Female Bodybuilder - Cara Lombardo

Cara Age: 36

Birth Date: 6/17/1969

Birth Place: New York

Current Residence:
West Hartford, Connecticut

Height 5'-2"

Weight 120 lbs

My first show was April 29, 2006 the OCB Spirit of America in Cape Cod, Massachusetts were I won the overall in novice and open divisions, May 6, 2006 Fitness Atlantic Musclemania women's overall, and third place in the INBF New England Classic on May 13th. I plan to do a few more contests this fall to round out the 2006 season.

So many people have helped me get to this point...I started lifting about 6 1/2 years ago in Hudson, New York and was lucky enough to meet someone willing to teach me the basics and get my interest going...a couple of years later an amazing trainer from East Coast Gym in Poughkeepsie, New York Jim Melius taught me about discipline, how to be focused and stay motivated.

I have been fortunate enough to have a group of people who have invested great deal of time and energy into my training - Trainer Rob Mullen, Rob's Body Shop in Poughkeepsie, New York - he trained me until I moved to Connecticut and put my routine together; Jeff Roux, trainer from Bally's in West Hartford, Connecticut; Shawn O'Brien; and Todd Ganci.

I am a pretty competitive person by nature, always have been, fitness has renewed my ability to stay fit and maintain that competitive spirit. I work out at Bally Total Fitness in West Hartford, Connecticut. Each year I feel better and better - who says getting older stinks!

My goals are to look better and better with each competition and continue to learn about the sport and of course continue to win shows...

My diet is structured and strict; cheating wasn't an option available to me pre-contest. Post contest is a different story...I'd have to stay pretty true to form and say Pizza.

In high school I played the volleyball (at 5'2" I was the team setter); gymnastics and softball. My hobbies include spending time with friends and traveling; I enjoy learning and love my job, especially the individuals I work with...I am a District Sales Manager.

I like to give special thanks to Jeff Roux, Rob Mullen, Shawn O'Brien, Todd Ganci, Jim Melius, Teresa Warner, and Brian Pullen - I couldn't have gotten off to such a strong start competing without your help, support and encouragement; and the guys at Stimpson House of Nutrition!

There are always excuses not to exercise, but if something is important enough it's amazing how you can find the time - that goes for anything in life

I am inspired by anyone who sets out to achieve a goal and works hard to get there!




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