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Fitness Amy Kasden Amy Kasden is a North East born home town girl who has always had big city dreams. Amy grew up in West Hartford, CT. In college, she studied Finance and Accounting, and although she was an avid gym goer, she felt like there was something missing from her life. She began to practice yoga as a way to synchronize her mind and body. Her love and understanding of this discipline grew to the point that it became a part of her life.

Law School moved Amy to Boston however, her passion for fitness and to some day compete wasd still be in the forefront of her mind. Extensive study and long co-ops where required for law school but that didn't stop her from pursuing the sport of fitness. After doing research on-line, Amy realized that fitness coach Cathy Savage was in her own backyard. Impressed with her running list of clientele, Amy made an appointment, if nothing more, than to discuss her dreams. One harsh reality was present- Amy knew that she wanted to do a routine but she had absolutely no training in dance, gymnastics, cheer-leading or even martial arts. Never say never with Cathy Savage.

Amy started working with Cathy immediately. Working out at the gym and eating healthy were already a part of Amy's lifestyle, however, she was amazed with both the physical and mental changes that occurred. Everyone decided Amy's first goal was to step on stage: for some people thousands of eyes watching you can be more daunting than thousands of jump squats. Amy competed in both the 2006 Fitness Atlantic and Kumite Classic. Standing up on stage brought Amy such a sense of accomplishment. It was never about winning, but about celebrating the journey to get to that moment.

The first goal was conquered- Amy now wanted to push forward with what she craved- a fitness routine. But how could Amy compete against girls with years of dance or gymnastics? With years of yoga practice behind her, she was able to incorporate strength holds into her fitness routine. Amy was now ready to finally focus and go after her dream of competing.

With fitness came lots of time spent practicing and polishing her routine. Amy began practicing with some of her fellow Savage Girls such as Toneka Pires and Dawn Butterfield, both of whom were inspirations to her! Amy is forever grateful for the love and support of her friends and teammates. Without their help not one of her achievements would have been possible. Amy is proud to say that she has competed in Fitness at the 2007 Fitness Atlantic and Kumite Classic.

As she just graduated law school, Amy will be taking some time off from competing to focusing on studying for the bar exam in July. Amy will be back on the fitness scene fall of 2007. A new job awaits, new shows are out there to experience, and that little girl who never thought it would be possible, is finally the physically and mentally strong woman you see on stage today.


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