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Bodybuilder Nick Jones Musclemania DOB: 20.11.71

HEIGHT: 5'6"


AGE: 35



OCCUPATION: Director - Gen Tec Nutrition, Author, Presenter.


2006 MUSCLEMANIA-Mr World 1st Overall
2006 MUSCLEMANIA-Mr Australia 1st
2002 NABBA Mr Universe- 2nd Class 4
2002 NABBA Mr Australia- 1st Overall
2001 NABBA Mr Universe- 6thClass 4
2000 NABBA Mr World - 1st Class 4
2000 NABBA Mr Australia - 1st Overall
1999 NABBA Mr Universe - 4th Class 4
1999 NABBA Mr Australasia - 1st Overall
1998 NABBA Mr Universe - 3rd Class 4
1998 NABBA Mr Australasia - 1st Class 4
1997 NABBA Mr Universe - 4th Class 4
1997 NABBA Mr Australasia - 1st Class 4

Born in Essex, outside London in the United Kingdom. I have an older brother Chris. Moved to Australia with my family in 1973 (18 months old)

I was raised by my mother Julia, (bless her, she's a wonderful person), growing up with a single parent can be tough financially mainly. I think that's where the mental toughness (which is required for bodybuilding) first began.

Bodybuilder Nick Jones Musclemania I grew up mainly in Adelaide, South Australia with short stints in the USA and UK to stay with family while mum could study.

Attending Camden Primary School (South Australia), I was a good student, into music (guitar) and loved and excelled at sport. The sport thing I carried right through into high school, the good student thing I kind of left that at primary school.

Leaving Plympton High School at 15 years of age allowed me to experience more than most teenagers.

This is also the age that I started training, watching my muscles grow and develop gave me a sense of achievement and self-confidence.

My competition history has been mainly with NABBA, which started in 1991 as teenage Mr Adelaide to 2000 Mr World and beyond.

Bodybuilding is a fantastic sport. You can take the positives (self-discipline, focus, determination, visualisation) and use them for other life issues and projects.

Bodybuilding can also take you all over the world. Experience gained travelling as well as the people you meet is priceless.

In January 2003 i was diagnosed for the second time in ten years with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). I almost gave up on myself and the idea of competing and training at one hundred percent ever again. However with wonderful support from friends, family, and Dr Frank I was able to put a healthier lifestyle together, recover from chronic fatigue syndrome and experience my best win ever, The 2006 Natural Mr World title and exceptional health.

To anyone who has lost hope through CFS or depression i hope you may be inspired. With correct, EXERCISE, ATTITUDE, REST and NUTRITION you can reclaim your health and live the lifestyle you deserve.

I am currently the Director of Gen Tec Nutrition, distributing my own range of sports supplements throughout Australia and targeted overseas markets. I am training at 100% most of the time, writing a volume of books with Dr. Frank 'Food and Habits for a Great Physiqe and Mind', contributing to Jamcore and presenting/emceeing various bodybuilding competitions.

Loving your sport, travelling the world, spending time with family and friends, loving your work. This is a blessed life.

Be grateful for what you have, and focus on the good stuff because what you focus on expands.

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Musclemania Bodybuilder Nick Jones




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