Male Bodybuilder Carl Matthews Jr

Male Bodybuilder Carl MatthewsNick-Name: Nikie

Age: 39

Birth Date: 2-13-67

Birth Place: California

Current Residence: Las Vegas

Height & Weight: 5'11 210lbs

Competing has always been something I've always wanted to do, but was discouraged when I couldn't get as big as the guys in Muscle Magazines naturally.

People telling me it isn't possible for someone as old as I am to make it in bodybuilding starting out at the age of 37

In November 2004 weighing 202lbs I qualified winning the fifth place trophy in the men's heavy weight novice category. On April 16th The (NPA) Virginia State Championships I won best poser, also first place in the Masters, the men's open and overall in both categories.

On April 30th I placed third in the men's open heavy weight at the (NPC) Reno Nevada, United States Championship at The Atlantis hotel.

On May 21st. was (ABA/INBA) United States pro qualifier at Alexis resort I placed first in the men's tall, first and overall in the Masters category.

June 18th (NPA) pro qualifier at Ft. Lee Virginia I place second Men's open Heavyweights. July 29-30 in Las Vegas I didn't qualify at the USA's NPC show.

August 2005 I placed Second In an OCB show in Las Vegas, Sept. 2005 I placed 2nd in the men's open heavyweights, and 3rd in the forever natural at an INBA show in Las Vegas, took October off.

November 2005 I had two shows In the Natural Universe in California. I placed first in the Masters and first in the Men's heavy weights, In the Natural Olympia I place first in the Men's heavy weights open and Over all in the Men's open.

2006 won Mr. Virginia in April, in May 2006 I won the overall in the United States / Las Vegas Naturals, In June 2006 I place first in the Men's open Heavy weights in Miami at MuscleMania. Thank you for considering my submission for a pro card

God helped me, he placed these people in my life, a guy by the name of Bill Linaker helped me for my first show, and a guy by the name of Manual Platon helped me with my first routine, the rest of the shows I learned from the competitors at each show, and a Guy by the name of Danny Murphy helped me prepare for the Musclemania in June.

Now its all God, and I maybe getting back with Danny Murphy if God willing.

I work out at home, 24hr fitness, Gold's, and Las Vegas athletic club.

Male Bodybuilder Carl Matthews I use Whey Protein and a multi-vitamin just what ever cost less.

My goal is to place first in every show I enter this year, and obtain a sponsor or endorsements.

I eat fish, chicken, or turkey. Baked, broiled, boiled, or grilled oranges, pineapples, grapefruit. Sometimes bananas. My times varies because I work two jobs and I'm not able to stick to a schedule favorite cheat meal, anything sweet.

I workout 6 days sometimes 7 days a week no less than 5. I may workout once a day, twice a day, sometimes even 3 times a day I do a minimum of 45 mins of cardio each time. I don't have a set body part split it changes from time to time I train according to the mirror and pictures from previous shows

I provide personal security for celebrities, I provide ring side security at major fights, even UFC fights. I provide security at most major events and concert and I provide VIP security at an after hours nightclub. I am also a personal trainer to a few well-known local models. On top of that I am always training, I usually compete once sometimes twice a month I've taken July and Aug this year from competing, I do have plans to compete Sept., Oct. and Nov.

Male Bodybuilder Carl Mathews

I would like to be a representative for All Natural bodybuilding the healthy way, to be an example for the younger generation, and possibly a spokes person for the natural way.

I have played Football, Golf, Track, and raced outrigger canoe in Kaneohe, Hawaii.

Thanks to God My Kids, family and friends and to those whom cheer me on.

My hobbies include writting spiritual poetry, golf, workout, and enjoy the wonderful things God created.

I over come all excuses , I work two jobs , I train a few local models during the week, I have to do the best I can with the meals I always carry around a few cans of tuna and the hours I work are ridiculous I still manage to fit in workouts no matter how exhausted I may be.

Male Bodybuilder Carl MathewsNot to offend anyone and if you are offended then you don't need to be on my page. I'd like to say that God is an awesome God. I am living proof of that fact there is no other way to explain why I'm still alive this day. I thank him every day for the changes I've gone through and the changes I'm going through all which are making me a better human being and person I've really learned how to forgive unconditionally and it is a wonderful thing. (All praise and glory to God.) (My heart and mind are free nothing can bother me. I walk with my head held high and my feet firmly planted on the ground despite all the evil and corruption all around.) I've come a long way for those of you who don't know me or never have. I use to be a drug addict (my drug use consisted of crack, powder, acid, heroin snorted only, and many prescriptions) never used steroids ever. Also an alcoholic among other things I will not mention. But you get the point. I've died several times over yet I was saved each time I hope you understand this without me going into detail. To come from where I've been and the things I've done and seen is a miracle in it self. I should not be here right now let alone accomplishing the things I'm accomplishing. I can honestly say that I am drug free, clean and sober. I compete in Natural Body building shows as often as I can afford The music I use in all my posing routines have a message I minister through my dream, and bodybuilding is that dream and I am pursuing it to the fullest of my ability and if I do say so I believe I'm kind of good at it, its my passion, I live for this stuff, and I do it Naturally.

God is the head of all, he is my guiding light , my strength, my protector , my inspiration, etc... Need I say more!




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