Fitness Competitor Andi Martin-Wagner

Andi Martin-Wagner Birthdate: 8/29/72

Current Residence: Zionsville, IN (just outside of Indianapolis)

Height: 5'-6"

Weight: 120-125 in-season, 130-135 off-season

Education: Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Pittsburgh

Occupation: Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Director at Better Bodies, Inc., formally a Health and Physical Education Teacher for 4 years

Family: I am married to my best friend, Chad Wagner. We have one son, Nash, who was born on 10/19/05.

My Story:

I guess you can say I am an old-timer in the fitness arena. I have been competing in Fitness America Pageants since 1999, and plan to continue as long as my body allows. I decided to enter my first competition after seeing it on ESPN. I had been a dancer from age 4 through college and fitness competitions seemed like a great way to continue performing and entertaining, which I love to do!

I entered a local competition, and took 3rd place. I was hooked immediately. However, back in those days, resources for fitness competitors were scarce! It was kind of trial and error with everything - diet, tanning, bikinis, etc. - no websites, dvds, or camps to guide us. That just made me work even harder, and in 2001 I finally made it into the Fitness America Pageant National finals. Since then, I have continued to improve my placings, with the highlights being an ESPN Series victory in 2002, and being the runner-up at the Fitness Unvierse in 2003. I did try my hand at the Bikini Universe in 2004, placing 3rd behind the beautiful Alicia Marie and Jennifer Lee. Not too shabby if I do say so myself! That year, I also competed at the Fitness America National competition, placing 8th among a very strong group of girls.

I have found that having the support of family and friends is so important when competing in fitness (or anything for that matter). My family is wonderful, cheering me on from the audience or the telephone if they can't be there! I have also found fellow competitors to be helpful in the journey to the stage. While living in Pennsylvania, I had the pleasure of training with an awesome group of girls with the same goals as me. We called ourselves Team Pittsburgh, and we were fierce! I trained with Sheri McCall, Amber Ameredes, Anne Boland, Lisa Stugart, Lisa Butz, and Ellie Gerdes. The support was amazing, and we truly pushed each other to be the best! Since moving to Indianapolis, I still keep in touch with all of the girls, but I to rely on my own motivation. It is definitely a challenge!

In October of 2005, my husband and I had our first child, Nash. He is the sweetest little man in the world! We are so blessed! With my new role as a mom, I am learning to maximize my time and make sure to get my workouts in. We have a gym in our basement, and for the most part, I am training for my next competition at home. I am still working as a personal trainer part-time, but it is difficult to get any time for myself at the gym. I teach two Spinning classes each week, and I get some routine practice in whenever I can. Throughout my pregnancy I gained 35 lbs. I ended up having a c-section, but I recovered quickly and started exercising again as soon as I was allowed. I am pleased with the progress of my physique, and feel I'm right on track to be stage-ready in May for the Pittsburgh Fitness America show, and in June for the Fitness Universe. I absolutely can't wait!!!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing all of my fitness friends again this 2006 competition season.

Andi Martin

Competition History

2004 Fitness America Pageant National Championships, 8th place
2004 Bikini Universe Pageant, 3rd place
2003 Fitness America Pageant National Championships, 7th place
2003 Fitness Florida Pageant, 2nd place
2003 Fitness Universe Pageant, 1st Runner-up
2003 Motor City Fitness America Pageant, 1st place
2002 Fitness America Pageant National Championships, 11th place
2002 Fitness America Pageant ESPN Series, 1st place
2002 Fitness Universe Pageant, 21st place
2001 Fitness America Pageant National Championships, 16th place
2001 Fitness America Pageant ESPN Series, 3rd place
2001 Fitness Universe Pageant, 26th place
2001 Fitness America Pageant PA Regional, 1st place
2000 Fitness Universe Pageant, 32nd place
2000 Fitness America Pageant Western PA Regional, 1st place
1999 Fitness America Pageant National Championships, 39th place
1999 Fitness America Pageant Eastern PA Regional, 1st place
1999 Fitness America Pageant Western PA Regional, 3rd place




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