Bikini Competitor Amelia Powers

Bikini Model Ameila Powers This past November in LA, MY WORLD was introduced to Amelia Powers, 2007 Overall Bikini Champion. She is the first Classic division winner in the history of FAP to win the OVERALL title. After the competition, I emailed Amelia to ask her to grace MY WORLD. The more conversations I had with her, the more I wanted to know about this Peruvian Beauty. Her background intrigued me and her maturity of vision and purpose challenged me. She and her husband and son drove down from New York for a shoot in my Great Falls studio.

This shoot was magical from beginning to end. Despite 8 hours on the road, Amelia's strength, poise, charm, and grace adorn the images. In all my years of shooting, I think Amelia is at the very top, and considering I have shot the best of the best, this compliment is not lightly given, but well deserved. Something exquisite and enchanting stirred with each click of the camera. A mesmerizing Latino mystique stirred and astounded the camera frame by frame.

AMELIA POWERS IS SIMPLY SUNNING! Her beauty goes is rooted in deep in her soul. It has been lovingly nurtured by her parents and protected by her husband into something exquisite and enchanting. My camera absolutely loves this champion! (Some company is going to snap her up as the REAL DEAL - a super spokes model.) I took over 500 images (Can you believe I get to do this for a living?) and was hard pressed to pick the best -See for yourselves, my friends, Welcome to MY WORLD…..



New York


Lima, Peru

Marital Status?

Very happily married with son, Brandon


BA Physical Education






110 lbs


What do you consider your greatest lesson learned?

That being a mother isn't as easy as I thought it would be, so I have learned not to assume things in life.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

God for giving me the joy, strength and health to live my dream

What do you consider your greatest triumph(s)?

2007 Miss Bikini America Overall title at age 35 and being a mother of one is to me my greatest triumph.

List your competition(s) awards and/or athletic achievements?

Overall Champion: 2007 Miss Bikini America (World

Championships, Los Angeles, CA)

Top 5: 2007 Model America (World Championship, Los Angeles, CA)

Overall Champion: 2007 INBF Naturalmania Nationals Figure, Novice

Overall Champion: 2007 Ms. Fitness America-Saratoga (Women's Figure)

9-Time Champion: Miss Fitness Peru (South America)

15 Gold Medals: Given by the Peruvian Institute of Sports and National Commission of Bodybuilding

4 Silver Medals: Given by the Peruvian Institute of Sports and National Commission of Bodybuilding

Overall Champion: Miss Bikini International Ecuador

Bikini Model Ameila Powers What do you do for a living?

I own my own Gym where I train only women in Menands, NY

How/Why did you get involved in fitness?

I first developed a passion for fitness at age 12 and entered my first competition at age 16. My father was a national running champion and his influence helped me to get involved in the sports and fitness industry.

Favorite Book:




Cheat Food:

Vanilla wafers

Who influenced you the most athletically, Academically?

My father

Who do you admire the most? Male?

My father


My mother

What did you think about your first competition?

It was truly a challenge because my mother never wanted me to compete. She was worried that I would look like a guy because she didn't understand that I could compete and still look feminine. After seeing me on stage she started crying with happiness and has supported me ever since.

Who do you want to emulate?

I like who I am and have never dreamed of being someone else or being like someone else. I am how God made me and that is what I accept.

bikini modeling

How do you want to be remembered as an athlete?

I would be pleased to be remembered as a role model who helped young women and mothers to reach their fitness goals and feel better about themselves.

What traits do you value the most?

Honesty, sincerity and respect.

What do you see that is good in Fitness today?

Women are receiving more exposure and respect than they did years ago.

What needs to change in Fitness today, in your opinion? Although fitness is taught in schools, I don't think it receives enough emphasis. Eating disorders are at a high with teens and I believe with proper education in fitness we could help to avoid bad habits and instill a healthy lifestyle.

What would you like to say to the reader of NMM?

Normally, to reach goals is not something that happens overnight, but if you take one step at a time you will reach them eventually.

Coach A?

I think he is truly a gentleman and his advice has been a blessing to me. I believe he talks from the heart and his words are sincere. There are no words to truly explain my appreciation to him.

If you could thank 3 people in your life, who are they and why?

My Father: for his positive influence and inspiration.

My Mother: for her unending friendship and love.

My Husband and Son: for their total love and support.

Where do you go from here?

My next goal is to the talent agents are helping me to become fitness model and spokes person. I am currently working on ways to give back.

How can our readers learn more about you?

What is your passion? What makes you tick?

My passion has always been and will always be to compete and to help other women reach their fitness goals.

Sum up your philosophy of fitness in one sentence?

Fitness is not just for the body, but also for the mind and soul.

What else do you want the readers to know about you?

I love to eat raw oysters (usually 30 or more) which is probably why the owners of the local all-you-can-eat-buffets cringe when they see me coming!!!

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