office, a picture of myself before getting in shape, and let me tell you that picture keeps me on track.

I workout at both Bally's in Voorhees, NJ and at our home gym. It all depends on timing and whose going to watch the little guy.

On my off-season, I don't take any supplements in order to cleanse my body, with the exception of a multi-vitamin. However, when I'm training, I take an anti oxidant, amino acids, creatine, glutamine, protein shakes, and fish oil.

With the exception of sometimes feeling bloated from my protein shakes, I noticed that I get really toned and tight.

Because my energy level has sky rocked, I can tote and play with my baby a lot easier now. I'm not as frustrated or as tired as I used to be due to lack of oxygen. My husband thinks I'm crazy because I have been known to clean my car at 11:00 p.m., just because. I tend to park a lot further now because I view it as doing cardio. I will walk up the stairs instead of using an elevator or escalator. Fitness taught me that I am a stronger person, both physically and mentally, than I used to give myself credit for. It has truly taught me that if you put your mind to it, you can truly accomplish anything!

I am definitely going to compete again in different shows. I am so hooked! I also want to make a name for myself within this industry and be a role model for women, especially Hispanic women.

When it comes to my diet everything is measured to my body weight in order to maintain portion control. My meals are clean but fun. I am the concoction queen. I am always trying something new. I try to balance my meals with the right amount of carbs, protein, and fats which makes it very difficult at family gatherings. It is always a mental struggle not to give in too much. Meal One: egg whites with chopped peppers and onion with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, extra lean turkey bacon, and a small fruit. Meal Two: a handful of nuts Meal Three: large salad with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, grill chicken or fish and a small fruit. Meal Four: whey protein shake (immediately following my workouts), or on non-workout days, tuna fish on pita, no mayo. Meal Five: extra lean ground turkey or fish, vegetables, with extra virgin olive oil, a small salad and maybe one glass of red wine. I also drink several bottles of water a day.

My workouts always consist of a compound movement and an isolation movement for each major muscle group. I do between 3-5 set and 15-20 reps, except for abs. I do 3 sets and a minimum of 25 reps., then I stop counting and do as many as I can, but I do not allow myself to do less than 25 reps. Day One: chest, back and abs - presses, flyes, crossovers, pulldowns, rows, pullovers, crunches, hanging knee rasises, oblique crunches Day Two: one hour cardio (15 minutes on 4 different machines to break up the monotony) Day Three: quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves - squats, lunges, or presses, leg extensions, stiff-legged lifts, ab/adductions, leg curls, standing calf raises, seated calf raises (concentrating on both muscles of the calves) Day Four: either one hour cardio or 30 minutes of cardio with abs Day Five: shoulders, biceps and triceps - Arnold press or military press, lateral raises, upright row, bent lateral raises, standing curls with ez bar, preacher curls, hammer curl, overhead extensions, tricep pressdowns or dips, side one-arm tricep pushups Day Six: some type of total body workout using bands instead of dumbbells Day Seven: my day to rest and spend with my family

Prior to becoming a mommy, I was a full-time private investigator, investigating insurance fraud. Since the birth of my son, I have chosen to be a stay at home mom and raise the little man to being the best person he can be!

Fitness Model CheyenneTo simply be the happiest person I can be and live life to the fullest everyday. I pledge to be an awesome mom and an awesome wife. Material things come and go; however, love and respect will forever concur all!

Being Spanish, salsa is part of my blood. I danced and still do (now more for fun) and played softball.

I am the proud mommy to Mason Eagle. I bust my butt everyday at the gym for my little man. He keeps me on my toes. I want to thank my hubby, Scott, always being 100% supportive in everything I do. I have to say that I chose great!! God has blessed me with the most wonderful man. I love you sweety,

When I'm not working out, I am definitely hanging with the family. The hubby, little man and I will take long walks with our two dogs, Eddie & Max, go bowling, swimming, movies, or dancing.

When I decided to "train", I never realized how food obsessed I was. I never taught that I loved food the way I did until I could no longer eat certain things, like French fries. It's still a battle not to give in, especially at family gatherings.

Lastly, GOOOOO EAGLES!!! Our son is named after the Philadelphia Eagles - Mason Eagle.




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