Natural Bodybuilder Anthony Monetti

Anthony Monetti Star of MTV's "I want the Perfect Body"

From a young age, my life has revolved around health and fitness.

The following is a brief bio of the most important events that have collectively formed bodybuilder/ model/ actor Anthony J Monetti Jr., displayed in chronological order.

Age: 9

An organized contact sport where I could be aggressive and burn some energy. Something positive. Somewhere to focus my energy. Judo, my first display of athleticism. In only a few months time I achieved yellow belt status but more importantly learned the concept of competition. I enjoyed this sport and especially the adrenaline rush that comes from this new concept but like anything else at this age, here today gone tomorrow. One day, I didn't want to go and I never went again

Age: 11

I begin to eat. After moving into a new town I became much of a recluse, hanging out indoors, eating for comfort and playing video games. My parents and I decided a recreational baseball league would benefit the situation in many ways. I would lose any excess/unhealthy weight I had put on as well as meet some friends. A "team" sport. I played for about 3 years being selected for all-star teams along the way. It was this sport that taught me the importance of muscle strength. If I was stronger I could hit the ball farther?

Age: 13

After watching a friend's older brother train with weights I began to ask questions. I was intrigued with the challenge weight training offered. Asking for a weight bench for Christmas gave my parents the idea that this would be like everything else 1 have attempted. I would get bored of it. So my bandana was on and my mind was set. I began to train daily with only exercises I had read from the instructions that came with my new bench. But I was determined to look like these larger than life bodybuilders I began to wallpaper my bedroom walls with. Enrolling for the freshman football team this same year I knew the weight training would help me dominate the field as well.. I went to practice daily after school and returned to my bedroom for a late night session with weights.

Age: 14

Football? I played, sometimes. I enjoyed the concept of football, just not enough to learn plays. Never actually cared to learn either. I was more intrigued by what the weights were doing to my body. I felt stronger, mentally and physically. I had an overwhelming urge to become larger than life. I thought my passion for the sport was evident, my parents on the other hand assumed it was just another trend for me. Reluctantly, they signed me up to a local gym. What an experience. My parents would drop my buddy and I off at the gym after dinner around 6-6:30pm, my buddy's mom would pick us at 11-11:30pm. We lived there, taking naps in the aerobics room and all. It became my life.

Age: 16

I became very dedicated to the sport and gains were coming very rapidly! My partner and I in at the time did nothing but train in hopes of someday becoming one of those guys in the posters we wall papered our rooms with. "Monetti and Betska are juice buddies" was just one of many bathroom wall slogans our classmates had rumored. This at first got us pissed off beyond belief, but acknowledging the fact we were getting noticed as being on steroids was quickly transformed into quite a compliment. Now I realize why such rumors were being thrown around, JEALOUSY!

Age: 17:

At the young age of 17, a lot of important things are going on in your life. Graduation, future plans of college, girlfriends, etc;. I had set a goal. Enter the Natural South Jersey Bodybuilding championships in July. This would mean my senior ball, my graduation day, along with any other event that would let me have a good time and party were out of the question due to the dieting that comes along with competition. But, I knew I wanted it. Many of my close ones (friends, family) would disagree of course but that would only make me more driven and determined for victory.

After 12 long, hard dreadful weeks of double session training along with tasteless food July 15th was here. While training I only saw myself being the best and having no other competition. The Day of the show I had come to the conclusion there was nothing else I could do to win this show, I had done my homework. If someone had place higher than me at this point the deserved it, in other words there was no more nervous jittery feeling. All the friends and family members who watched me transform my once chubby little Italian kid body into a well sculpted champion physique decided to come to Wildwood New Jersey and show some support.

They were overwhelmed with the commitment and discipline I presented while training for this day. Everyone including myself would have been happy with a dead last finish simply because I had proved myself enough just preparing for July 15th. So, third place was announced... second place was announced... and the auditorium went off the chain... The 1995 Natural Teenage South Jersey winner is Anthony J. Monetti Jr!!!

Age: 18

I seek guidance from another member of the gym. With no prior knowledge of this gentleman I begin to ask questions. As many questions as I asked he answered, with extensive detail, including pros and cons. "Nick" now became my source for any health, nutrition and/ or bodybuilding question. Building strength, decreasing fat, stage presence

Are all topics discussed? After months of questions I ask to train with Nick to insure proper exercises and weights are being used.

Age: 19

Last year as a teenage bodybuilder and my first year as a paid model.

February, 1997

Pizza Hut was casting actual employees for a national ad campaign. As a joke I had sent my pictures into corporate. As to my surprise, they had called my manager relaying a message of urgency. And off to Hollywood California I went. Aside the celebrity treatment, I sincerely enjoyed my time in front of the camera. I felt everyone in the studio was my audience, whether they were working, reading, standing or sitting. It was my goal to capture their attention. The crew loved my enthusiasm as they too laughed with the rest at my performance. (Props and Thanks to Jay Silverman and staff Hollywood, CA).

Believing this opportunity was one of a lifetime, I continue with school and training for my last year as a teenage bodybuilder.

October 1997

awarded titles:

Mr. Natural Teenage Long Island (overall)

1st runner -up in Men's division

Mr. Natural Teenage Eastern Regional

1st runner-up Men's division

Age: 20

I had built my standards around my experience as a teenage bodybuilder. I won. Simply put. Feeling as if this winning streak would continue and I would be able to turn professional before the age of 21. The success I had qualified me for the 1998 Natural America. This was an opportunity to grab pro status. My thoughts of walking onstage and getting "wow's" from the judging panel were squashed by the line up that hit the stage. Italy had a team, Japan had a team, Canada had a team amongst other international representatives. I wanted nothing more than to go home, eat some food and start training for 1999 Natural America. Although placing 9th out of this 20 man line up was nothing to shake a stick at, my visions were of me filling the shoes of the winner.

to be continued…




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